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Israel Lynda Kunin

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    Anonymous review posted on

    I met with Israel "Ishi" Kunin and her partner Michael Carman to discuss my case. After $5,350.00 to review the merits of my case, they took it on. After that I dealt primarily with Michael Carman. If anyone has experienced the fleecing and price gouging that I personally encountered from attorney Carman (formerly of Kunin & Carman Law group), there is recourse!
    I received a binding DECISION yesterday from the Nevada Fee Dispute program in the amount of $11,257.50! If there was a negative -5 star, I would give it to both of them on how they run that practice.
    While it doesn't cover the full $21,000.00 I wasted on him (and the firm) for nothing, it's a start. They (Fee Dispute) even point out that he dropped my case on the eve of my trial.
    Save yourself the hassle!....but more importantly, a panel of His peers saw it my way ...
    (2 attorney's and 1 lay person) and JUSTICE was served... ice cold.
    When I contacted Israel "Ishi" Kunin to complain about Michael Carman's actions, I was met with deaf ears. My emails were never responded to, my calls never returned, and she would not address my concerns on any level. I was left with no other alternative.
    Caution. Take heed! You've been warned.
    Thank me later.
    Case #FD15-06* if readers are interested in reading the actual finding. They also address his excessive fees.

    Michael Carman's "charge of 4% to cover costs is determined to be excessive and unreasonable and therefore NOT ALLOWED in light of the fact that Respondent (Carman) charged for ALL itemized expenses."
    "All work negotiations and preparation for trial were WITHOUT merit and of NO value".

    *Straight from the mouths of his peers. #nofilter!

    What more do you need to know? Next stop, Bar complaint.

    PS - Please note he has since left her practice and now has his own office on Horizon Ridge in Henderson, NV. No matter, this all happened under Israel Kunin's watch and for that she too gets a negative 5 stars.

    Hired attorney
  • ' You don't need a title to be a leader "

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan

    Pleasant, Knowledgeable about court proceedings , and helpful, Provide wonderful and excellent service. Professional and ability to get, to the bottom of the situation quickly. Very well organized, approaches projects in a systematic way, and manages her time effectively.
    impressed by the dedicated manner with which she carried out her work. She closed my case in few weeks, which I tried to do it in years.

  • Guardianship Done Right!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Ms. Kunin and her staff did an excellent job handling our Guardianship case. Everything was handled properly with even the judge commenting how well everything was prepared. Her staff was very professional, efficient, with great focus on attention to detail. Everyone was ALWAYS very responsive when we had questions or needed something clarified!

    We would highly recommend Ms. Kunin because of our experience in our Guardianship case.

  • Top Notch Professional Attorney (BEST CUSTODY LAW FIRM IN LAS VEGAS, NV)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Earlean

    My oh My, what an awesome lady Ms. Kunin was, I found her to be such a great delight for every visit that Semiyah and I had to make to their office. Ms. Kunin would greet semiyah and always made sure that Semiyah knew that they were her attorney(s) and she was more that welcome to call Brian or her anytime that she needed to speak to them.

    Ms. Kunin is and was such a classy lady and it was a great delight to be in her presence each and everytime Semiyah and I went into the office. Talking about someone having a heart for doing the right and correct thing(s) for their client(s) you will not find a more professinal and a go-getter than Ms. Kunin& & her law firm.