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Tracy Catherine Miller

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  • An attorney you can count on

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My life was going wonderfully, when the Domestic Violence Restraining order came out of the blue, with no notice. I was referred to Attorney Miller, and am SO happy that I was because she is exactly what I needed. She put heart and effort into the case, and did the most thorough job on all our paperwork, despite having less than 24 hours to prepare it. She has a gift and talent for what she does - she's extremely knowledgeable & experienced, has a strategy for every possible scenario, and can read people like an instruction manual. Showing up at court, the absolute worst case scenario was waiting for us. Attorney Miller was able to sort it out methodically, and get the case dismissed. She saved my future with my wife and child, and I could not be more thankful.

  • Doctor’s Felony threat to kill and DV with injury case REJECTED by DA’s Office.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    I am a physician in my early 30s, have no criminal record, and before I knew it after an argument with my girlfriend I was in handcuffs and required to bail out at $50,000 before I was released from jail. Not only was I facing severe legal charges, but my way of life was at risk, as my professional medical license, which I had worked for 15+ years to attain, was also potentially compromised with looming charges.
    I desperately reached out to various attorneys who would be able to defend my case. They ranged from those who painted doom and gloom scenarios which attempted to scare me into attaining their services to those who presented my situation as one which was the equivalent of petty crime and assured me of grandiose “sweetheart” deals they could maneuver. I felt I didn’t connect with anyone and couldn’t trust.

    I found Attorney Tracy Miller, owner of Domestic Violence Legal Center®, after hearing about her unique skill set which consisted of tours of service as a former prosecutor and currently a criminal defense attorney. After our initial conversation, it was very apparent that Tracy was not only extremely competent with her knowledge base, but she also had a unique insight with respect to how the prosecution would proceed through her years of work as prosecutor.
    She took her time with my story with great attention to every amazing detail and quickly developed an aggressive plan setting it into play immediately. Her assertive approach was encouraging and I felt I had a strong advocate fighting for me.
    Tracy understood how vulnerable I was emotionally, she took the initiative and provided direction, stability, confidence, and hope. She was patient with me and offered support when I became anxious or grew concerned. She called in to “check” in on me when she sensed I was slow to respond. As my case evolved I found myself gaining confidence and I was well on my path to emotional recovery as well as legal recovery.

    As I saw how devoted and invested Tracy was with my case, I too was motivated to follow up and provide her all the tools she asked for to defend my case. Distinct to Tracy’s practice and unlike other large firms, Tracy is the sole owner of Domestic Violence Legal Center®, only choosing amongst the most experienced of attorneys to work with her to maintain her stellar track record. Her business model allows for an extremely selectively case load allowing her to manage nearly every case and give each client the personal attention they need. Her most endearing trait is her honesty and clear motives. She takes the time to explain all nuances which arise.
    Attorney Miller’s aggressive approach and legal acumen coupled with great emotional maturity was perfectly catered toward taking care of not only my legal case but also my fractured emotional state.
    She was not only able to successfully defend my case and save my professional career and license, she was able to set me on the path to recovery with a great head start.
    Attorney Miller’s unique background as a former prosecutor, sharp legal insight, assertive and aggressive approach, availability to be selective with her case load, which allows for devotion of appropriate time to each client, and most importantly the emotional maturity to understand the totality of a client as a person, beyond just another case, is liberating and precipitates confidence and hope at a time when usually both are poor. Attorney Tracy Miller is strong advocate you need on your side!

    OUTCOME: CRIMINAL ALLEGATIONS of Felony Penal Code Sections 422 and 273.5 by girlfriend REJECTED by District Attorney’s Office.

  • Medical Professional Avoided 5 year Restraining Order.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ari S.

    I continue to work as a registered nurse due to the aggressive representation I received at Domestic Violence Legal Center®. My ex-girlfriend made one of the worst false allegations one could face by claiming “rape.”  Attorney Miller carefully charted a course for my case by employing strategies the very moment I retained her office. Attorney Miller is a seasoned trial lawyer and was ready to litigate the case, but due to the sensitivity, I requested she attempt to settle with my ex-girlfriend. My ex refused any settlement and stated she would be asking the Court to issue a “permanent” restraining order against me. Attorney Miller out-lawyered the opposition and concisely cross-examined my ex-girlfriend who was a very “believable victim” and even cried on the stand during trial! Attorney Miller requested the Court grant a motion for directed verdict which was GRANTED. I never had to testify and the case was DISMISSED. Without Domestic Violence Legal Center®, I do not believe I would have prevailed. Thank you Attorney Miller and Domestic Violence Legal Center®for all your hard work!   -Ari S.*


    OUTCOME: Motion for Directed Verdict GRANTED. Domestic Violence Restraining Order DISMISSED.


  • Domestive violence case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by frank

    I would like to thank Tracy for her services. I had an immediate response and was able to provide with a council by the name of Carly to represent me with in hours. The case went extremely well and i will recommend both of these attorneys any day. Thanks to these two wonderful woman I am able to continue seeing my son, and the restraining order has been denied. I am forever grateful

  • Excellent Lawyer!! Gets the Job done!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Antoine

    Tracy Miller is an excellent attorney who handled my case professionally and was quickly responsive to all of my inquiries. She has the unique background of being a former district attorney and can give knowledgeable insight from the prosecuting perspective. This invaluable information is helpful so that as a client, you are able to see how the prosecution may respond to your unique scenario. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with a criminal matter, she gets the job done quickly and effectively. A+ all the way!

  • Amazing Lawyer - best decision I ever made

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JILL S.

    My life and freedom was on the line - and I could only choose ONE criminal defense attorney and thank GOD I chose Tracy. I did a ton of research and spoke to other attorneys and people in the legal profession and she was a the top of everyone's list. Not only is she a legal genius, but she really cares and defended me like I was one of her family members. She was super-responsive and very proactive with me and all parties and was able to get my case dismissed in days! She is the hardest working person I know and I would recommend her to anyone.

  • On Top Of It!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by AJ

    I spoke with a few attorneys before choosing Tracy and have absolutely no regrets about that decision. She offered a free three minute consultation and did her due diligence in regards to me and my case before our meeting. I was very impressed during our first interview because she was able to get people on the phone that were dealing with my case right in front of me. At this point I realized she would do what she needed to stay on top of my case. She was also very good about keeping me informed with what was going on. Very response whether by phone, text, or email she made it very easy to communicate and stay informed. I recommend listening to her professional instructions because she knows what she is talking about. Thanks again Tracy!

  • Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gerald

    Client Review
    I am a (62) sixty-two year old man and a have a unique story to tell. I live in Seattle Washington with my wife and two daughters. I have a 26 year old daughter from a previous marriage whom lives in Orange County, California. In March of 2011, I learned that she filed a request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against me in the Orange County Family Law Court (Lamoreaux Justice Center). This was done at the urging of her mother (my ex-wife) and I was given no prior notice that she was going into court. Years ago my ex-wife and I engaged in a custody battle which ended up with my ex-wife completely alienating our daughter from me. When I was served with the restraining order filed by my daughter I was shocked because I was being accused of false claims of “domestic violence.”
    I have lived in America for over 37 years and, to a certain degree, I have a distrust for the legal system because of learning that many innocent people have been treated adversely by the system due to false claims by others. These claims can be amplified when combined with inefficient representation by counsel. My TRO should have never been granted by the courts and had I been represented at the ex-parte stage by Tracy C. Miller I’m sure it would have been denied. After that phase, I hired Tracy C. Miller. During this process I realized that a TRO is a serious matter and could not be taken lightly because if it is converted to a “permanent” restraining order it can have lasting effects (up to 5 years or more!). I am an avid hunter and could have lost my right to possess guns for this sport for at least 5 years had the “permanent” restraining order been granted against me.
    I searched for an attorney and I was referred to Tracy C. Miller by another attorney who talked highly of Tracy. I could write pages of how professional, knowledgeable, aggressive and trustworthy Tracy is. . .she was very pleasant throughout my case. When we went to court she literally wrapped up my case in minutes - case dismissed!
    I can only add if you wish for the best result possible concerning your matter Tracy C. Miller is the attorney you want on your side.
    Tracy C. Miller’s performance as my attorney receives A+ in my book on every aspect.
    - Gerald A.

  • Satisfied customer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    Tracy Miller is without a doubt one of the few good attorneys in California!!!! I couldn't have had a better outcome in my case. I would highly recommend her to anyone… Very easy to work with very responsive and GETS THE JOB DONE.

  • OC Copper finds Tracy Miller, Esq ELITE in the courtroom!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by OC Copper

    I wish my story was unique, unfortunately it probably is not and I hope my testimony can help others make a good decision at a difficult time. I am a 12+ year law enforcement officer so I am no stranger to the courtroom and few attorneys scare me. But when I was served with a temporary restraining order, I needed help. Restraining orders take on a whole different beast when you are a member of the law enforcement community because a TRO will take your gun away and render you useless to your profession. After hearing about my plight, a fellow officer who had dealt with a similar situation recommended Attorney Tracy Miller to me.

    I was served with a TRO solely because it was a WEAPON a former girlfriend used to cunningly attack me and threaten to take my livelihood away. I was not in a good place to face scrutiny by the courts and my profession.

    I sought legal help from Attorney Tracy Miller. I found she immediately understood and recognized the situation for what it was; an attack that lacked merit and was fueled by emotion and motivated by retaliation. Tracy provided me with the feeling of confidence that only comes from a skilled trial lawyer. She is precisely articulate and sharply intelligent; Tracy knows the law. Tracy organized a game plan that offered many viable solutions. She was honest and straight forward with me about my case, explaining the strengths and areas of weakness.

    As we worked through my case for approximately three weeks, it was clear Tracy owned my problem and was seeking nothing short of justice for me. She kept in constant communication with me by email, text and phone calls. We were successful and the TRO was withdrawn with prejudice.

    Tracy’s approach is professional and aggressive, but when you are swimming in the legal system that can be subjectively swayed you want a shark for an attorney that will overwhelm the opposition. What impressed me most was her courtroom demeanor. She is no stranger to the courtroom and she wastes no time to hold the court and opposition accountable.

    There is nothing worse than feeling like you have a target on your back, but when you have Tracy Miller working on your side you can expect an experienced, professional and aggressive attorney to show up to defend you. I could not recommend her more. Thank you Tracy for being who you are and owning your skills.