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Davis v. Davis, DO2010-01440

Case Conclusion Date: 09.29.2010

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Divorce with sole custody, no visitation, child support ordered, relocation approved

Description: divorce with children - mother requested sole custody with no visitation rights to father as he had been incarcerated multiple times for not paying child support for child(ren) of an/other relationship(s) and had essentially abandoned the children by not providing for their financial needs whatsoever, even before he went to prison. (Also, the court ordered him to pay $25 per month since he did have a job at the Ohio prison where he was serving his time. Still, he has yet to pay a penny even since his release from custody and return to Arizona to live with his mother, claiming he cannot find a job.) Mother was allowed to relocate with the children to New York state where the majority of her family and friends were living, because father never submitted any objection to her statutory notice tht was timely provided in anticipation of the move.

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