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Joseph Carmen Patituce

Joseph Patituce’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    Hired Attorney

    Patituce saved me from felony charges

    I was charged with a very serious life altering charge. I met someone at the bar and after a few dates we became romantic. At some point she wanted to go back to her ex boyfriend and when he found out about me it suddenly became a violation.

    I went with an "older" attorney first. He told me to take a deal, to a felony. I would have "only have to do a few years" in prison. I was horrified.

    I hired Patituce. He handled my case personally, responded to me as late as 10pm on weekends. I was probably one of the more obnoxious clients that he had but I was really scared.

    Because of Joe I am a free man, no felonies, and the truth came out. I never hurt anyone.

  • 3.0 stars

    Posted by Dave

    Hired Attorney

    My son's felony was reduced to a misdemeanor

    Joe handled my son's case very well and was able to get the case to a point where the prosecution offered a misdemeanor option which my son took. I am very grateful to Joe for getting us to that point. Unfortunately, the follow up following that case was 0. We found out some of the problems of agreeing to a misdemeanor (records on file for employers to see the felony charge) and wanted to discuss it with Joe, but he has never responded to multiple attempts to discuss this matter with him. The person who answers the phone at his office always says that she will pass on the information to Joe, and he will get back to me, but he never does. During the case, at one point, I had to write a scathing E-mail to him directly to get him to respond. I did not want to do that, but he kept ignoring my phone call messages and E-mails despite the fact that I paid him a considerable amount of money to represent my son. If he would have just been more attentive to the few questions I have had after the case, I would have given him a 5 but obviously once the case is over, you are none of his concern anymore.

    Joseph Carmen Patituce’s response: “I appreciate all comments and feedback. The results I, and my team, deliver for my clients is of the highest importance for me. I believe that it is important to have an open, honest, and consistent dialogue between a client and our office. In this case the client, a young man, was charged with raping a young woman. Without revealing the client's name (as it is not fair to him) or anything that could possibly identify him, it is important to know that he faced over 10 years in prison. Further complicating this case is the fact that he -admitted- to the actual act. As a result of our efforts, not just mine but my entire team's, we were able to have all of the felonies (including the rape) thrown out. The client, this reviewer's son, was very happy with the outcome.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Meghan

    Professional attorney for professionals

    I work in the pharmaceutical industry and this requires that I travel. I took a prospective client of my own out for dinner and at that dinner I had one single drink.

    A trooper stopped me immediately upon leaving dinner and claimed that I failed to stop at a stop sign (there was no stop sign). He then claimed that I failed all of my field tests. I was completely distraught, embarrassed, and worried about my future.

    I hired Mr. Patituce to defend me. He was professional, did not make jokes about my situation (as some other attorneys did). He was clearly respected by the judge and prosecutor. Most importantly when he obtained the dash camera video he showed the judge that the trooper had lied about everything!

    My charges were dismissed. I owe Mr. Patituce everything.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by R.Z

    Patituce & Associates saved me from spending 200+ months in federal prison

    I was charged with a federal offense that started with a mandatory minimum of five years in federal prison but really called for a sentence of over 200 months. My first attorney tried to get me to take a plea that would have sent me to prison for a period of 151 to 180 months.

    I wish I had done my research first. Joe saved my life. He cost more than my first attorney but that was money well spent. He knew what he was doing, his team was effective. Any time I called Joe with a question I got a call back within an hour... even on the weekends.

    I highly recommend him, he saved my life

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Patituce and his team helped me avoid a DUI conviction.

    Mr. Patituce and his team helped me put a mistake behind me. I had met some friends for dinner and left after a couple of drinks. I did not realize that I had more than I should until I got on the road. I was stopped, literally, a block from my house. I could see my driveway!

    I did not do my research before hiring Mr. Patituce and actually had hired someone else. This other attorney told me that I had no choice, and no hope, of seeing any type of reduction. As a nurse I could not afford a DUI unless there was really no choice.

    Mr. Patituce took the time to talk to me even though he was out of the office and with his family. Everything we discussed came true - he looked at the evidence, was able to identify errors that the trooper made, and argued to the prosecutor that the case should be reduced. Mr. Patituce cost more than my first attorney, but it was money well spent.

    The only mistake I made (aside from drinking too much) was not hiring Mr. Patituce in the first place. He and his teamed saved my career.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joshua

    Best Choice I Could Have Made!!!

    As a Canadian citizen I was horrified when I faced federal charges. I called my family attorney to see if he could help but he did not practice in the area. He recommended me to Joe Patituce and his law firm. I found them to be highly organized, highly skilled, and caring about my case. Unlike a lot of people who often complain about being setup, or the cops just picking on them, I was in the wrong. Joe helped find a unique solution that was acceptable to the district attorney and the judge - this allowed me to continue to travel for business without worry that I would get stopped at the border.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Courtney

    Joe saved me from a serious criminal offense, THANK YOU!

    I spoke to several different attorneys before hiring Joe. He took my call on the weekend and took the time to answer my questions. He quoted me a flat fee, which was different than what some others had wanted. He was not cheap, but he was not super expensive either. He was well worth the money.

    His team was also highly skilled, he has a great team of people that helped me. I cant thank him enough.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachel

    Mr. Patituce and his team care

    Mr. Patituce and his team took my case on. I first did what a lot of people looking here probably did. I looked through reviews, I stressed out about the decision on who to call, and then I called a couple of attorneys. I even called one attorney who my family recommended. To my detriment I first went with the "family attorney" and the results were almost a disaster. I had initially called Mr. Patituce for help but I felt pressured by my family to go another direction - after all the family attorney said I would be fine. Mr. Patituce was no pressure, he did not get upset, and simply wished me well.

    Mercifully, when I realized that my "family attorney" was in over their head I spoke to Mr. Patituce and he still took my case on. He showed up at the next court date, smoothed things over, and then went to work on my case. He fixed the problems caused by my first attorney and he never once held it against me. He was a true professional.

    I am glad I called him, and I am so very thankful he still took my case on.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Shelly

    We owe him everything

    I hired Mr. Patituce to defend me on federal charges. I initially hired an attorney who talked a good game but in the end did nothing for me.

    Mr. Patituce took the case over, communicated with me, and aggressively defended me. He did not judge me, but instead protected me.

    In the end my case worked out great. I owe him everything, my family owes him everything.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan

    Trusted, Aggressive, and helpful

    Mr. Patituce worked very hard on my case. He talked me through all of my options, never blew smoke up my rear, and in the end he did everything he could. I made some mistakes, but instead of being convicted of felony charges I plead to a misdemeanor and walked out of court with a small fine. Instead of going to prison for decades, Im free and my case will be sealed in a year. Thank you.