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Lloyd E. Solt

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  • I like this guy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    The insurance company made me so mad. Always with the voicemail and no call back ever. I hired this attorney and he is a regular guy, not some stuff shirt who wears a suit and thinks they are better than people. Anyways he fought for me and at mediation he got me the surgery I needed and we settled later. Helped my family when we needed it. I would refer him.

  • Good auto accident attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christina

    I was injured in a car accident. I was hurt pretty bad because I was at a dead stop and the guy hit me going like 30 miles an hour. I had head, neck and back injuries. I called a few attorneys (I had never hired an attorney before) and I just felt comfortable with Mr. Solt. He said things in a way that I could understand them and took the time to explain things.

    Anyway, he sent me to doctors that he works with and they took good care of me also. My insurance company sent me to their doctors to try to get my care cut off but since the doctors were used to dealing with my attorney they kept treating me anyway. He fought them and got the bills paid. Then came the really good part. I only had $25,000 in uninsured motorist coverage and the guy who hit me had let his insurance lapse. I thought that was all I was going to get. Lloyd made the insurance company admit that they did not have some form signed by me that they were supposed to have and because I had 3 cars that meant they had to provide up to $75,000 in coverage. We settled for less than that but it was alot more than the $25,000 I thought I was going to get.

    Although I don't have any other experiences to compare this one with, I feel like I made an excellent choice. I don't know whether the results were any better or worse than other places but I got personal service and I felt like my case mattered to Mr. Solt. He explained to me when we first met that because his office is small, he has to work hard on every case and it seems like he was telling the truth.

  • Gave me personal attention

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Francisco

    I got hurt at work and it seemed like the insurance company and my employer were working together to try to keep me from seeing doctors and having to pay me. I got letters in the mail from many attorneys and met with a few but went with Mr. Solt. I was previously represented by one of the "big" firms on a different case but always felt like I was a number. I learned more about workmans comp in my first meeting with Lloyd than I did in the whole two years of my prior case. He spent more time talking to me in the first two weeks than my prior attorney did in two years. Even though we had to fight with the other side for almost a year, things worked out good in the end. I wished the settlement was more but the workmans comp system is not very fair if you are the one who is hurt. I feel this attorney worked hard and did a good job for me and my family. He took the time to make me feel like my case was important to him even though I am sure they help people with worse injuries than me. If you are hurt, go see him.

  • So happy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anna

    My husband got hurt and we did not know what to do. They lied and said he did not get hurt on the job. Mr. Solt and his assistant Isabel helped us and it was a long fight. In the end we got doctors and pay and a settlement. There are a lot of lawyers but we are happy we went with Mr. Solt. He spent time with us and got us what he said he would and it seemed like he really cared. His assistant Isabel is the nicest person.

  • delivers results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Veronica

    I was hit by the truck while driving a golf cart on dealership parking lot. Even though my injuries did not seem to be very severe I experienced quite a bit of pain. While all my friends were telling me to take the dealership "to the cleaners", Lloyd very professionally explained to me what kind of outcomes I can hope for. He was fair, straight to the point and very attentive to my concerns and needs. I liked how he was able to make me feel important and relaxed at the same time. He delivered exactly what he has promised and I am grateful for that.

  • Simply the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Danny

    I had the misfortune of being terribly injured at work and this guy actually came to my house. Upon seeing me and talking to me for a few minutes, he told me to the hospital where i ended up having two emergency surgeries. i could have been paralyzed. i owe him everything. He is unlike any lawyer you will meet. He guided me through a difficult process for years. My case went to trial and had to be appealed. He fought like a tiger for me. At some point, I wanted to settle for $150,000. Thank GOD I had him as my attorney because he wouldn't let me do it. After years of benefits and several surgeries he knew I would need even though I didn't think I would, we settled for $800,000. He still sends me a Christmas card every year. This guy really cares.

  • I wouldn't hire him if your case requires some work

    1.0 star

    Posted by Errol

    I was looking for a lawyer that was young, idealistic, and hungry. His office was in disarray, his secretary was very friendly, and Lloyd was not that young. He seemed hungry. In my opinion, he tries to portray an image that he's not like one of the "old boys" by dressing in odd ways. The first time I saw him he was wearing gym wear and I thought, "maybe he just worked out". In hindsight, I doubt it. I believe that he is lazy and that he would stab you in the back for a penny. Don't fall for his ruse. Please be careful. I learned the hard way.