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State v. N.B.

Case Conclusion Date: 05.21.2008

Practice Area: Criminal Defense


Description: My client got into a verbal and physical altercation with her ex-husband. During that argument, my client suffered injuries as a result of her ex-husband's physical actions towards her. In defense, my client fought back and struck her ex-husband in the face, causing damage to his orbital bone. When officers arrived, my client attempted to cover for her ex-husband to prevent officers from arresting him; however, her ex-husband did the opposite and claimed that my client was the aggressor and that he never battered her. Subsequently, the officers arrested my client for domestic battery. Immediately after her arrest, my client's ex-husband attempted to take advantage of the situation and sought to have custody of their minor children shifted to him, using the arrest as the impetus. After being released from jail, my client went to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with having suffered a concussion as a result of her ex-husband's act of violence towards her. Thereafter, the State filed a charge of battery against my client. My client's case proceeded to a jury trial, where I argued that she acted in self-defense. The jury agreed and acquitted my client.

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