Felony Criminal Defense- Client not guilty on all 9 charges

Jon Mitchell Jackson

Case Conclusion Date:November 2, 2007

Practice Area:Criminal Defense

Outcome:Felony Criminal Defense- Client not guilty

Description:Felony Criminal Defense- Client not guilty Client criminally charged with nine felonies he didn't commit- We provided a criminal defense to a world class surfer and surfing professional who was accused of nine felony counts. If found guilty, he was looking at a mandatory sentence of 3-12 years in state prison, a strike and registration as a sex offender. The District Attorney's office did not make any acceptable settlement offers and we were forced to defend our client at trial. After a one week trial, the jury came back with a verdict of "not guilty" on all nine charges. After the trial, several of the jurors were in tears and asked, "why did they charge our wonderful client with these horrible crimes?"