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John K. Fanney

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  • Your man for a DWI

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hunter henson

    Great lawyer. He and his staff were excellent in staying in touch and answering any questions I had(no matter how dumb) made my arresting officer look like a new recruit. I would absolutely recommend

    Hired attorney
  • John is a stellar attorney providing impressive legal services when the results count! I would recommend him to anyone.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    John has provided critical legal defense for me twice now, for seperate incidences. Both times he was able to achieve excellent results for me and I fully believe he put every bit of effort necessary into my cases to achieve the outcomes he did. Having spent plenty of time in court and witnessing several cases go to trial, I can confidently say I have not seen another attorney provide as thorough or professional a defense as I received from Mr. Fanney. I will never use another attorney in this area if John is practicing law. I came across a review for Mr. Fanney when I was seeking an attorney that seemed so fitting thoughtout my experience. It just feels right to close with it. Trust John.

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  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dylan

    I highly recommend Mr. Fanney. Not only did he take care of my DWI charge (it was dismissed), he took care of me and made sure I understood that everything would be fine. He also went out of his way to help me find the right attorney for a speeding ticket I received outside of Raleigh. Mr. Fanney is the man for the job and he will not disappoint!

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  • Excellent from beginning to end!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    John was referred to me by a formal law enforcement officer who witnessed John's abilities through many cases tried in the courtroom.
    When I first reached out to John he made me feel very comfortable that I had called the right attorney. I was scared and feeling hopeless. John was upfront and direct yet sympathetic to my situation which seemed impossible to overcome.
    Throughout my case John kept me informed and reassured me that he would examine the facts and pursue the best outcome for me.
    When I would feel hurried to get a result, John would reassure me the case would take time.
    John was able to get my case dismissed through diligent research and confident, intelligent courtroom arguments.
    Thanks John!

    Hired attorney
  • Excellent and Professional Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Derek

    I was charged with a DWI charge in May of 2014. Through various contacts, I was given a referral to Mr. Fanney to represent me for my case and in no way shape or form was is disappointed. Mr Fanney is a very professional attorney. He went above and beyond expectations and guided my through the process with much clarity. Not only did Mr. Fanney provide and excellent service, he was friendly and always made the time to please his clients such as myself. Without Mr. Fanney, I believe my case would have been very difficult for me and I may have not received the decision I did, which was a Dismissal of my case. I cannot express the appreciation and gratitude I have for Mr. Fanney and his staff. They truly made my life a lot easier and went beyond approach to provide an excellent and professional service.

    Thank you John for all your help. I am truly thankful for your services and your kindness in helping me with my case!

    Hired attorney
  • If you want a chance to win John is the man to talk to.

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Finding an attorney in a DUI case can be beyond stressful. Because I can tell you from experience who you choose can mean the difference between permanent consequences, minimizing punishment, or winning your life back by even overcoming the DUI all together.

    I was in an out of court just at two years due to circumstances of my case. During that time those I saw under other representation at least in my experience all were found guilty.

    This was not what happened in my case. Two words: Not Guilty!

    If you want the best outcome for your case hire this man I could not say enough. I now have my life back thanks to him. Lets just say he has saved my life on more than one occasion.

    This man helped me do just that and my life would be forever in a different place if it were not for him. For the law despite where guilty or innocent can be unforgiving if you do not have the right attorney.

    Let me tell you this is who you want to hire. I will share part of a letter I wrote as a thank you to John. You be the judge.

    I wanted to plead early to get the case over with. As the case went on and on. He advised me to fight. So fight we did for months. In doing so by God's grace and John's expertise we won!

    Here is part of a letter I wrote to John as an example of the gratitude I had for what he did for me:

    Hey John,

    I hope your week has been great.

    I just wanted to take a moment out to thank you again for all you have done. In truth I can not thank you enough.
    The road has been very long though I am glad we persevered walking on it. I am so very glad its finally done and on top of that we had a victory in what seemed like impossible circumstances.

    This opens up doors that may have been shut to me or have been while we were pushing towards an outcome over these two years. On top of offering a level of freedom I thought that would have been denied to me for some time. Along with avoiding more monetary cost coupled with other possible consequences had we stopped sooner or not been victorious.

    So thanks again for all you do as through your efforts and timing along by God's grace we were successful.

    Again I can not thank you enough for what you have done and how much it helps me. I know you made a huge difference in my life along with many others before me along with others to come. What you do makes a huge difference in peoples lives and I wanted you to know that as it has in mine.

    If I can give you a referral or further assist in getting you business just say the word.

    Also if I hear of any one needing said services I will refer them to you naturally.

    Take care John, I wish you well in all things and God bless.

    -End of letter

    So if you want a chance to win John is the man to talk to.

    Luckily I did and I am thankful to God for doing so. Life may be unfair or throw curve balls. Unfortunate things may happen along the way. Knowing the right person to turn to in those times can make all the difference in a positive outcome and be forever life changing.

    I can say from my experience that John is one of those people and who I would turn to should the need arise.

    If you wish for the best outcome talk to John you will be glad you did.

    Hired attorney
  • Trust John

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    Mr. Fanney has helped me in two different cases and got a tremendous result from his ability to handle and take care of them. He knows what he does, and you can trust in him to get the best possible outcome. I would never hesitate to contact him again, if I ever needed to. I'd recommend him to anybody.