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Jessica M Cotter

Jessica Cotter’s client reviews

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  • Jessica's approach is exactly what my (and probably your) case needed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Jessica is an excellent attorney. I was involved in an extremely high conflict custody dispute that went all the way to a final hearing. Jessica made sure all my concerns were addressed and intelligently argued my case. I was thrilled with the final ruling in my case and feel Jessica's approach played a crucial part in obtaining that ruling.

    Conversely, my ex's attorney was extremely aggressive and unprofessional, sending an endless barrage of letters that contained empty threats and baseless demands. Jessica only responded to what was necessary and did not inflate my bill with hours spent on needless bickering.

    In the end, I was awarded 50/50 parenting time and joint custody (considering I'm a man, I am very grateful for that decision). While an attorney can't change the facts of a custody case, they can make sure the proper facts are presented to the court, diligently challenge and disprove false allegations/forged evidence, and (as much as folks in high conflict disputes hate to hear this) talk down their clients in moments of frustration so as to not exasperate the situation.

    Like anyone who feels their parenting rights (and even basic human rights) are being violated by an ex hiding behind his or her attorney, at times I wanted to fight "fire with fire" and retaliate aggressively to allegations and demands I knew to be false, unfair, and completely inappropriate. Jessica wisely reminded me of the bigger picture and, more importantly, the impact increased conflict might have on my child.

    In retrospect, this approach was absolutely the right decision in my case and, as cliche as it might sound, in the end "justice was served." If you want to get back at your ex by paying an attorney to be your arm of harassment, then I'd recommend someone else. If, however, you care about your child's future and want an attorney who is going to present a very convincing argument on your behalf, I could not recommend Jessica more highly.

    Once the dust settles, and your custody/divorce dispute is over, you'll come to realize the only two things that really matter are 1.) what the court decides in the final ruling, and 2.) how much it cost you. Based on those two criteria Jessica is one the best attorneys I had the pleasure of retaining (and I've retained half a dozen, in several states regarding my case). She helped me win a decision I feel is fair and best for my daughter and she billed me in an extremely ethically manner.

    I will always be grateful to Jessica and I know when my child is old enough to appreciate having her father in her life, she will also be thankful of the amazing work Jessica did for our family.

    Highly recommended!

  • Highly Recommend, don't waste time/money with any other lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shkir

    I found Jessica Cotter after being milked for thousands by a previous attorney for my Child Custody case.

    I was angry at lawyers when I walked into her office, but I knew I needed a new one to go forward. I walked into the office for my meeting with Jessica very skeptical, expecting to be fed lines of BS and asked for an outrageous amount of money.

    Boy, was I in for a shock! The staff was friendly from the beginning. Jessica came in, met with me and was very straight and to the point. She talked to me in a language I understood: No bullish!t, just the facts and no promises. She is a straight shooter. If you can't handle someone telling you like it is and not coddling you, then she is not the attorney for you.

    If you like the truth, realistic view of your case with the experience of working in the courts in several capacities, then this is your lawyer!

    Not only did she put me at ease with her demeanor, she has backed it up so far too. My case is still ongoing, but so far her and her staff have been amazing and very responsive. She won't tell you what you want to hear, she'll tell you the reality and what she'll do to get the best outcome for you.

    She comes to court prepared! I could only laugh in court as the other party's lawyer was unprepared and uninformed, but Jessica knew my case every way possible!

    Worried about her per hour billing? She has been cheaper the 8 weeks I've retained her, then the previous 'Flat fee' attorney that I hired before charged me in 3 weeks. Her office does not nickel-n-dime you. They use common sense in the billings, even not charging you for mistakes on their end that create extra communication back-n-forth to get documents correct for court.

    I HIGHLY recommend Jessica Cotter and her staff. Having to go through a stressful child custody situation with a knowledgable, friendly, straight shooter like Jessica has been stress relieving beyond measure!

    Jessica and staff: THANK YOU!

  • Unsatisfied client

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I have never been so embarrassed by such an unprofessional , unladylike attorney in all my years. Ms. Cotter does not have the decency to corporate with anyone as an adult . Dealing with custody is already a difficult situation . Her demeanor does not make matters better. In fact, I would say that due to her lack of continuity and follow through she made matters much worse. And there is a price tag to show for it. I will never recommend Ms. Cotter even to my worst enemy.

    Jessica M Cotter’s response: “I sincerely apologize for your impression of the services provided by my office and me. It is our intent to be sensitive to each of our clients as individuals, and to concentrate on their issues. As it appears from your comment that it is more than three years since we represented you please be aware of improved procedures put in place over time. These procedures include assigning a specific legal assistant to each matter, to assure continuity in communication with clients, and that each aspect of an individual matter receives the attention it deserves. Again I offer my personal apology that you had a negative experience with the firm.”
  • No nonsense.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica L.

    Jessica is a straight-shooter and a total professional. She's honest, highly competent and I would recommend her to anyone needing legal services. The rest of her staff are also friendly and professional.

  • Jessica Cotter - Excellent Attorney - Excellent Team

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    It’s one thing to be right, to know you’re right. It’s another to actually prove it in court and make the judge believe you. Jessica did just that. Because of her efforts in court I was vindicated. And on a personal note this vindication has actually helped restore relationships in my life. Relationships I thought were severed forever.

    I appreciated Jessica’s ability to hear my side, believe it and prove it. Hopefully I’m never be put in that position again but if I were, I would not hesitate calling on Jessica and her team for help again.

  • Can't Go Wrong With This Laywer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    Jessica is a true professional and she will fight for you in the court room. She will analyze your case and give you the best advice on how she think she can best represent you in court. I provided her with calendars, documentaions from schools, doctors, emails, etc. I worked hard to provide the essential documents in order for Jessica to be successful. She used the information in a manner which kept the other side on the defense. She will give you straight talk and not a bunch of nonsense so that you will become a client. Her entire staff is professional, helpful, and makes the process a smooth as possible. Since I have hired Jessica, we have been successful on two seperate court hearings. I gained additional time with my daughter each time, gained 50% legal custody, three weekends in a month, child support reduced twice, and the other party found in contempt. I would not think of hiring anyone else other than Jessica. If you are looking for a good lawyer to represent you in court, don't hesitate to give Jessica's office a call.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Jessica was very eager to take on our case, told us "YES YES YES" to just about everything we wanted. We had great evidence to back us up too. Once she got our $5000 retainer, she waited till the last minute to process everything and eventually it was like pulling teeth to get her to fight for us. She got our money waited till the last minute, then gave up because we didn't want to pay her any more. We paid her almost $7000, to gain nothing for our children. She had us process some documents, charged us to retype them, then she never submitted them to the courts. Made us look very bad! She will nickel and dime you for everything. It's $30 dollars just to READ an email. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND JESSICA. We found her online because we were in a hurry and her reviews seemed ok. DON"T BE FOOLED! Go with a lawyer who will help you for one lump sum, no matter what happens! Above all you can be certain, the only ones that win in court are the LAWYERS!

  • Saving My Daughter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heather

    Jessica Cotter and her awesome team worked very hard to protect my child. Custody cases are challenging. I was made aware of that the day I went into Jessica's office desperate and broken. However, Jessica and her staff put in long hours and made outstanding efforts to save my daughter. Jessica knows the law and is very honest. She and her staff are also supportive and compassionate. She made it possible for me to face a giant and to continue moving forward. I am grateful for all that Jessica and her staff have done!

  • An excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I found Jessica to be very knowledgable and competent while helping me navigate through the ins and outs of my divorce. She was very thorough and straightforward, but what I liked best about her was that she was very caring about what was best for the children. I recommend her whenever the opportunity arises.

  • Jessica is the best!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alice

    I have retained the services of Jessica Cotter for more than 3 years. She is helping with a matter with my ex-husband. She is patient, knowledgeable and caring. She made calls to substantiate my claims against my ex, even calling the Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Office to be sure I could still make my claim. I am attempting to claim my share of his military retirement which was omitted from our divorce decree in 1981. We have had to undergo motions for dismissal from my ex and an appeal, which was ruled in our favor. Whenever I call the office, her staff is friendly, open and caring. I have more than adequate notice of court dates, receive copies of all court papers and if I have questions or problems, she and her staff work with me to help answer the questions or settle the problem. She is an exceptionally bright young lawyer on the rise and I have every faith and trust in her and her ability. While I was undergoing cancer treatment in 2009, she called regularly to see how I was doing and was just as thrilled as I was when I was declared cancer free. Even after my case is finalized, I would call on Jessica for advice in any legal matter that arises. She is thorough in her research of cases and explains her procedures in clear, concise language. I have never had a moments doubt about her abilities and never will. When I first met Ms. Cotter, I wasn't even sure I had a case and she made phone calls right then to insure I had grounds for my claim before I even signed any paperwork to retain her. She did not want to give me false hope in case I had no legal standing in the matter. She is fair and open minded and I am very happy with her services and appreciate her patience with me when I stumble over understanding some legal jargon. I have no idea when my case may be finalized, my ex is putting up quite a fight but I trust Jessica to the end and know she has only my best interests at heart.