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Andrew Walker Newsom

Andrew Newsom’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Verna

    Thankful client!

    Would I recommend him? Absolutely yes! Andrew Newsom is an extremely well-educated lawyer! When I first met him I was apprehensive to his youthfulness, but that quickly faded as I decided to hire him and we met to discuss details. He definitely knows case history / laws. Add to his knowlege, he is personable, compassionate and likeable! He listens, takes notes, learns every detail about your situation that would provide background for research he may need to proceed with your case. He is also extremely polite to opposing lawyers - I witnessed that several times when my own feathers were ruffled and I wanted to lash back. His professional maner during deposition, trial and email correspondence is to be commended. That gives you a good feeling. I have had a wonderful experience with Mr. Newsom! And yes, he won the case for me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    Quality representation and excellent communication

    My experience with Gearing Rackner Engel & McGrath has been wonderful! Mr. Newsom is professional, knowledgeable, incredibly intelligent, and is probably more adept at seeing all angles of a situation than anyone I know, which has proven to be of great significance in the matter for which I have engaged him. Further, he always kept me informed and updated with the status of my case; always made himself available; and kept his eye on mitigating litigation costs. I can say without hesitate or reservation, I would use him again because of his professionalism, diligence, helpfulness, and sense of humor..

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by rob

    andy newsom recomendation

    i highly recommend andy to be retained in any matrimonial matter. he handled my divorce proceedings with the uptmost of care and due diligence, including the settlement negotiations and appearances in court. we had full and complete discussions of strategy, process and procedure along the way, which eliminated the high anxiety associated with the resolution issues. among the issues, he was especially sensitive toward the mitigation of the separation impact to the children and the due care that was needed. andy showed a great deal of client care along with his substantial legal conduct.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric

    Top Notch, Professional, Dedicated

    Andrew was referred to me through a friend, who I can’t thank enough for recommending him to me.
    I had a very unusual case and the circumstances were less than pleasant to work with. Everything I heard was that I would have to “settle” for 70/30 split and my ex would get full custody. Well, that wasn’t the case. Andrew worked extremely hard on my case, guiding me, coaching me on the steps, process and procedures of a child custody case. He was there for me anytime I needed him and I felt that I was his number one priority (even though he was working just as hard on other cases for other people as well). His attention to detail and knowledge of the laws are second to none.
    When all was done, Andrew got me what he said he would do and that was 50/50 with joint custody. I walked out of that court house knowing that I was protected and represented by the best attorney. Without a doubt, Andrew is a top notch, professional and extremely dedicated attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    Excellent help through a difficult situation

    Andrew helped me with my child visitation/support modification. Not only did Andrew provide great legal expertise but his court room professionalism was out standing. I have and will continue recommending Andrew to anybody who needs excellent legal help

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Carrie

    Newsom is #1 in my Book

    I highly recommend Andrew Newsom!

    After 22 years of marriage, Andrew was able to assist me through a divorce proceedings and child custody issue that I didn't want. It was very difficult for me to manuiver through and at a very emotional time. Andrew is extremely intelligent, resourceful, empathetic and very kind. His quality advice, strategic foresight and availablility were what I needed for my work and family schedule.

    I can't say enough good things about Andrew. I know if I need him in the future he will be there for me.

    Thank you Andrew for all your hard work. I know many attorneys don't get the "bonus" they deserve!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!

    This was my first divorce (hopefully my last). Oregon is a "no fault" State, and I was about to go from screwed by an unfaithful wife, to more-screwed in the Oregon court system. My remarkably successful trek through this nightmare is why I cannot let this experience go without speaking up.

    I am so glad to tell you how pleased I've been with Andrew Newsom. I had met with another attorney before being referred to Andrew, and the difference was NIGHT & DAY. After one conversation with Andrew, I could not get my retainer back from the first attorney fast enough.

    Now through the whole process, I can honestly report that Andrew is a brilliant, talented, and
    gifted attorney beyond his years. I could not possibly have survived this divorce without the
    quality advice, strategic foresight, and always-available service I received from him. Not only is Andrew sharp, intelligent, and resourceful, but he was incredibly kind-hearted and empathetic to the place that his clients are in emotionally when they walk in the door. With Andrew I was in a constant state of comfort and confidence, knowing I was being well taken care of and he would get me through this. I really appreciated his level of 100% advocation for my case. Did I mention he's EXTREMELY SHARP? He achieved the best results possible for me, without any unnecessary costs. Maybe it doesn't always turn out this way, but if you need attorney services, know good advice when you hear it, and have the courage to follow that advice, Andrew Newsom is absolutely the attorney to call.

    Every day relief washes over me when I think about my case, that I was recommended to S,K&H, and more importantly that I came specifically into the service of Andrew Newsom (now with GRE&M).

    Andrew Newsom, I simply CANNOT thank you enough. There are no words.