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Richard Orville Middlebrook

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Best Possible Result

    What Mr. Middlebrook did for me is unheard of! He got numerous charges dropped, and a 3rd DUI reduced down to a wet/reckless. I am much more than satisfied with these results having blown a .15. I would definitely recommend Mr Middlebrook as THE best DUI attorney I've ever dealt with, and that is saying a lot. Thank you Mr. Middlebrook!!

    Richard Orville Middlebrook’s response: “Drew, thank you for your kind words. Our whole team works tirelessly to obtain the best results possible. Using the facts and science involved in each case makes that possible. There is no substitute for the time we put into our cases. We can't find a way to shortcut it and we don't want to. Thanks for sticking with us for the year long battle. I'm truly grateful you took the time to share your thoughts.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI client

    DUI and his last Divorce Case CLOSED with good results!

    In 2009 I got a DUI and it was my second offense. At the time, I was going through a divorce. With hesitation on Mr. Middlebrook's part because he no longer handle divorces he took on my case. I was so afraid of losing my children at that time. My ex was dating a legal secretary and she was "out to get me". Poor Mr. Middlebrook's office was inundated with faxes and emails from this other attorney's office. They were making me out to be a horrible drunken mother who didn't deserve custody of her 3 children. Mr. Middlebrook's office was able to close the door on both of my cases. I never served time in jail, I had to do work release, and 3yrs court probation. I made friends at work release and were still friends on Facebook LOL. We all went on with our lives and for the most part it seems we took what was a devastating situation and made it a good lesson. I was granted primary custody of my children regardless of my DUI. Within an 8 month period Richard Middlebrook successfully handled my DUI and my Divorce! Furthermore, I know some people quite well who work closely with the DA and I have been told Middlebrook is the "Best" in a courtroom and they don't want to go up against him. I am very glad I retained Mr. Middlebrook. He is not the most inexpensive but he knows what he is doing and DUI can change your life. Word of advice for those of you that may have just gotten a DUI. It's not the end of the world. Losing your license like I did for a year was a good thing. I saved on car maintenance, insurance, I rode my bike, I jogged, and I got into shape. I realized that driving IS a privilege and you can find alternative ways to get around. I stayed home with my children and made the most of my lack of transportation. Drinking and driving is NOT worth it I can "walk" or I can call a cab. Put Yellow Cab in your phone and keep it there. Keep $40 in your pantry so if you do have to call you have cash when you get home. Small changes can really make a big difference. Thanks Richard for helping me so much and not making me feel worthless. Your the Best! You know who this is don't you?

    Richard Orville Middlebrook’s response: “Of course I do...Thank you so much for the kind words. After not doing a divorce case in nearly a decade, I wasn't thrilled to do another. But sometimes its imperative that all the loose strings remain in the same hand. I am grateful for the trust you put in me and my staff. I'm even more grateful that your case was my last family law matter I ever had to work on. Hahaha.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Wes

    Outstanding attorney! I couldn't be more pleased with Middlebrook & Brehmer LLP!

    I was charged with a DUI even though my BAC was 0.07% (under the legal limit of 0.08%). I was driving perfectly when I was pulled over. The only reason I was stopped was because my registration tags were expired. I was alert and coherent. I did well on the field sobriety tests which I doubt anyone can perform perfectly. I did not commit nor was I charged with any act of aggression against another person or another person's property. What crime had I committed? Nonetheless, the D.A. office was not going to dismiss the charge. The best they would do was offer a wet reckless (still a DUI with a slightly lower fine, still a misdemeanor) after I plead not guilty at my arraignment. I realized I had to find an attorney who could help me. I want to go into a career field that would frown upon and probably not even consider me if I had a misdemeanor. Richard Middlebrook was able to get the D.A. to reduce my charge to a drunk in public infraction with a minuscule fine (less than what many traffic fines would cost). That was all without going to trial which we were going to do! In fact, after retaining representation from Richard Middlebrook, I did not have to even set foot in the courtroom once. Richard Middlebrook's reputation as an outstanding DUI attorney is second to none so I have no doubt I would have been acquitted of all charges if the case had gone to trial given the particulars of my case. The result was no DUI fines, no classes, no raised auto insurance rates, no probation, and no misdemeanor on my record; not even a point on my DMV record since the drunk in public is not a traffic violation. I am glad I did not have to go to trial (though I have to admit I was looking forward to watching Mr. Middlebrook in action in the court room if trial had been necessary). :)
    We all have unique gifts and callings in life. Some of us are gifted to be musicians, athletes, writers, teachers, tradesmen, small business owners, dentists, et al. Mr. Middlebrook is clearly gifted and called to be an attorney. He is great at what he does (just look at all of the court cases he has won) , has an encyclopedic knowledge of the legal system, and clearly enjoys what he does. We have all been around people in life where we watch what they do and say "that person was born to do that!" I also must point out he has an excellent staff working for him at the office of Middlebrook & Brehmer LLP. They are accessible and truly care about your case. If you are ever charged with a DUI in Kern County, I highly recommend you seek legal representation from Richard Middlebrook.

    Richard Orville Middlebrook’s response: “Wes, thank you for this! I couldn't have been more proud to represent you and fight this battle. Thank you for trusting us.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob

    Amazing DUI defense

    In June of 2013, I was arrested for DUI. I retained an inexperienced lawyer (not Richard Middlebrook) that just wanted to collect a few thousand dollars and plead me out to first offense DUI. It was clearly evident during the DMV hearing I made a serious error in the attorney I went the cheap route with. I spent over thirty years in statewide law enforcement and retired as a Chief. I recognized flaws in my case and wanted someone who not only believed in me, but was willing to aggressively attack the prosecution's case. Mr. Middlebrook and his outstanding staff did just that. From the first day I retained the Law Office Of Middlebrook and Brehmer, LLP, I was able to track my case and get questions answered every step of the way via their outstanding. MyCase personal case email system. It was quite evident that they go beyond normal attorney client communication and recognize the impact DUI charges have on a client's life. They get it!!! My case was unique in that the blood test results of .18 were not the issue. The act of driving was the area of attack. Even though there were conflicting witnesses as to driving, police report errors and police car audio/video; Mr. Middlebrook aggressively attacked the flaws and supported the facts for defense. The prosecution took the case to trial and could not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. My faith in Mr. Middlebrook kept an arrest for DUI from becoming a conviction for DUI and all that goes with that. Think twice before you go to just any attorney for a DUI case.
    If you are like me and feel the trauma and fear of the unknown about a DUI arrest then choose wisely. The police and the prosecutor are not on your side. Take it from me a person who spent 30 years enforcing DUI laws, the Law Office Of Middlebrook and Brehmer will always be on your side and provide the best defense possible from the DMV hearing to trial...

    Richard Orville Middlebrook’s response: “Truly one of the best experiences with a client and a trial I ever had. I'm so proud of the result and the friendship that we share now as a result of doing battle. You are a true gentleman and I'm so thankful you took the time to share your story here.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Made a horrible situation into a promising future...

    My case was not just a typical "pulled-over" DUI, but one where another person was injured in a vehicular collision. I was initially facing prison time, but Mr. Middlebrook's persistence to the D.A. (in a community with seemingly increasing harsh DUI penalties) led my charges to be dropped to custody time very minimal relative to the original offense (and county instead of prison - a HUGE plus), to which I took a plea bargain. Because Mr. Middlebrook minimized my consequences, my wife and I now have the opportunity to get back on our feet and build our lives back. It's always difficult to rebuild financially after anything like this, however the possibility to rebuild is greater when one ISN'T in custody.

    Even the smallest details of Mr. Middlebrook seemed to go a long way in the court room. One major thing that stood out to me was his mere presence. When he walked down the hallway, he exhibited a perfect balance of confidence without seeming arrogant, which I'm sure would've gone a long way towards the jury if my case had gone to trial. This is by no means the only positive quality of him. He seems to have a profound understanding of not just presenting the case, but doing so in a way that would affect the psyche of the listeners, which is half the battle I'm sure. His knowledge and continuing self-education on the subject of DUI's are what places him among an elite group in attorneys.

    My family and I would like to thank Mr. Middlebrook for all he did to greatly lessen the reality of facing DUI-related consequences.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Elizabeth

    Great Firm, Amazing Lawyer!

    After being pulled over for a DUI in Bakersfield I looked for the best of the best to try to help me win my case. I found Mr. Middlbrook and it was the best decision I have ever made. From the get go he was always very informative and didn't sugar coat anything. He wanted me and my family to understand where he was coming from but also where the other side (the DA and his case) would come from. The women who work at his office were always extremely helpful and understanding of my situation which was a breath of fresh air. The ladies and Mr. Middlebrook were always posting information on the mycase website letting us know, up to the minute, what was going on. Mr. Middlebrook is the best lawyer I have could have ever chosen. He is someone who is extremely thorough and always keeps you in the loop. I would recommend him and his firm to take on ANY DUI case you have because he is the best out there. If you want things done right and the best representation in court I would without hesitation or a doubt in my mind say HIRE MR. MIDDLEBROOK. You won't be disappointed!

    Richard Orville Middlebrook’s response: “Elizabeth, thank you so much for your kind words. I made sure each of the team saw your comments and all were very grateful. I'm so happy that this matter can be put to bed and you can move on with your life without the serious impediments these charges can bring. I couldn't be happier with the resolution. Thank you for trusting us with such important decisions in your life and I'm glad we proved to be the "right" decision for you.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by JR

    Amazing Lawyer, Best in Trial

    This space is not big enough to write all the positive comments about Richard Middlebrook and his staff. I received a DUI over a year ago, .17/.18. I immediately called Richard and he won the DMV hearing which saved my license and my career. After a year of negotiating with the DA, they were not willing to negotiate with us and unfortunately we had to go all the way to trial. Richard was a bulldog. He fought my case as if it was his record on the line. His tenacity, ability to collect and analyze the facts, and his command of the courtroom ultimately led to a not guilty verdict on all counts. I can not begin to express my appreciation as he saved my career. If you are ever in need of a top notch lawyer who will take your case seriously and fight with everything he's got, Richard Middlebrook and his firm are the folks to hire. Thank you again for everything you have done on my behalf throughout this past year and a half!!!

    Richard Orville Middlebrook’s response: “James, thank you so much! One of my proudest moments was standing by your side as the verdict was read. My only regret is we won't have reasons to chat as much! I wish you and your family all the luck in the world.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Yesenia


    On May 2013 I was convicted of a DUI. I went about asking my sister for advice and was given a name of an attorney in which for many weeks was very hard to get in touch with. As my court date grew closer I became worried that I would not get the legal representation that I needed. Three days before my court date I asked a colleague if she knew anyone that would be willing to take on my case at a short notice. Later the next the day I was put in contact with Middlebrook & Brehmer where they immediately agreed to handle the situation, I felt I was in good hands. They carefully explained the process to me and I felt that they genuinely cared about my case unlike the previous attorney. In the end their representation got all my charges dropped. I would highly recommend this legal team.

    Richard Orville Middlebrook’s response: “Yesenia, thank you so much for the glowing review. We are so proud of our whole team. I will pass along your kind words. Best of luck in all your future endeavors!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Luke

    Fantastic Outcome!

    Counselor Middlebrook helped me so much! I was accused of a high-alcohol dui and he was able to really investigate my case and the circumstances surrounding it. He was able to find areas in my case I was unaware of and evidence which supported me. In the end I was able to settle for a non-vehicular charge and never lost my license or did any jail time. I'm a licensed professional and could've lost my job and career if convicted of original charges. Hiring Mr. Middlebrook was the best choice I made following my arrest I highly recommend him.

    Richard Orville Middlebrook’s response: “Luke, thank you so much for the kind and heartfelt comments. The whole firm is dedicated to making the process as painless and simple as possible. We are so proud of the results in your case and we could not be happier that you are just as pleased.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pat

    well done

    He was well prepared and thorough. We felt very well represented, and confidence in his ability to help us