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Wong v. Wong

Case Conclusion Date: 08.24.2012

Practice Area: Landlord & Tenant

Outcome: Landlord lost--tenant's rent remains at $100 per month.

Description: The tenant was an elderly woman living in an apartment building originally owned by her father in law. Her rent started at $80.00 and was raised to $100 in the 1980s. She stopped paying rent while her husband managed the building. When he died, his evil brother tried to evict her, even though the apartment was rent-controlled, on the theory that she could be evicted because she never paid rent (although he knew that she had in the past). The tenant's family found some rent ledgers from the 1990s that showed that she had paid rent in the past. Evil brother-in-law claimed that they were forged, and it was difficult to prove they were authentic because the person who wrote the ledgers passed away.

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