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Robert S. Whims

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  • OWI Assistance

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I made the unfortunate decision to drive after drinking. I was charged with OWI with high BAC. (.19, and .17) After talking with several attorneys in the area, I made the decision to hire Robert. Robert took the time to get to know my personal accomplishments and not just the crime I committed. Because of his commitment and professionalism, my charge was immediately reduced. In addition, at my sentencing I was given non-reporting probation, and a 4 hour highway safety course. When I first contacted Robert I was facing a car installed breathylizer, possible jail, reporting probation, and community service.

    Robert also has the respect of the courts. Regardless of how many people filled the court room, Robert was always the first case the judge called. The judge made personal recognition of Robert, which put me at great ease.

    He is a family man, but also respected professional. He is involved in his community, and it is obvious everyone that works with him (judge, court employees, probation officers) has great respect for him and find him trustworthy.

    I would recommend Robert to anyone looking for an attorney with a wealth of knowledge and who can guide you through a difficult situation!

  • Robert Whims

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    After 30+ years of marriage, my former spouse filed for divorce. Mr. Whims had done some excellent work for me on a real estate transaction several years ago, so I called him for a recommendation. I was mildly surprised that he also handled divorce cases, but was very comfortable in retaining him to handle this situation as well. For me, it was an emotional roller coaster, and the entire process lasted for about 18 months. In every respect, I was satisfied with my interactions with him and the service that he provided. He never forgot the emotional toil that the process was having, but more importantly, he led me through the process with the right mix of tenacity and aggressiveness tempered with restraint when appropriate. He knew the attorneys and the judge assigned to my case, and when expert information was needed, he chose the right people. In the end, his approach preserved for me nearly a million dollars more of my assets than I had been initially willing to give up. He was usually very busy during the time that he worked for me, but he always answered my phone calls when he was in the office, and even called me on weekends from his cell phone when some issue "couldn't wait". His assistant was always available, and kept a very precise file system of the various motions and hearings that took place. Strange as it sounds, I was comforted by the fact that I couldn't always reach him immediately, knowing that other clients had also chosen him to represent them, and that he was in high demand.
    Bottom line, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to a potential client who may need his expertise. His fees were in line with attorney fees for the area, and his itemized bills were very clear and understandable. If I need legal advice in the future, I would call him first, and be comfortable that, even if he wasn't able to handle my situation, he would provide an appropriate referral

  • Review from a Fellow Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Law offices-Gary R. Bergstrom, PLC

    I have known attorney Rob Whims for a number of years now, since first meeting him when we had a difficult divorce case together shortly after Rob returned to Michigan from California. In California, he practiced as a District Attorney in Orange County representing the People of the State of California in very difficult, high profile cases prosecuting criminal Defendants.
    In the 28 years I have been practicing law, Rob is clearly one of the best and brightest attorneys I have met. In each case in which Rob has been involved, he thoroughly knows the salient facts and demonstrates superior knowledge in all aspects of the case, including his application of the law to the relevant facts of each particular case. While a highly skilled Trial attorney who never balks at litigating a case or issue where and when appropriate, Rob is also an exceptional negotiator. He understands that settlement discussions, when appropriate, can often lead to a more expeditious and less costly resolution for his client while avoiding the acrimony and emotional expense associated with protracted litigation.
    Beyond his technical knowledge and proficiency, Rob consistently demonstrates a genuine concern for each and every client, and sensitivity to the emotional impact the proceedings have upon his client.
    Rob Whims is the consummate attorney, comprising the perfect blend of intellect, knowledge, experience, and genuine concern and compassion for his clients, and I highly recommend him for anyone seeking these outstanding traits in an attorney.

  • Excellent Representation!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melanie

    I'm near completion with a divorce that has taken 15 months. Unfortunately I didn't find Robert until after I had already hired two different lawyers who steered me in the wrong direction, caused delays in my case, and were never available to me when I had questions or needed them. When I found Robert that all changed. Robert works longer hours than anybody I know. I could get in touch with Robert at any time I needed him. He acted like I was part of his family and he took my matters to heart and really went to bat for me. Robert is very knowledgeable, extremely hard working, trustworthy, loyal, great listener, and very compationate. After hiring Robert I could rest and feel at ease during the process of my divorce / child custody case. I never felt like I had to look over my shoulder to make sure that things were getting done in regards to my case. I would highly reccomend Robert to anybody who needs a strong, intelligent, hard working, trust worthy attorney that will go to bat for them.