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"My life has been saved."

Case Conclusion Date: 07.11.2008

Practice Area: DUI & DWI

Outcome: Careless Driving

Description: Officer made traffic stop after allegedly observing client speeding (80 mph in a 45 mph zone) on motorcycle. Client admitted to consuming three beers earlier in the evening. Officer conducted 4 tests, which client passed 3 under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standardized scoring method. Client refused PBT and DataMaster tests, and officer failed to properly obtain blood test. Client had 3 prior alcohol related driving offenses. Through negotiations, client pled responsible to an Amended charge of Careless Driving and PBT Refusal ticket at the Arraignment. Further, no Implied Consent Violation was imposed. Client Testimonial: Dear Brian (Barone Defense Firm Manager), When I spoke to you the night after my arrest, you gave me a lot reason for hope. Yesterday, at the arraignment, Mike had my charges reduced to careless driving. I want to thank you and Bridget and Patrick and especially Mike for everything. I feel like my life has been saved. The $6800 I spent to retain your firm is the best value I have ever gotten for my money. Thank you. D.R.

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