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Mary Elizabeth Bluma

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  • Excellent advocacy! A great attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    My husband and I hired Mary Bluma to handle his immigration and our marriage. Through our complicated circumstances, she was a fantastic advocate for us - extremely knowledgeable and kind; available, thoughtful and willing/able to explain a complex process to us, step by step, in a way we could truly understand and embrace. I highly recommend Mary Bluma and am grateful I found her in what can feel like a sea of attorneys for this purpose. I cannot recommend her enough!

    Hired attorney
  • Kind and hareworking attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Julia

    This lawyer was able to get my husband his green card after living in this country illegally for over 15 years. We are so thankful we found Mary and that she was able to help our fanily finally get the peace of mind. My husband was granted a pardon and a had to leave the country but returned in a wewek. Mary met with us several times and explained the process to us and us very kind and trustING and knows a lot about immigration process. I referred friends and family to her because I know she is a good attorney with fair legal fees and honest services.

    Hired attorney
  • do not hire this attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by mad client!!

    Do yourself a favor and do not hire this attorney! !!! My husband and I opened an immigration case with this lady and unsympathetic, totally 100% incompetent workers 3 years ago, finally when it was husbands interview date in cuidad Juarez chihuahua mexico, tbe immigration official opened the stupid packet and it was missing 2 very essential highly important documents that this stupid person forgot to include. I had my brother and sister in law running around chicago like a chicken with no head looking for these docs to mail them to me. Now the process will be delayed and we have to spend another week in this city

  • Mary Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Mary helped my wife and I navigate through the legal system to help her secure her green card. Being unfamiliar with the process, Mary was fantastic with walking us through every step, keeping us informed as what to expect, and ensuring we were more than prepared with both submitting the paperwork and the actual immigration itself. She is not only a very seasoned and thorough attorney who really knows what she is doing, but also a good "couneslor" who helped ease our fears by keeping us informed through every step of the process and setting/managing realistic expectations as to what to expect. She was even there for us, sitting in on the actual interview. Happily, with Mary's help and guidance, my wife's interview was a success and we have our Green Card.

  • Caring and honest, fair fees also

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    Mary represented me when I was getting my green card through a family member my mom. She was very nice and helpful and was able to work out a flexible payment plan since my finances were a bit tight. She was always available by phone and email to answer all questions and got back to me on all my concerns within at least one day. There was some confusion about my case due to the mistake of another immigration attorney but Mary was able to clear these issues up with the INS and get my green card for me. She is pleasant and a nice attorney to have and she is straightfoward and honest abut the future of your case.

  • Very Efficient

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    My wife entered this country illegally in 2002. I married her in 2007 believing that it would be a matter of months, and we could adjust her status easy as that. After researching the issue, it was discovered that we would need a waiver and have to prove hardship or she could be banned for 10 years. We interviewed with at least 3 different lawyers who than told us 'our case was a loser', and that we were better off waiting until the law changed! At our wits end, we went ahead and filed for her interview in Juarez without yet having a lawyer. The interview went OK, she had to stay in Mexico, and I came back to Chicago confused, depressed, and completely lost! My friend referred me to Mary in just passing conversation, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
    Wow! What a difference! Mary and her law firm were extremely professional, but they were really positive about me and my wife's case. She gave me guidelines through my emails of everything she would need, and was always checking to see if I was having any hiccups getting her info for the case. During this "waiver process", my grandfather passed away and I was no help to her. Mary plugged along on her own for a week and put together a FANTASTIC waiver for my wife.
    I know I'm beginning to ramble, but forgive me.
    The good news. . . . My wife left for Mexico in July of 2010, and she was approved and waiting for her green card at our house by mid October! It added up to 3 months. That was it!
    Look, I know that everyone has different results, but Mary looks at all the immigration paperwork you'll have, and is able to see a bigger picture. While you explain, she is always taking notes, and you can see her thinking too! She is incredibly competent, and my wife and I would recommend her to anyone!
    You can't get around legal costs for a GOOD immigration attorney. But Mary is no more than anybody else, and yes. . . you do get what you pay for. In Juarez, I met a lot of different people, some with cases similar, and some not, but they had been waiting in Mexico for years! Their mistakes were often trivial, but I guarantee they were trying to cut costs and went to a cut rate attorney, or worse, did it on their own.
    To wrap up, There are no guarantees in life or immigration cases, but do yourselves a favor if you're facing an issue and you're stressing out. Go see Mary, you'll be happy you did!

  • Immigration

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Bertha

    l was introduced to this lawyer by a friend. My case took a long time with her, but l think there was not really much she can do but to go along with the immigration judge. Also l stayed for a long time without a job, because my documents were expired. l think she could have got a temporal work permit for me so that l can be working and then have some money to pay her. But from what she told me, l belief she was not able to help it. She is a good lawyer and l will recommend her to somebody.