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Gatlin v. Oasis C&D Incorporated

Case Conclusion Date: 01.23.2009

Practice Area: Landlord & Tenant

Outcome: Verdict for plaintiffs in excess of $100,000.

Description: Plaintiffs' landlord Dellita Johnson tried several times to evict the plaintiffs under various false pretenses. The landlord had created an illegal unit by splitting one of the plaintiffs' units into two units. After she was ordered by the Department of Building & Safety to restore plaintiffs' units to one unit, and pay relocation fees, she told the plaintiffs that she was going to fumigate the units. She sent the plaintiffs to a motel. Then she tented the units, destroyed the interiors of both units, and stole all plaintiffs' belongings. After a bench trial before Judge Michael I Stern, the Court found in favor of the plaintiffs making a total award of over $100,000.00.

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