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Jamahl Calvin Kersey

Jamahl Kersey’s reviews

     4.5 stars 16 total

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  • Old School Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Jamahl is a great example of what an old school attorney was like, fighting for his clients because he actually cares about the law and wants to ensure it is enforced the right way. I would recommend Jamahl's work as I feel confident that his skills, knowledge, passion, and drive is what has made his one of the top up and coming attorneys in San Diego.

    Consulted attorney
  • Great service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nagisa

    Jamahl was very helpful and gave me prompt responses every time. He truly cares about his clients and takes good care of them. I recommend him to everyone, because it is not easy to find a good lawyer.

    Jamahl Keresy弁護士さんには、イミグレーションの件でお世話になりました。とても良く対応していただき、回答も毎回すぐに頂いて助かりました。

    Hired attorney
  • Criminal Defense Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Feliz

    I hired Jamahl Kersey as a criminal attorney about 4 years ago and he worked on my case for a little over a year. Never being in legal trouble in my life and then being charged with felony grand larceny, obviously caused a great deal of stress. I did not want to rely on a state appointed attorney for something so serious that was going to have a long term affect on my life. Jamahl was recommended to me by a family member and after my first phone consultation, I at least had confidence in having someone who would represent me well.

    Describing the details of my case are probably not too important in review of Jamahl Kersey but some details of the process and Jamahl's approach do tell a lot about him. By far the thing that stands out the most to me looking back on the process was how personally invested Jamahl was in my case. He took what felt like a personal interest in getting MY desired result. I probably was not the easiest client in that I was not willing to take any kind of deal at all. I did not do what I was being accused of and refused to take any type of deal. Through the whole process different deals were being offered our way, each getting better and better. At one point the deal offered was no jail time, record wiped clean after I think 1.5 years and a fine that was going to be cheaper than if we went to trial. I asked Jamahl for advice and he told me this deal was worth considering but always left every decision up to me. I was innocent so I said no to every deal. I remember having a conversation with Jamahl telling him that I was 100% innocent and he might hear that all the time but it is true with me and that is why I will never plead guilty. He said something to me that I feel is a characteristic you would want in an attorney. First he let me know he believed me when I claimed I was innocent and second he told me he didn't care a whole lot if I was or not. He said to me "My concern is to protect your Constitutional Rights." In any situation I would want an attorney who is going to fight for me no matter what and I feel he would've fought that way for me weather I was really guilty or not. Throughout the year long process Jamahl was always well informed on my case. He was familiar with all the details and never did I feel like he didn't know something about the cases status or was he confused or unfamiliar with the facts. Probably the thing that impressed me the most about Jamahl was his aggressive style. Talking to Jamahl on the phone and in person he does not come across as that type of person. In court and when dealing with the state's attorney he gave off a presence of not someone you can mess with and definitely don't try to bully or BS with. This was very apparent at my pretrial. At one point a detective on the witness stand was trying to give facts that were false and Jamahl quickly got on him and made it be known to everyone that this will not fly. I think his courtroom presence and aggression when dealing with the state's attorney is what lead to my case being dismissed. Jamahl was fully prepared for an actual trial and was ready to put on his big show but the state's attorney dropped the case days before the trial, they knew they would not be able to win. If I had gone with a public defender or another attorney I honestly don't believe this would have happened, I probably would have gone through a full trial. When it was all over he was just as happy and excited as I was.

    As I said earlier, Jamahl is an attorney who is definitely invested and cares about his clients. You can tell right away that he is a smart guy who is highly motivated and gives 100 percent effort in everything he does.

    Consulted attorney
  • Powerhouse

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    Jamahl Kersey is the only attorney I want on my side. He has proven himself time and time again. I can speak from personal experience that he knocked one out of the park for my close family member.

    He held himself professional and was a star in the court room. I highly recommend Jamahl Kersey for any legal concerns you may come across. Thanks a ton Jamahl!

    Hired attorney
  • I couldn't have picked a better attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alton

    I contacted Mr. Kersey on a very short notice. Him and his team did great research and he came fully prepared. I first thought I could represent myself, but Mr. Kersey was far more organized, calm, professional, and articulate than I ever could have been. He's a good man that genuinely cares for his clients. I'd highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.

    Hired attorney
  • Best Lawyer I ever meet in my 50+ years.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sergio

    I never do reviews of anything however this time I had to do it since I found Mr Kersey thanks to the people that took the time doing a review , in my case it was a life changing event.
    I was denied of the citizenship due to some missinformation that the Uscis obtained from my country of origin who knows how.
    Mr Kersey was very clear since day one, he told me exactly what were my chances and how he would proceed.
    My case was not easy but Mr Kersey turn every single stone and prepare and inmaculete defense and posture. I was interview by the Officer , his Supervisor and my file was studied by the Director I guess they could not beleive they made a mistake the first time , everything was so well prepared and presented that it leaved the USCIS without any doubt and granted my citicenship.

    Thank you very much Mr. Kersey !

  • Wonderful Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan

    Jamahl is an amazing criminal defense and immigration attorney. He always answers my questions, no matter how many I have or how silly they may seem. He's very patient and caring. He's the guy I go to first for immigration and criminal defense matters.

  • Competent, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    We recently hired Jamahl as a defense attorney for a drug related felony charge. We were new to the whole process and had a lot of questions. Jamahl was easy to reach and took the time to explain possible outcomes and the whole process to us. Being new to the whole legal system, it was nice to have someone explain each step that we would face along the way. Our felony charge was dropped and we stayed out of jail. We are thankful to have been referred to Jamahl and would not hesitate to recommend his services to friends in the future. Hopefully, we won't need to, but nice to know we have strong recommendation in Jamahl.

  • Not what I was hoping for

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jennifer

    I initially was seeking an immigration attorney to help with a case for my fiance. I called several immigration lawyers on a sunday and left voice mail. My call was returned within 15 to 30 minutes by Mr. Kersey. I was impressed! He went on to explain how dedicated he is and takes his work very seriously, Said he was ethical and honest, etc etc. Between the way he spoke and the immediate call back I thought I'd found a lawyer I could really feel good about and trust. We discussed an initial consultation for the rate of $500. I sent the $500 and he said he would be out to meet with my fiance between Monday or Tuesday to determine if he thinks he would be able to help.
    Well a couple days go by and no Jamahl. However he contacts me about 3 days later, Wednesday and says he has obtained her records and feels confident he can help us, and the total is $5000. He says he was unable to get out to see her because he was so busy but now he will go on Thursday. I agree to pay the total sum, with a $200 discount for paying in full , so $4800. He had offered me to finance, in hindsight that would have been the much smarter option as once he had been paid I never recieved another timely response again., Matter of fact it typically took 3 days or more for any reply, and I was very patient and gave every possible benefit of the doubt.
    So Thursday comes and no Jamahl. By now I'm becoming a little disheartened at his lack of consideration or communication. I am a business woman as well. I would never dream of saying I will be somewhere after having been paid for something, and then just not shown up without a word. Its not too much to expect or to send one line email to say' I must reschedule" is pretty reasonable in my opinion, Anyhow he pops up Friday saying he was busy again but for sure will be out there Saturday. I tell my finance to expect him. Soooo yeah Saturday night another big question mark about Mr Jamahl. Sunday goes by still no word.
    I decide to email him because he is obviously not concerned about communicating with us? I request him to NOT try to reschedule for Monday ( seems the obvious next move based on his track record). I tell him Monday is my day and please pick another date and time rather than when I already plan to be there.
    What does he do? Sends a reply Monday morning that he is on the way, and he completely ignored the fact I specifically asked him NOT to choose the same time as me. Yes it crossed my time up. .

    So meanwhile my finace contacts me a few days later and says her federal attorney (Mary Frankiln) has handled everything and marvelously. We have no need for Jamahls help.
    I am baffled at how the attorney Mary was able to proceed with the case when we had already hired Jamahl. Well I spoke to her myself and she explained that whatever steps Jamahl had to follow in order to become "the " lawyer, he had not done.
    Well by that point I was pretty fed up. I messaged him that his services were no longer necessary. Another waiting period of days and finally the same day of the court date he finally calls to confirm what I have emailed. He agrees, understands, says he will return money aside from what he bills for his efforts.
    In typical fashion its almost 3 weeks before I hear from him again, he finally says he is sending my money. Yes I had doubts and was somewhat stressed, I'm just not sure what play book this guy is working with, Its definitely not one that includes business etiquette, or courtesy. I was expecting a bill for the same as our initial consultation agreement roughly $500. To my surprise I get the invoice he has kept $1120 for that one visit and a whole lot of regret.
    With all this said I have no opinion whatsoever as to his skills as a lawyer. He might be great, I really wouldn't know.

  • Deportation,immigration,criminal defense

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ricarte L.

    Attorney Jamahl Kersey was a very dedicated on what he do. He was refered by my cousin who is an attorney also. He is reliable and one of the best thing on him is it doesn't matter how busy he is but he always find time to call back if you need to talk to him. to me that is one of the most important thing and he always spend time to talk to you and takes time to explain. my family was on dark zone last january and by his skills and experience he was able to get my brother out at the CCA and able to go back to his family and life. once again I would like to personally thank Mr. Kersey and his associate personally and via this review..