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Imad Younan Elias

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Monica

    Hired Attorney

    Simply The Best .........

    Employment law attorneys representing clients who have been wrongfully terminated are plentiful in the state of california. Choosing one can be a daunting task. For those of us who find ourselves in the position of having to fight big corporations, small companies and/or individuals it can be an overwhelming situation that most would rather avoid. I found myself in that exact position working for a corporation that routinely fired people with work injuries and/or disabilities. They are a huge branded corporation well known and well respected in their industry and I did not imagine that I would be able to prove that they had done anything wrong. Not only did I need an attorney who was smart and capable, but I needed an attorney who was use to winning against a firm considered to be one of the best. I was fortunate in crossing paths with Imad Elias (of Mann Elias) as he was able to navigate a legal maze that would send most attorneys down a costly road with no end in sight. Imad Elias is not only brilliant but he is dangerously strategic. Law suits can be incredibly stressful and without the representation I was afforded by having him take my case - i know i would have been part of a statistic that could potentially leave clients emotionally and financially bruised. I was in great hands and slept well knowing I had the brightest most capable attorney going against one of the largest most powerful firms in employment law. He was victorious every step of the way. He forced their hand legally They had to hire me back. They had to pay damages. And the details of the settlement (typically bound in a confidentiality agreement) were also part of an agreement that I do not have to keep secret. I got "everything" i wanted! The day to day process of gathering information, organizing facts and detailing events was also made easy by an equally supportive and capable staff. Most of us don't imagine finding ourselves in need of legal counsel - but should you - Imad Elias is one of the brightest most capable minds in law.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    Imad is superb (and very cool)

    I had a situation with a former employer. After 14+ years I was let go. The severance they offered was not generous or even fair, actually painfully so. I wasn't really sure what I could do. It really wasn't so much about litigation but respect and dignity (important to an individual but not legal grounds!).

    After doing a search I reached out to several LA labor law firms by phone and through the email portals at their websites. With my limited vocabulary I explained the situation as best as I could. Non of the firms, even the ones that I got on the phone (they encouraged me to use their email portals!), got back to me, ever.

    With Imad I had left a voicemail. A day later and after hours I received a call from him. He'd been out sick for a week with a terrible flu and sounded awful still. But he patiently listened, was very honest and gave me hard advice. He didn't represent me right of the bat based on what he heard about my case. But he remained available to me and after a couple of days and emails he was willing to represent me even though there was not any overt evidence of discrimination, etc. With a couple of letters and calls Imad was able to negotiate a much fairer severance package for me. It was that quick; that's what you get with someone who really listens, is honest, makes no big promises, doesn't jump the gun, and on and on. He ascertained from the reality of the situation what was possible and then used his knowledge and skill to create an amiable negotiation and settlement. AND WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT BIG DOLLARS HERE! I WOULD GIVE HIM 10 STARS, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by GUSTAVO

    Imad Elias is the attorney who should represent you. I say this enthusiastically and unequivocally.

    Imad Elias is an amazing attorney- someone I turn to for advice and someone you can trust to look out for YOUR interests 100%. Imad represented my wrongful termination case and handled the entire process wonderfully and professionally. I always felt he gave me many options and his best recommendation. He was professional in his dealings with his client and opposing counsel throughout and the case did which ultimately settled in my favor. I would feel very comfortable recommending him in the future.

    1. He always answers his phone or is always prompt on returning phone calls.
    2. He is very personable and showed genuine concern in my case.
    3. He is relatable. You never feel like he's above you... it's like hiring a good friend.
    4. He has an amazing team that is just as personal and helpful (Thanks Scott and Caroline).
    5. And He has a GREAT track record! Go to his website and see what he's done for others.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Sexual Harassment client

    Jennifer M

    I was pleased with the professional atmosphere of his work ethics. He has a very admirable record of experience under his belt and seeks the best possible solution for his clients.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by CJ

    Genuine Relations

    Imad helped me through a 3 yr legal battle, all the while he was honest, diligent and professional. What I appreciated the most was his genuine concern for the wellbeing of my family. I was not just a case, I was a client, and his personability made him extremely easy to work with even though we never met in person.