POSSESSION OF COCAINE, UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF COCAINE, .20 BAC--no felony, no jail, credit for time served!

Mark Blair

Case Conclusion Date:April 30, 2013

Practice Area:DUI / DWI

Outcome:No felony, no drug charge, credit for time served, no jail, no work, no drug classes

Description:Police witness client weave across the yellow center line, dividing two directions of a street. Police then had client blow twice into the hand held breath device, "PAS" (preliminary alcohol screening device). Client blew .132 and then .134. Police search client subject to arrest and locate suspected cocaine in two different bindles in client's pocket. Police test the white power and determine it tests positive for cocaine. Police then draw client's blood, whose alcohol content ultimately is .20%.Client is only convicted of a DUI and gets three years probation, credit for time served, has NO jail and NO work to do, a fine and the three month DUI class. Client does not have to do any drug diversion classes. The results of this case depend on factual and legal circumstances that are unique to this specific client. This information does NOT constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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