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Mark Andrew Gallagher

Mark Gallagher’s reviews

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  • Best Attorney Bar-None

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jamie

    Mark is amazing. . .

    My incident occurred while I was in CA on a job and when I reached out to Mr. Gallagher I had not dealt with my traffic accident that included a DUI in over a year. Mark was able to get me phenomenal results and I never had to step foot in California. I was also able to do my community service in my own state which allowed me to continue working to provide for me family.

    The results were so much more then expected and worth every single penny. Mark actually went above and beyond on more then one occasion. I would recommend the Law Offices Of Mark A Gallagher to anyone who is looking for the BEST lawyer to represent him/her.

    His candidness and "humanness" are rare quality's in the the world today and anyone securing Marks services will be more then satisfied.

    -Happy Client

  • he's a gem

    4.0 stars

    Posted by meg

    I was an out of state client dealing with a very old felony warrant. Mark Made me feel comfortable and confident and was very welcoming. His price was very reasonable. He even picked me up from my hotel since I was from out of town. He was willing to go the extra mile every step of the way. When the DA was unwilling to make a good deal, he was still ready to go to trial over the matter, even though that would mean more time for him and the same pay rate. Completely satisfied. His assistant even helped me pick a cheap close hotel.. great team!!!

  • Saving Grace

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela

    Like many folks searching for a lawyer, I was in a pickle and had very little time to work with. I was soon to leave overseas for a summer program that I was enrolled in months back and would be gone almost the entire summer. With that said, my stress level was high, plus I was also tying up other loose ends that I didn't even know where to begin, but I'm resourceful so researched online, spoke with representatives at the courthouse where my hearing would be held along with phoning other lawyers who did not return my calls. How I met Mark was coincidental, almost felt accidental and it was the best "accident" ever. We spoke by phone right away. Atty Mark was very attentive, informative and easy to speak with---reducing my nervousness and anxiety to a minimal, a big different to how I felt before we met. I was actually feeling relief and total gratefulness after our discussion. I sent him all the necessary paperwork and was able to correspond with him via email while I was abroad (I was able to actually attend my program!). He handled my case so diligently and swiftly that I almost forgot I was in any legal debacle, then it felt like, poof, it was over...I almost felt a little guilty that the process went so smooth and quick. Now, I don't want to say that all cases are alike because we know they are not but my meeting with Atty Mark was really my "saving grace." He is honest, extremely professional, empathetic and careful. I would recommend him to anyyone. Thank you, Mark.

  • Gets things done

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    Mr. Gallagher and his office staff were able to take care of my entire case and even prevent me from having to physically appear in court. His knowledge and expertise, along with his responsive communicative skills via any medium or forum, made a great impression on me. I definitely recommend seeking his legal counsel if i even need it again. Thanks Mark!

  • finally !! A lawyer that actually helped

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ahmed Silmi aka Vinny

    I had hired 2 other lawyers in the past 2 years for my traffic violations. Both failed to get me a result that I my self wouldn't of got anyways except for Mark. He actually got me the best possible result and knew exactly how to approach the DA and the Judge to get me out of facing jail time for violating my probation !!

  • Very happy client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    Attorney Gallagher saved me and my company money and heart-ache. His professionalism in knowing exactly how to handle the "dark" world of traffic tickets and navigating the course to dismissal is second to none. This man is up-front and honest about your individual situation. By him representing me in court, saving me the headache of traveling back to the hell-hole of downtown L.A., I'am forever grateful.

  • Extremely Pleased

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    I had two unpaid tickets and a suspended driver's license. It looked like it was going to take $2700 to get my license back. Needless to say, this was money that I did not have.

    They responded really promptly to my initial internet query (even though it was a weekend), explained the process clearly, were sensitive to my particular circumstances and kept me informed during the process.

    The firm was able to get my driving privileges restored in a couple of days and my fines reduced by about 85%.

    I'm enormously pleased with the way my case was handled and the outcome.

  • Great Experience and Result!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Mark Gallagher and his staff saved my driving record! I made a mistake and sought Mark's advice and help. He was very informative from the start, letting me know the risks involved and gave no guaranteed outcome. He made no promises and yet was so confident that I trusted him wholly. He won the case for me and I am very grateful to him and his staff for staying on top of things and keeping me informed. I am insurance agent and cannot afford to have a stained driving record. I will definitely recommend Mark to friends, family and clients!

  • DUI - Guilty

    2.0 stars

    Posted by anonymous

    I hired Mark to represent me for my DUI case. I was offered a wet and reckless by the DA and they would drop the driving above a .08 count. Mark informed me honestly, that we had a good case, however there is always no guarantee. Mark did his best to defend me, however we lost, and I was convicted on both counts even when i had a BAC test of .07. I ended up spending expensive attorney fees plus paying for my DUI. I am very dissapointed that i hired an attorney that couldn't even get me the original offer the DA provided. I hope Mark improves on his skills, and that this review may help all those interested in hiring Mark as an attorney.

  • Great Lawyer !!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    Mr. Gallagher was very helpful, he was able to re-open my case and had all charges dropped !! Very professional and courteous !! I hope not to get any more tickets but if i do, i know who to call to help me solve them... Thank you Mr.Gallagher !!!