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Josephine C Townsend

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kara

    Hired Attorney


    When my marriage of 24 years came abruptly to a halt, I was very scared and confused. Josie was recommended by 2 people I knew. She answered my email right away and got me in immediately for a consult. In just one meeting, she was able to put my mind at ease and connected with me as a person, not just a client. She was available to me anytime I had questions through out the divorce process. She not only successfully handled my divorce to my complete satisfaction, she helped me get my confidence and life back! I would highly recommend Josie to anyone needing an attorney that really cares about her clients even after the case is over!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bruce

    She's the nice one !!!

    We sued the defendants, a collection agency, over 6 years ago for breach of contract and unpaid bills. Our first two attorneys allowed things to happen that diminished the value of our claim. Thankfully, Josie agreed to step in before we had no case left. She immediately painted a picture of realistic expectations, based on what was left of our case. Josie continually gave me homework to do in order to refute the lies of the defendants. She absolutely got some very important cornerstones of our case.

    As she soon found out, opposing counsel was not inclined to play fair or nice. He, like his clients, tried to spin things, stall, cheat and actually lie. All the while though, Josie kept her integrity in check and refused to engage in such behavior...nor would she put up with their ridiculousness.

    Josie was appalled to learn that the defendant's and their attorney wanted my personal & private medical records in order to agree to a continuance for interrogatories when I was diagnosed with a tumor in my pancreas. She didn't let that type of behavior interfere with her desire to bring resolution to our case. She sill maintained an extremely high level of professionalism.

    Our case finally went to trial beginning March 23, 2015. Josie was well armed with statues to fend off 11th hour attempts by the defendant's and their attorney, to have the case dismissed. She was able to present our case in the manner I wanted, by being truthful and providing documentation.

    The defendant's blatantly lied, played stupid and responded deceptively. She was patient with opposing counsel as he continually interrupted her with unnecessary objections, averaging over 20 objections per witness. She was professional enough to show opposing counsel how to use electronic equipment to aid with his presentations. She also pointed out where he should look when she was presenting exhibits to witnesses.

    Josie didn't ridicule or talk down to the defendants while they were testifying, which would have been easy to do since they were playing coy or flat our lying...which she was able to prove.

    Josie asked for me to write an opening and closing and questions for her to ask witnesses. This was huge because as I pay great attention to testimony and little details, I was able to regularly pass her notes for follow-up questions. I worked for the defendants so I know a lot about their procedures and practices, which was key to our success in this case. I suggested that we subpoena the officers of the defendant company, their employee wives and their attorney. Josie asked Connie and I to participate in everything as we are a team.

    Josie required us to show respect in the court at all times, including standing for the jury upon entry and exit. Her courtroom etiquette is exemplary.

    One of the key elements to our case was that the defendant's were engaging in breach by serving legal documents in cases they were a party to, which is clearly against state law. Josie was able to get them to admit and acknowledge this, on the record...and implicate their attorney as well.

    The defendants tried to claim they were allowed to breach because we breached first. They tried to claim we overcharged them in their counterclaim. Josie, because of her thoroughness, proved that these claims and allegations were false. She backed the defendants into the corner wherein they admitted they were wrong.

    After 6 yrs and 2 months, after a 4 day jury trial, the verdict came in...Verdict on both allegations for the Plaintiffs. Verdict on the counterclaim by the defendants denied.

    The juror's said they didn't find defendant's and their attorney credible or likeable. On the other hand, they found us likeable and credible. They also said they absolutely loved Josie and found her credible.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Connie

    Pro-Serv Process Serving, Inc. V. Accounts Receivable,.Inc.

    Josephine Townsend is the best attorney I've had the pleasure to work worth. She was diligent, persistent, trustworthy, caring and reassuring. I can't speak highly enough on the excellent job. Her office staff is friendly, and helpful. She returns phone calls, answers questions and gives her honest opinion. I would highly recommend her. I will be forever indebted to her.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Linsi

    You Want This One On Your Side

    Josephine Townsend truly saved my Fiances life, and both myself and my Fiance will forever be in debt to her. In April of 2013, my life took a turn for the worse on a Thursday Morning when my Fiance was arrested on a probable cause charge for Child Molestation in the second degree. From that point on, Josie was the only person who believed our story, and fought for his innocence over a years time period. Little did I know, prior to the arrest, that in the state of Washington a simple 10 minute game of soccer during broad daylight, in a public park, with a stranger, (14 year old girl), who has had a troubled past and multiple sexual molestation occurrences with other people, which has made her a hyperventilate individual, could somehow turn into a two year, superior court case in which my Fiances entire life and judge of character was put on the line. Throughout the most emotional, heart breaking, and frustrating situation that I have ever been through thus far in life, Josie was the only one by my side. When all was said and done, we endured an intense four day trial, and my Fiance was now looking at three counts of Child Molestation in the Second Degree, and three counts of Assault in the fourth degree. As my Fiance sat next to Josie in a court room of 12 jurors, myself, the prosecutor, my Fiances Father, the judge, and the judges clerk, we all awaited the verdict on the edge of our seats. I hope to God that I never have to feel that sickening feeling ever again as I pondered what was about to happen. However, the feeling that swept over me when the jury found my Fiance NOT GUILTY of all 6 charges, was by far the happiest feeling that I have ever felt thus far in my life. Without Josie, my Fiance could have been wrongfully put in prison for the rest of his life. I truly cannot thank her enough, and I would absolutely recommend her in ANY circumstance. Josie is a fighter, and will stop at nothing to defend her innocent clients. She is strong, trustworthy, intelligent, and caring. The time and effort that she put into my case was way more than I ever expected from the get go. Josie will forever be a friend of mine, and I know that GOD FORBID anything like this ever happens again, she is the lawyer that I want on my side.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Christy Bryans

    A true professional with a heart of gold!

    Ms.townsend is handling my divorce and child custody case. She has been an amazing resource to my family and has always gone above and beyond what my expectations are. She works hard, 7 days a week and is available to me most nights until late evenings. She has ALWAYS returned my calls and emails promptly and has never disappointed me with her communication skills. She is a wonderful person, compassionate, and caring and will fight for what is right for all her clients. There were times I was not being realistic in my pursuits and Ms. Townsend was very clear always giving me advice even if it was not what I wanted to hear it was what I NEEDED to hear. She is fair, honest and forthright and will always look out for everyone's best interests that she represents. Josie has helped me out of one of the darkest periods of my life and helped me back on my feet. I will recommend her services to anyone needing legal advice. She is a true professional that restored my faith in the law profession.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Disciplined by the state bar.

    I hired Josie to represent me in my child relocation case against my ex wife. She did a mediocre job at best, it was annoying that she was constantly late for meetings, and often required several phone calls before she would get back to me.

    When I was picking a lawyer I asked her point blank if she had ever been investigated by the state bar. She said no. Now I have read multiple news stories in the Columbian that she was investigated by the Bar in 2006 and entered a diversion agreement to avoid official sanctions in 2006 or 2007. I hired her in 2010.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Excellence is spelled "Townsend".

    I've had many lawyers in the past as I spent a lot of time in the judicial system as a juvenile. I had an unfortunate incident this last year that left me facing possible tens of years in a state penitentiary. Josephine was an excellent defense attorney and from the beginning she was proactive at creating the most reasonable and allowable sentence for my situation. The end result of all of her hard work warranted a 6 month work release incarceration. She is caring, thoughtful, intelligent and very resourceful. I will continue to recommend her to all of my relatives and close friends.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andre

    Case Dismissed

    I recently received a summons to report to Family Court regarding a petition that had been filed by social services. Social serviices was asking for a modification of a prior order given during my divorce. During that time it had been decided by the court that my ex was to provide medical insurance for our children. The new petition was requesting that I now provide insurance if it was available and affordable. Medical insurance was available at my place of work and I currently had single coverage. In order to add family coverage the premium along with the high deducttible made it extremely unafforable for me, since both of my sons have medical issues that would have required me to meet the high deductible. Josie was able to give me a better understanding of what I would need to prove to the court that it would be unaffordable and the confidence to stand up for myself. The case was dismissed Thank You Josie

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott and Katrina

    "Josie" is a true Advocate for her clients and children, keeping their best interest closer to her heart !

    My wife and I came to Ms. Townsend around a year ago with the quest to find that "someone" who would be willing to give honest, sound advice, with the compassion we so desperately needed and who would fit with what our belief's in the best interest of my daughter. A year and 4 months ago, we, for the 2nd time, within less than 3 years were hit with the devastating news that once again my daughter was being moved, not just 3 hours away, but an Ocean away this time. This immediately hit my heart like a ton of bricks. My wife and I immediately tried to work with the Mother on devising something that would keep her as close to all families as possible as well as figuring out what was in my daughters absolute best interest as we did not agree with the another move, but knew we would be in a tough spot contesting it. After many failed attempts and continued "half truths" we felt it was time to once again set out on the quest for some sound legal advice. We had 2 bad experiences with attorney's previously and felt at a loss on how to even find someone to fit what we where looking for. My job was what led me to Ms. Townsend's office location initially. My wife was skeptical but reached out to Ms. Townsend to set up an appointment explaining that we wanted to seek her services to act on behalf of our "parenting team". The first visit far EXCEEDED BOTH our expectations. Leaving the initial appointment we both felt very good about what we had proposed to her and her reaction to us. My wife and I knew after 10 minutes with Ms. Townsend that she was the "one". Shortly after our initial meeting with Ms. Townsend we learned that the "Mother" we had supported and taken great lengths to support for my Daughter, was about to engage not only my wife and I in one of the most "nasty" battles imaginable, but would be doing this to our child as well. Words will never truly cover my gratitude to Josie Townsend, she is the true meaning of all that one should be when they are representing a "family". When you are placing the fate your own child and family in the hands of the "courts" not only do you need someone well versed in family Law, but someone who will fight for what is right, and hold all involved accountable for their actions. At times where I felt like I could not longer hold myself up, "Josie" stood right there holding me up, fighting for me, demanding fairness for me and my daughter. To Josie you are not just "somebody" and your case is not just "something" but to her, you and your case are "everything" ! I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Townsend not just for all that she is (professional, trustworthy, dedicated, diligent, fair, decisive, confident) but because she cares, she listens and she exercises genuine compassion. She will "fight" the "fight" and she will fight when you feel you cannot !

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kit

    Best Lawyer Ever

    I just won an uphill battle with Josephine Townsend as my lawyer in a marginally bitter dispute over child visitation and support. I'm in the Military and stationed in England and she worked with me well long distance as well as local. I needed someone that would get it done, do it right, and ensure my rights were preserved; she did ABOVE and BEYOND any and all expectations. She is fair, intelligent, decisive, confident and she listens. She will do everything to get what you deserve. I'm better for hiring her and would do it again.