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Blakely Ian Mohr

Blakely Mohr’s client reviews

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  • Mohr for Your Money

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachel

    Hired attorney

    Blakely hit the door running with my case. From my interview with him on Day 1 until my Exit Interview on the last day, he was always passionate about issues concerning my case. I will definitely hire him again if I need a lawyer in the future. The saying, "Mohr Law, Less Bull" is the absolute truth with Blakely.

  • An Honorable man and Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ron Long

    We had the honor of working with one of the finest Attorneys that I have ever seen (in both the public and private sector). Defense Attorney Blakley Mohr and Investigator Ron Long had been working a Felony case for nearly 2 years for the Defendant.

    Attorney Blakely Mohr presented the Defense case to the Jury for 2 full weeks and presented it to the Jury last Friday. The Jury deliberated for several hours, but came to an "impass". The Judge ordered the Jury to return on Monday to continue to deliberate.

    The Jury finally came back with a decision that resulted in probation for the Defendant, who was facing at least 15 years in Prison !!

    Mr. Mohr did a fabulous job the Defense could not have been better. Mr. Mohr cross examined the Co-Defendant, who had made a plea deal with the State for a VERY LIGHT sentence, and the Police Department for several days. The cross examination was very professional, yet brought to light several very important issues that helped to support the Defense case.

    Mr. Mohr was a "Court Appointed" Attorney on this case. At no time did Mr. Mohr treat this case any different than he would a $100,000 retained case. Infact, I witnessed an Attorney that could give several high-profile Attorneys a run for their money.

    It sure is an HONOR to work with people that BELIEVE in the system and in the OATH that they took when they entered their chosen field. To Mr. Mohr, EACH and EVERY client is the MOST IMPORTANT client. He will vigorously defend each client as if it were a million dollar client, Court Appointed or not.

    Don't EVER THINK that you can't get a good defense from a COURT APPOINTED Attorney!!! With Attorneys like Blakely MOHR you will get the best defense PERIOD.

    Mr. Mohr is a credit to the profession and to the Justice System. Thanks Blakely for being the fighter you are. It brings confidence back to many that may have lost their confidence in Court Appointed Attorneys.

  • Mohr is aggressive, thorough and dedicated to his clients

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I cannot recommend Mr. Mohr enough as a DWI defense attorney. There honestly isn't a thing I wish he'd done differently in representing me.

    He explained my situation in detail and told me what to expect. He pursued every angle of my defense with the same high level of diligence and aggression up through prep for trial. He presented all my options to me, discussed the possible outcomes and explained how each might affect my freedoms, finances and criminal record. He asked what was most important to me and developed my defense with those things in mind.

    He negotiated extensively with the prosecution and gave what I thought was a very thorough but concise argument on my behalf to the Judge. The Judge granted what we asked for, the minimum possible sentence (1 day jail time served).

    Also, to address the earlier review that was upset about calls not being returned: When I first hired him, it was sometimes hard to get a fast response from Mr. Mohr. He does get back to you, and sometimes it helped to just shoot him an e-mail. He's often very busy but he never left me in a lurch.

  • Mr Mohr

    4.0 stars

    Posted by RICARDO

    Mr Mohr helped me with 3 major tickets without his help I would've lost my CDL license and job. I still can't thank him enough for the great job he did.

  • Up and coming

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Attorney Mohr can be viewed as one of San Antonio's best. He has proven to be knowlegeable and trustworthy. I really appreciated his hardwork and thoughtfulness when it came to the concerns of my son. Because of Attorney Mohr my sons case was dismissed and I am forever grateful.

  • You want this guy in your corner!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerrald

    I was lucky enough to find Blakely via a referral and he has done a fantastic job thus far! Hard worker and straight to the point! Do not think twice about it you will not be disappointed.

  • Excellent Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ronph

    I am a client of Mr. Mohr, I retained him for a DWI charge. Mr. Mohr is an excellent Counselor at Law! He was very knowledgeable and did all he could to make sure my case had the best possible outcome. He was easy to talk to and answered any questions I had during the duration of my court case and even now after my case has ended. I was very satisfied with Mr. Mohr as my attorney.

  • Wonderful Advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jan

    Such an honorable and knowledgeable Lawyer. In the courtroom I was extremely glad that he was my advocate.
    He explained everything to me in a manner that was understandable. He made sure that I understood the ramifications of my choices, but when I made a choice he was behind me and fought for it vigorously.
    And always a positive person.

  • Very professional and fast results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ham0423

    This guy is great! I had been working with a different lawyer for a traffic citation to no avail. Mr Mohr completed my case in only a couple days even with his birthday occurring during that time. He is average or a bit higher priced but gets it done fast which makes him well worth it. He is very personable as well.

  • Outstanding

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Johnny

    He was very helpful and very informative to me about my case and also listened to me, I had very high hopes for this attorney and he delivered on all aspects of my case.