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Neil F. Lewis

Neil Lewis’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jewel

    Hired Attorney

    A really nice guy & knowledgeable attorney with a wonderful staff

    I hired Atty. Lewis to help with my Dad's permanent residency. It was a very pleasant experience, and I would use him again in a heartbeat. Will definitely recommend him to anyone I know needing immigration assistance. More than a 5 star attorney..... by far!

    Neil F. Lewis’s response: “Thank you for the nice review. My pleasure to help! Neil”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kim

    Genuine, dedicated and honest.

    I came to Me. Lewis in 2002 with no hope and on the verge of deportation. Mr. Lewis advised me that my case was a tough one but he was going to do his absolute best to keep me in this country and at that moment he had given me hope of staying with my family. He took my case personal and went above and beyond to help me and 8 years later I received my permanent green card. My hero, Mr. Lewis! Thank you to you and your collegues for helping me, I can now relax and enjoy life.

    Neil F. Lewis’s response: “It was our great pleasure to help! Thank you.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria

    Just Great

    Neil is awesome, I am late in my review but if it wasn't for Neil I have no idea what we would have done. We had a bad experience we a subpar lawyer before Neil, but after one meeting with Neil I had complete confidence.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Neil is the best!

    If you need an immigration lawyer, hire Neil. He does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. He simplified the whole process and it ran smooth as silk. 6 months after contacting Neil I took the oath of allegiance. Had I known Neil when I was going for my green card I wouldn't have had half the hassles. Thank you Neil you are a gentleman and a scholar!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Waleed

    Excellent lawyer

    I don't usually write reviews but today after I recevied my Oath Ceremony Notice in the mail, I felt that I had to write a review to a very good lawyer. I have a green card based on VAWA act after several years battle with USCIS because I didn't select well my very first lawyer
    Before I decided to file for my naturlization, I had to find a very good lawyer..
    Looked online a lot and read reviews and decided to have a consulation appointment with Mr. Neil Lewis will be my lawyer with all the postive reviews he has and years of experience.
    Met with Mr Neil Lewis and he listened carefully to the details of my case and I decided during the consultaion to hire him to start the process..
    The fees were very reasonable. Mr Neil handled the case well and everything went soo smooth, no issues at all.
    He prepared me for the naturalization English tests and civis very well and reviewedmy case before going to the interview.
    Passed the interview and today I got the Oath Ceremony Notice in the mail, I am so happy
    Thank you Mr Neil

    Neil F. Lewis’s response: “It was my great pleasure. Thank you for the kind review. : )”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Meade

    I don't do reviews

    But I have to share my experience if it helps someone make the best and smartest decision. My first, and hopefully last, experience having to hire an Attorney to resolve my mistakes with INS was not nearly what I expected. I expected sleazy, rude, over priced and just uncaring. The entire staff at Neil F Lewis' office was amazing, fantastic, and friendly plus every other positive description I could think of. After shopping around, it was clear that the price was reasonable, and after research, his experience was more than sufficient. He set expectations from the start which helped ease myself and my wife’s minds, a lot, which we needed more than anything. Ming Lin Esq. was phenomenal in providing support and prepping us for hearings and interviews whenever Mr. Lewis was not available. Viviana and Karina (sorry if I misspelled) were always eager to help when I called and didn't treat me like a client but as a friend which made me feel valued. I could write 2 more pages worth of compliments but I will keep it short. I cannot stress enough how easy Mr. Lewis' firm made this extremely stressful situation and I can say that I don't know where I would be without them.

    Neil F. Lewis’s response: “You were a pleasure to work with. That is a process that could have been totally scary! Ming, Viviana, Karina and I could not be happier with the results. One of the benefits of hiring me is that I usually know the answer to our request before we make it. : )”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Maria Carmen Frias

    My dreams into reality

    First of all i would like to thank God, my lawyer Neil F. Lewis, Ming JYH Lin, JR., and the whole staff who collaborated on my case. They did such an excellent job and made my dreams into reality for me. I have been with two other lawyers in the past, but couldn't resolve my case or give me hope. God puts the right people in our path, with that being said; one day a friend of mine told me that her and her family have their residencies all thanks to Niel F. Lewis. Thats when i decided to give myself another opportunity and to go visit him to explain my case. When i had my first visit with Niel, he made me feel secure and with trust; with a very professional looking office. I didn't want to get deported, because my dreams were to be part of the United States. Most of my family is here in the U.S. and my children were born here which i had to work hard to give them what was needed for them. My lawyer Niel asked me for numerous information, documents and presented my case to the court for a cancellation of deportation. Like i said previously God puts the right people in our path and those people were Niel F. Lewis and his team. He knew how to present and defend my case; and all this was in a short amount of time. To me Mr. Niel F. Lewis is worth your time and your money to those who need help in immigration.

    Neil F. Lewis’s response: “It was our great pleasure to reopen your case so that Justice could be served. You will be a great resident and US citizen. : )”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Humam Al-Faiz

    Great lawyer and Great Friend

    Mr. Lewis helped us with the immigration process 1 year ago. It was a difficult case; however, because of his knowledge we got great results.
    Currently, despite the fact we moved to a different city, I still contact Mr. Lewis office for advice. And Mr. Lewis and his team are as always, amazingly supportive and quick to respond.
    Today, Thanks to Mr. Lewis, we are permanent residents. He will always be part of our family, and we will always be thankful for his help.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Patricia

    Tampa's Finest

    Ever since day one, we were very confident and comfortable with Mr. Lewis. He was great to deal with and has a great sense of humor! Professional, great personality, and confidence all in one! He understood every aspect of this process and was very professional.

    First, when my husband contacted Mr. Lewis, he was great help and my husband felt at ease with Mr. Lewis taking our case. They exchanged a couple of e-mails and Mr. Lewis was extremely informative. He made an appointment for a consultation and that's when Mr. Lewis explained all the needs for the entire green card process. Not long after that, we started the process. Mr. Lewis made sure that if we had any questions, he would always be there to answer and made himself very available to us. Everyone at the office were extremely nice and knew exactly what they were doing. No matter who you spoke to, they would know what to do with your questions. I really liked that, because that was a sign of professionalism. Everyone who worked at the office was well educated with the details of immigration. My husband and I was planning a trip and I was not sure about the travel documents and the details of coming back to the US. I gave the office a call and even if it was not their job to research the rules for me, they did it anyways and was very nice about it. They contacted us often and as soon as any documents came to us by mail, they would call us to explain the documents that came in the mail. The process automatically became a breeze when it was taken care of by this team. We were always caught up with the process and the details of our documents.

    Once the interview date came close, we had a meeting to prepare. Just like all the documents, once the interview date was set, the team gave us a call and sent us a list of documents we had to prepare for the interview. They were very organized and helped us with getting all the various documents together. A couple of days before the interview, my husband and I went up to the office and went over what would be happening during the interview. That was a relief, because they organized our documents for us to give to the officer and prepared our minds. The day of the interview, Mr. Lewis met us up and explained all the steps of the interview. He went into the officer's room with us and made sure he was there to protect our rights. Having him there with us made us feel a lot more secure and we knew we had nothing to worry about. Soon, the interview was over and everything went well. Mr. Lewis had such positive attitude through out the entire process and couldn't have made this process any more easy going. He was well prepared and talked us through the interview. Honestly, we couldn't have had a better attorney.

    Mr. Lewis is well-rounded in the immigration world and he's been at this for a very long time in the Tampa area. There is not a better attorney who can help you with this process. Him and his team made it happen for us! Thank you all so much! You guys are the best!

    Neil F. Lewis’s response: “you are too sweet Patricia. Thanks for being such a great client!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Hatem

    The Best!!!!!!!

    There are not enough ways to say thank you to Neil or his office staff. I first hired him in 2010 to help me obtain my green card, and now, thanks to him I am only two days away from being sworn in to become an American citizen.

    Throughout my case everyone made themselves available to answer all my questions and ease any doubts. I never once questioned or regretted my choice to hire him.

    If you are looking for peace of mind you will find it at his office. I will be more than happy to recommend his law firm to anyone in need of immigration help.

    Thank you for everything!!!!!

    Neil F. Lewis’s response: “Thank you so much my friend. It was my pleasure. You and your wife are one of the cutest couples I have ever seen. : )”