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Wazhma Aziza Mojaddidi

Wazhma Mojaddidi’s client reviews

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  • Ms. Wazhma--best lawyer ever and an amazing human being !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anamaria

    Hired Attorney

    Greetings everyone,

    I'm Anamaria and I would like to write my review about Mrs. Mojaddidi a family and immigration attorney from Sacramento, CA.
    Ms. Wazhma has been my attorney for more than two years, and it was a real privilege for me to become one of her clients. When I went to see her the first time, my case was very complicated at that moment, and almost without any positive outcome. But Ms. Wazhma really encouraged me, and told me to be patient and let her work it out to see what she can do for my case. And after a longer period of time, hard work, passion, and a complex research over my case, Ms. Wazhma solved my case with an impressive success, obtaining for me one of the most important things that I really needed in my life.

    I knew from the beginning that I could counted on Mrs. Mojaddidi as my attorney and her immense ability to solve any legal issue. I listened to Ms Wazhma all the time, and haven't ever lost my hopes and my faith in her. Ms. Wazhma is one of the best person I've ever met, very kind, dedicated to her profession, a hard worker, a strong person who fights until "the end of the road" to solve your case, but more than that, she is an amazing lady and a wonderful human being, so nice, friendly and positive.

    She understands your emotions and feelings and always encourages you to keep going and continue your journey until she will find the right solution for you and solve your case; Ms. Wazhma is so supportive and passionate about her work and it was such a big pleasure for me to meet her and work together over my complicated case. I will strongly recommend Ms. Wazhma as an attorney to all my friends, relatives, and anyone else and I guarantee you that you will be so satisfied and happy with her prompt services and professionalism, but more than that with her kindness, positive attitude and her immense support to your case(s).

    My words might be too small to express my gratitude and my appreciation for what Ms. Wazhma did for me; but I would like to say Thank you so much Ms. Wazhma for everything you have done for me and YOU ARE THE BEST ATTORNEY EVER; YOU ARE ALSO AN AMAZING LADY AND SO SUPPORTIVE WITH YOUR CLIENTS AND TREAT THEM SO NICE AND KIND!

    I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to her wonderful STAFF PERSONNEL who were so nice, professional, helpful and kind with me all the time; they were always there for me when I needed some help or information. YOU ALL ARE ONE OF THE BEST TEAM EVER, SO PASSIONATE, FRIENDLY, POSITIVE AND DEDICATED TO YOUR CLIENTS!!!

    I will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers together with Ms. Wazhma; once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR ME DURING THIS WHOLE PERIOD OF TIME!

    My best wishes, our whole respect and gratitude for you Ms. Wazhma and your wonderful team! You are SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

    Anamaria and her family!

    P. S. We definitely recommend Mrs. Mojaddidi as your future lawyer!

  • Extremely pleased!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    Hired Attorney

    Ms Mojaddidi is a very professional and dedicated lawyer. She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her clients. She has a different style of interaction with her clients than some attorneys. When working with her, she always advised me of my options while at the same time keeping in mind that my finances where limited. I feel that she gave me the best representation possible. During the time just prior to the trial, there was a time where we communicated via text in the later parts of the evening (9:45 pm). This is just one example of her dedication to her clients. If there was ever a time I had a question, I was always able to email or call her practice and get an answer back in a timely manner. I cannot say enough positive things about Ms Mojaddidi.

    During my search for a lawyer, I ran across many lawyers who were looking to sign the client or did not listen to closely during the consulation interview. It was obvious by the conversation that there were either other distractions going on or money was the top priority. This is not the case with Ms Mojaddidi. In fact, I was so pleased with her representation, I told her that she could give out my contact number to those who would like to speak with a prior client.

    To top things off, she also does Pro Tem work at times at the Courthouse.

  • Excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    I have had 3 attorneys 2 of which I was very dissatisfied with the lack of communication and the lack of follow up. I was skeptical hiring another one. I was then referred to Wazhma and I couldn't have been happier. She considered the needs of my child and assisted in making sure decisions made where in his best interest. I think she did an amazing job and when I was nervous in court she made you feel at ease. I highly recommend her and have already referred her to a coworker who immediately retained her as well.
    Thank you for a great job done!

  • Amazing Attorney with Caring Attitude

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I was referred to Wazhma through a friend, and I hired her immediately after our first meeting. I filed for annulment after my wife took off after getting her Green Card, she was the only lawyer to suggest me with annulment. and also she gave me a lot of confidence to fight the case.
    She was passionate and caring towards my case, was always on top of her game. She understood my case, responded on time and was always there to help me out at all time.
    She impeached my Ex many times in the court and helped me in getting my annulment.
    Her knowledge about immigration law and Family law is amazing, and she understands our culture properly. Simply saying " She is the Best".

  • Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Les

    We hired Ms. Mojaddidi to help us gain visitation rights with our granddaughter. Grandparent visitation rights are apparently a bit tricky, but Ms. Mojaddidi handled our case beautifully. We were up against another female attorney known for her bullying tactics and high volume courtroom histrionics. Ms. Mojaddidi calmly and cooly undercut all of the opposing councils' arguments using logic and her superior understanding of the law. I think the judge appreciated her professional demeanor. And she wins, again and again. We couldn't be happier.

  • Highly Recommended-Fair, Strong, Compassionate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jackie

    After being in divorce litigation for 5 years and going through two different lawyers, I was referred to Ms. Mojaddidi by a friend. I can honestly say she was a God send. She finished my case in 9 months and the settlement was fair, concise, and clear. Ms. Mojaddidi is very smart, thinks quickly on her toes, and is not afraid to be honest with her client about all scenarios. She was the aggressive voice I needed to resolve my case and the voice of reason I needed to be satisifed. For five years, I feared a hostile, bullyish ex-spouse and Ms. Mojaddidi gave me back courage, strength, and positivity. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Mojaddidi if you need a competent, caring advocate in your divorce case.

  • Honest, hardworking, compassionate, and intelligent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Child custody, family law client

    I approached Wazhma to represent me on my divorce case and I have been very happy with the way she handled my case. I wish I had come to her earlier and saved a lot of money and stress but I am happy I was able to find her when things were really heading south. My case was complicated as my ex did not care how much money she spent as long as they can affect me financially and emotionally. It might be useful to readers to understand why I found Wahzma better than the other two lawyers.

    When I first received my divorce papers I wasn't in a position to personally meet the lawyers to find out whether my lawyer understands the complexity of my case. I looked up reviews and went with an attorney who had excellent credentials, top rating on Avvo, and I simply handed over my case to them. While the attorney appeared competent he was not assertive enough to stop the other party's tricks. Rather I was convinced to work with other party in an attempt to avoid trial because I was short of funds. This resulted in putting me, the father of my child, in a very bad situation.

    I switched to the second lawyer because I received positive feedback about her from an acquaintance. She was better but she could not understand the underlying bad faith moves played by my ex as things got complicated because the lawyer was from a different cultural background. She couldn't corner the other party effectively and I incurred huge expenditure.

    I lost hope on attorneys and wanted to self represent. At that point, I picked Wazhma because I could relate to her cultural background and she had good reviews on Avvo. However, due to prior bad experiences and expenses, at first I intended to use Wazhma's services for paper work only. Inspite of the limited scope, Wazhma jumped on my case right away, understood the complexity and immediately suggested what steps we need to take to tame the other party. I didn't need to explain much from my part as Wazhma understood everything that has happened in prior two years almost immediately. Even though she went through a trial on another case a few days earlier, Wazhma surprised me with her memory, attention to detail, and clarity of thought on my case. Long story short she made the impossible possible on the first issue in my case and I will be grateful to her forever.

    Wazhma represented me on the child custody trial as well and did an excellent job. She did depositions, cross-examinations for the trial asking questions with amazing clarity and spontaneous thinking. It was truly a speechless experience working with her. She cornered my ex's attorney to an extent that the attorney had no other trick to play except calling in sick and buy time! Although in the end my case fell prey to the widely recognized family court bias, Wazhma did everything on her end to get me justice and I am completely satisfied with her work.He knowledge on immigration issues also came in handy.

    Thanks to Wazhma's services and cooperation during the rough times I went through both financially and emotionally. I highly recommend Wazhma to everyone who wants their attorney to be smart, work hard, and care for them during divorce.

  • Simply the BEST!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    There are so many great things I have to say about Wazhma. Before coming to Wazhma, my case was a total mess. From using a average paralegal to a horrible attorney, I came to Wazhma in hopes of putting my case back on track. Not only did Wazhma put my divorce case back on track, she settled the case in less then a month! Simply Amazing! She is a Angel! Her office is very professional, organized and friendly. They make you feel at home. I am blessed to have hired Wazhma to handle my case. I believe someday she will become the Attorny General for California. Her level of expertise, organization, professionalism and overall intelligence is untouchable. Thanks Wazhma! You’re the best!

  • Helped me with my Step-parent rights, yes we have rights!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Wazhma helped me with my step-parent rights. Lawyers and everything I read on the internet said I had no rights as a step-mom, she proved all of that to be false. I was given a chance to fight for my rights to my step children during a tricky custody matter and I will forever be great flu for Wazhma and her assistant Angela for helping me and my family through such a crazy and difficult time. Her family law knowledge is dang near genius and she has a heart of gold!

  • Absolutely Fantasic!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Being that I live in Arizona and my divorce case was based in Sacramento, California, I was a little worried about how I was going to get a conclusion to my divorce case with the distance and my limited funds. I had already worked with a couple of other lawyers who took my money and didn’t do a thing for me. Feeling defeated and worn down I looked for one final attorney who could push my case to finality. I searched website upon website reading reviews and opinions to hopefully find the right attorney for me.

    I contacted and later hired Wazhma and she was able to accomplish more in the 6 months she represented me, than the combination of lawyer’s I had for the previous 3 years. She was able to bring a conclusion to an emotionally and financially draining experience that lasted for almost five years. I am finally free of court proceedings and no longer have to worry about my ex-wife using something I’ve said against me in court.

    Wazhma was always available when I needed to talk to her, and would usually respond either right away or within a few hours. She is incredibly easy to talk to, and she really takes the effort to understand your case and what you want to achieve out of it. In hearings she was very stern, and would not let the opposing council push her around and always strived to get me the best outcome. I cannot say enough good things about her professionalism and experience in the family law field. I would recommend Wazhma to anyone who needs legal help with family law. She’s fantastic.

    Thank you Wazhma, you have given me the ability to move forward with my life.