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Kyle Patrick Tate

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  • You're in Good Hands with theTate Firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ron

    Mr. Tate goes the extra mile to help his clients. kyle always listens to every detail before making any suggestions on how to help his clients. I have very impressed with the amount of time and effort he and his firm put into researching and preparing for a case. I would highly recommend Mr. Tate and I feel truly blessed by having him as my attorney.

  • Thanking Kyle Tate and his firm for their representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alan

    To: Kyle Tate
    Subject: Update on David Anderson Case (From Alan)


    I wanted to thank you and your staff for the work you did for me in 2008 on the David Anderson Case.

    Using the evidence from the civil complaint, the State Attorney's Office in Palatka filed criminal charges against Anderson, which resulted in his agreement to plead "no contest" on charges of Operating an Organized Scheme to Defraud. Anderson will receive probation provided that he pays most of the civil judgment, on which he made the first installment on paying back to me yesterday.

    Two other people whom Anderson defrauded were at the sentencing, and many others are aware that Anderson pleaded "no contest" to the criminal charges. These people are grateful, as I am, that Anderson did not escape the consequences of defrauding his customers (besides myself there were eight other customers who were similarly defrauded).

    Most importantly, Anderson has been prohibited from using his business to harm any other potential customers in the future.

    As a result of this experience, I have learned much about the way civil and criminal law works. I respect the good work that you and others in the legal profession do every day. Our society is held together by the idea that all of will receive a fair hearing under the law, and people such as you and your staff enable that to happen.

    Thank you again for the good work by yourself and your staff. I am sure many residents of our area have benefited from representation by your firm, as I have.

    Melrose, FL

  • Great trustworthy lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Kyle was an awesome choice for my lawyer needs. He was very informative and helpful in all aspects of my case. he made me feel as if a had a friend on my side to handle all my needs. Kyle handled my case better than ever exspected. His knowledge of the ins and outs of the laws was the difference in getting what I wanted out of my case.

  • "Seeking Justice" Isaiah 1:17a

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nathan and Lisa

    In the title heading listed above, we claimed this verse After the wrongful death of our 23 year old beautiful daughter Emily. My wife and I were faced with the decision to obtain legal counsel due to facts concerning her death. A dear friend of ours recommend the Tate Firm. We were both under a great deal of pain, anger and just not knowing what to do. What a blessing the firm was to us as we went through many legal hearings and findings.

    In every aspect we were informed of the positive and negative things that came up. During this process my wife and I were given peace of where this should all go. In the Bible, God's Holy Word, Jesus Christ gave three things about when an offense has happened of how and what should happen. The Tate Firm helped us obtain these things.

    Number one:
    In Matthew, Christ states if someone offends you to go to that person. This was a huge problem because of a death everyone involved wanted to point the finger at someone else. But we were able to achieve this.

    Number two:
    In Matthew, Christ states to settle the matter quickly. This was a major issue as well as everyone was still pointing the finger at someone else. We were also able to achieve this.

    Number three:
    Finally in Matthew, Christ states to be peace makers, my wife and I had to make the biggest decision of whether to continue to live with hatred and anger or to be a peace maker. We chose to be a peace maker and to move on. This has been extremely hard but we are coming up out of the ashes and God is doing a wonderful thing in our lives. We know we will see our daughter again in heaven and we long for that day. We have moved forward and allowed God to do His will through this.

    The people that caused our daughter's death will have to answer to Him someday, and He will not be wearing a black robe in a courtroom. It will be true justice, fair and honest.

    We have never used a lawyer before, so we could never compare the Tate Firm with any other, but for what has transpired in our lives we count it a blessing to have been helped in our time of need by such a professional caring group of people, the attorneys, office staff and most of all Mr Tate himself.

    Grieving Parents