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Michael D Volk Jr

Michael Volk’s reviews

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  • The right choice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    When choosing the right lawyers to represent me only one group stood out as the correct choice and that was David Volk, Frank McElroy and Michael Volk. This was my 1st time needing lawyers and I didn't know exactly what to look for but they won me over from the start because I was really listened to and I never had the feeling of a client being sold on a product. Instead I felt like I was sharing my story with professionals who cared and believed me. I was in a tough situation since I was accused of a felony assault on a peace officer and the possible outcomes really scared me. David, Frank and Michael were realistic about the possibilities but were very confident about being able to help me based on my story. As a military veteran, a nurse and a father I had alot on the line and they never forgot about that and fought for my reputation and my career. I was always included in the process and advised whenever I had questions or doubts along the way. David, Frank and Michael knew that I wouldnt accept anything other than getting the case dropped or a not guilty verdict and they were right there with me and felt the same way. The case was not dropped and the case ended up going to trial. Although the whole process was new to me I was allowed to feel relaxed and confident because they talked me through every step and was reassured by their confident and professional demeanor as well as by their knowledge and experience. At the end of the trial I walked out of the courtroom more than satisfied after a not guilty verdict. Deliberation took about 30 minutes. It was very quick. They were that good. I hated being in the situation that I was in and I don't ever want to go through it again but Im glad I chose Volk and McElroy to represent me throught it all. They got me the outcome that I wanted and the one they said they would get me. I made the right choice and I would absolutely recommend others make the same choice.

  • Stellar Performance & Attentive Listener

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kenneth

    A little background: I hired another attorney (we went to high school together) to take care of a traffic ticket I received on December 15, 2013 for not wearing a seatbelt while driving. The case was scheduled for January 8, 2014 but my attorney never showed up; he told me not to worry because he'd take care of it within 10 days. I called to verify that he did what he said he'd do and he told me it was taken care of. I called a few more times to ask for the dismissal but no one from his office ever returned my calls.

    Unfortunately, he didn't take care of the ticket even though he cashed my check. Found this out last Saturday when I received a letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety stating that it's not going to renew my drivers license because I failed to appear for a citation. I panicked and called the original attorney. No answer so I sent a text. Got a reply that it was his wife's responsibility to handle the paperwork but not to worry because he'd handle it on Monday. No call on Monday or Tuesday so I called the originating court to find out what I need to do to resolve the matter. During the call, I found out that there is a warrant out for my arrest for failing to show up for court and not paying the ticket. Of course the price of the ticket went up because it wasn't paid and no arrangements to pay it were made.

    I was freaking out so I called David Volk, Michaels brother, last night to apologize for not hiring him to take care of this matter. David has taken care of other legal matters for me before but his phone mailbox was full so I couldn't leave a message.

    I then called the original attorney but didn't get a reply so I sent him another text. He replied that he'd be in court today. Called him today and no reply. So I called David again; he was in conference so I let Michael know what had happened and he was ready to fight for me today!

    The point of this long review is to let people know that there are a lot of people who may mean well but don't follow through. Don't waste time with anyone else! Call Michael at 210-377-1414!

    Michael is an attentive listener who's ready to do the right thing for his client immediately. I'm confident that when Michael goes to court on my behalf in the morning, his performance will be stellar and the case will be closed.

    This is worth repeating: DON'T WASTE TIME WITH ANYONE ELSE! Call Michael Volk at 210-377-1414 for stellar performance! Michael will take care of your legal needs quickly and that'll give you peace of mind.

  • Thank You

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Keyisha

    I just would like to say Thank You so much Micheal for everything that you and your firm has done for me and my family.

  • These guys consistently exceed expectation!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brent

    Michael and his two partners consistently exceed my expectations. I have worked with them on many occasions for both personal and professional reasons. Most recently, Michael took care of two traffic tickets for me. The total price was less, including legal fees, than if I had paid the tickets. What a deal. I get deferred adjudication AND I pay less than the ticket price. I have recommended them to several friends. A couple of my friends have used their services and they have been very pleased with their work!! You will have a hard time finding more honest and competent lawyers.

  • Top notch attorney!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Michael Volk is an exceptional attorney that knows a lot about the Court system. I got slammed with 3 different traffic violations on the same ticket. Hiring Mr. Volk was the best choice I made. I am a busy working mother so going to Court to get yelled at by a prosecutor and judge was not for me. Mr. Volk went to Court for me and got everything dropped. It was the best choice I ever made hiring him. He even was able to send me receipts and court papers via email so I know almost instantly that my tickets were handled and done. Hire this lawyer! I refer all my friends and family members to him.

  • Speeding ticket

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    David Volk used to handle traffic tickets (speeding) and did an exceptional job however since its been delegated to his brother Michael, things are definitely not the same. I will no longer refer any of my coworkers or family to them based on a standard traffic ticket that was handled by Michael. I would have achieved almost the same result asking for deferred disposition online directly from the court then pay additional attorney fees. It's not worth the extra expense...

  • Mr. Volk is an excellent and capable attorney. Highly recommend.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachel

    "Mr. Volk was extremely sensitive to the details of my case. He was able to handle the case in my absence and be true to my wishes for a fair settlement. I found his firm to be very conscientious and thorough. This case was tragic and convoluted with issues across state lines and a military aspect. All my questions were answered in total and all documents were fully explained before I was asked to sign. Mr. Volk was also able to handle my case and be available to me even though I was in another country/time zone. I found the attention to detail and availability reassuring that my case was being handled by someone exceedingly competent. I was recommended to Mr. Volk's office and have never had reason to regret accepting the recommendation. I was very satisfied with the handling and outcome of my case."

  • Michael Volk Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ismael

    Mr. Michael Volk, assisted his brother David in a DUI case against me. The case against me was dismissed. Without their representation, I firmly believe that this might not have been possible.