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Todd Bruce Allen

Todd Allen’s reviews

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  • Attorney Todd Allen is a bulldog!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mia

    I have an issue with a marina not allowing me to rescind my contract and not providing me my refund. I was talking to another lawyer, but he dropped the ball. Within one hour of emailing Todd my issue he responded promptly. He brings integrity, heart, and knowledge. Todd earned my trust right away as he was just like me a straight shooter, no playing around. I will always refer people to him because he will let you know what the true situation is. I am in my last year of law school and hope to meet more lawyers like him!!!! Call him!!!

  • "....From the moment I spoke to Todd he made me feel like a member of his family"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Frank

    Todd Allen is an outstanding lawyer! He is innovative, creative and a fearless advocate for his clients. He understands the legal process and also helps his clients understand the process as well. I have been able to confirm this personally due to having used his legal services several times through out the years. I sincerely felt that I was a member of his family and also felt that he was protecting me as if I were one. I wholeheartedly recommend this attorney!!!!

  • Todd Allen - Excellent!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl

    I have used Todd Allen as an attorney in both a personal and business capacity. In all my engagements with Todd, I have found him to be courteous, timely, personable and recommend him without reservation.

  • Aggressive attorney, straight-shooter.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    I am in the medical field in Naples Florida, and in 2011 I was battling a non-compete clause in my contract to be able to open up my own practice. I was becoming frustrated and growing tired of the lack of performance from my current attorney at the time, and found Todd Allen while flipping through the yellow pages. I met him for a consultation a couple of days later, and after telling him my story and showing him the facts, he picked up the phone and dialed my old employer! I didn't even know what he was doing until he hung up the phone! It was at that moment that I knew Todd was the type of attorney I needed, one who ACTS.
    Long story short, Todd's representation ultimately allowed me open my own practice only a few short miles away from old employer, and I didn't have to pay an obscene amount of money to do so.

    I had a billing company breach a contract with my office. Todd represented me and we won that one too.

    Todd is quick to act, and knows and practices the law WELL. He wins.
    He is accessible via email and telephone and responds almost immediately.

    He's written about 10-15 letters to represent me on various issues throughout the past few years --the letters are always powerful and the individuals in receipt of these letters always back down.

    On the flip side, he's honest and will tell me when I shouldn't pursue certain things.

    I trust him 200%. Absolutely THE BEST, I'll be his client forever and recommend for any legal matter.

  • Meet Attorney Allen and Judge for Yourself

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Allen has consistently provided superior service to my condominium and homeowner association clients over the last three years. His well researched advice has regularly saved us time and money in making what have often been complicated decisions. His national notoriety as the result of a successful foreclosure action against Bank of America is indicative of his stellar ability in collections. Mr. Allen has provided our clients with litigation services, consultation on construction deficiencies and served as general counsel on community association matters. If you are considering hiring a lawyer I highly recommend that you meet with Attorney Allen and judge for yourself.

  • More than a lawyer, Todd is a freedom fighter! Mild mannered but a bull dog in the court room, if your case even gets that far.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    As a TV reporter in the Southwest Florida, Todd and I began working together on stories shortly after he first became licensed. Although he may seem mild mannered in dealing with his clients, he is a bull dog when it comes to fighting for their rights.

    Along with his obvious knowledge of the law, he has a keen sense for the unjust, what will sway opinion and what the public will respond to. He first approached me with stories about the Lee County Court's Rocket Docket program, in which he said his clients were being ramrodded through the speedy foreclosure process without sufficient evidence in favor of the banks during the "Foreclosure Fiasco" several years ago.

    The viewers went wild. In fact, the National Academy of Arts and Television Sciences nominated that body of work for an Emmy on continuing coverage of the crisis in 2011. That honor would not have been possible without Todd's responsiveness, availability and dedication to his clients in the face of, what he would say, was the county courts' malaise and Big Banking's abuse of power.

    Many of the stories we worked on went viral, gaining national attention -- not only because of Todd's sincerest sense of right and wrong but also because of his ability to shed light on egregious injustice.

    Todd Allen is more than an attorney; he is a freedom fighter.

  • Review for Attorney Todd Allen

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sherry

    “Over the course of the last few years our associations have worked very closely on several different projects with Attorney Todd Allen to include delinquency requirements, Board Certification Program, Rules and Regulations Review, and just general legal counsel questions to name a few. Most notably for us, is the constant that when Attorney Allen indicated something was going to be done it was done in a timely fashion, and always in a professional manner. Our experience with Attorney Allen has been positive, and his clear and concise opinions not only provided the important information we needed in the moment, but he aspired to educate so that a full understanding of the various Florida Statutes, and our own Condominium Documents, were made easy for Board Members to understand.”

    …Sherry A. Slater, LCAM, General Manager

  • HOA problems

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Debt Settlement client

    He helped me settle my account with my HOA. I felt like I could get no where with my HOA. When I hired Mr. Allen I finally felt that someone was listening to me. Thank you for everything!

  • HOA Bullies

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Todd Allen is an extremely professional and competent attorney. His expertise and court acumen surpasses his age and tenure. He stood up for me against an HOA of "good old boys" that no one would take on, with their heavy weight law firm.........and won.

    Going out on his own, with a partner, will serve him well in the Naples community.

  • Thank You

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Louise

    Todd was able to help me negotiate a settlement in a dispute with a hospital. He did a great job and got me the best result! He was really good at keeping me up to date on how things were going. I would recommend him with no reservations.