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Jordan Jacob Hendrick

Jordan Hendrick’s client reviews

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  • Thank you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Hired Attorney

    I am extremely satisfied with the service that Jordan has provided me over the last nearly 3 years. He's been professional, courteous and has given great advise for an extremely fair rate. No one likes divorces and neither does he but he understands the needs of his client. He also helped me keep my daughter close by when there appeared to be no hope, which was HUGE for me! Jordan is highly recommended, highly!

  • Great Experience in Family Court

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    From the beginning of our case, Mr. Hendrick's professionalism and manner set our minds at ease. Throughout our change of custody process, he was readily available to answer questions and advise as necessary. He made sure that we understood all possible outcomes so that we were prepared at every turn. We were very pleased at the outcome of our case and very confident in Mr. Hendrick both in and out of the courtroom. He remained patient and fair, and by doing so, made a difficult process far easier. We would highly recommend Mr. Hendrick and will continue to seek his counsel if needed in the future.

  • The Best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I have been working with Jordan for a while to reach a resolution to what I thought was an intricate and emotional custody conflict.
    He has guided me through a mediation, an appointment of a gaurdian ad litem, difficult settlement negotiations, and finally trial. He counseled me with patience and honesty through what is to date the most difficult thing I have ever been through. He has been extremely budget and time conscious. He handled every bump in the road with a calm demeanor, even calling to personally reassure me during more tense times. He always let me know what was happening, what it meant, and what our options were moving forward. Never pressuring but always exploring every option with me.
    My current husband was a witness during trial so could not be in the court room to support me during my testimony and my family is all out of town. When trial day came it was just Jordan and me. I didn't need anyone else in that room, I felt completely supported through the entire 8 hour day. His professionalism and courtesy in the months leading up to trial were enough to know that I had hired the right attorney, but his perfomance during trial had me thanking my lucky stars. He really had a good handle on the facts of my case and an understanding of what had transpired. He delivered that information to the court in a way that really represented my side of things. We ultimately prevailed. I started with joint legal custody and standard visitation and ended up with primary physical and final say on all four legal custody issues. More than I could have ever hoped for and really something that I thought was impossible.
    I highly recommend Jordan Hendrick, he has an amazing understanding of the process and treated me with respect through the entire ordeal. I can't imagine having a better attorney.

  • Personal Service, Careful Analysis, Knowledgeable about Family Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by NicFeliccia

    I would highly Recommend Jordan Hendrick. Jordan was the second and final attorney I engaged in my divorce proceedings. His personal service and extensive knowledge of family law made him the last and only family attorney I will need.

    I started my case with one of the big firms that advertise on the radio. I was assigned 2 attorneys who had a total of 5 years combined experience. At first, they provided my case the basic attention needed. As time moved on, I felt they gave my case only the minimal required attention as we waited for the court date to arrive. After 6 months I asked my old attorney “What is our strategy?” When I was met with a vague and unsatisfactory answer, I knew it was time for a change.
    After interviewing several attorneys, I settled on Jordan Hendrick. He provided the personal service that was missing with my previous firm. During our initial consultation he took time to really understand the background and nuances of my personal situation. Jordan then developed a comprehensive strategy to finish the case. He stayed in close contact with me as needed throughout the proceedings. I also benefited from his 9 years of experience in the field of family law. He answered my questions and analyzed my ideas in a thoughtful, thorough manner.

    If your case is stalled with one of the big guys, or you are just getting started, I recommend Jordan Hendrick for his personal service and knowledge.

  • Wonderful attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Valerie

    Jordan handled my divorce case this year. What was initially thought to be a pretty simple case became a little more complex due to the other side; however, Jordan handled every curve ball they tried to throw our way effectively and efficiently. He kept me up to date on every communication he had with opposing counsel and our game-plan for a successful resolution. He is very knowledgeable and I had complete trust in him throughout. Highly recommend!

  • A lawyer that fights for you.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by I.A

    This is the lawyer you want in your corner. Mr Hendrick has been very professional, never appeared rushed when talking with me, always kept me informed and personally returned my calls in a timely manner. The only lawyer I have honestly felt comfortable with. An excellent lawyer.

  • The highest standards of ethics and professional practice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elena

    I am grateful that Jordan helped me navigate through my divorce. I came to him after 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to get child support and in a severe, almost crisis financial situation. My child support case was solved in 1 month and my divorce was finalized in 5 months. He provided excellent, timely and practical legal advice and representation in a very fair and reasonable fashion for me and my two children. Jordan is honest, patient, understanding, and very easy to work with. His commitment to the highest standards of ethics and professional practice is priceless and hard to find. Jordan is an outstanding lawyer and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a family lawyer. I wish he had practice in other areas of law.

  • Proud Father of Two

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr. Hendrick exceeded my expectations with my case. My divorce took about 18 months and i walked away with custody of my two children. During my case I faced several challenges from a stay at home mother with my two children and two other children from her previous marriage, multiple attempts to have me arrested, and a female judge. With all of these challenges I felt like I was backed up in a corner but, Mr. Hendrick was always there to give me the advise needed to handle each situation. I have never had the pleasure to work with an attorney that was as honest, straightforward, positive, flexible and always made me feel like my case was the only case he had.

    I was referred to Mr. Hendrick through another attorney who highly recommended him. All I can say is that he was right. If you are looking for an attorney that is on top their game all of the time Mr. Hendrick is the one for you.

    Thanks again for everything.

  • Trustworthy Attorney!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by W. Upchurch

    Attorney Jordan Hendrick took very good care of my legal matters! He was very honest, patient and understanding on every level. I would highly recommend Attorney Hendrick, you will be a very pleased client having him as your legal counsel.
    Trustworthy- this is the very first thing that comes to mind when placing the faith of your children in legal hands due to divorce or even legal separation. During our first meeting it was his honest responses that gained my trust. I didn't feel like just another client in the way he responded and represented me. there was nothing fake in how he represented me and my children during this difficult time in our lives. Jordan was honest from the first meeting forward!! EXTREMELY hard to find an attorney to honestly care about you and your case. This is your Lawyer!
    Dependable - He returned each of my calls in a very timely manner, even after hours if he was in his office working. I always felt as if I could call on him! Very punctual and prepared!
    Honest - Billing was accurate and in great detail! I received high quality and honest legal representation throughout my case from Attorney Hendrick.
    Dedicated - Court can be an arena where the client has absolutely no control. Attorney Hendrick did an excellent job at legally preparing and offering my case to the Courts.
    Seasoned - It takes years of practice to learn the ins and outs of the legal system, and as you will quickly realize once you have obtained his services, you are in the legal hands of a well-seasoned Attorney.
    Determined -I never once felt as if I was in the dark. He kept me informed each step of the way, as well as kept sight on the sought after end result pertaining to my case and didn’t back down to opposing counsel.

  • i highly recommend jordan.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by billy

    jordan was extremely professional and helpful when my daughter wanted to live with me instead of her mom. my ex-wife refused to have the divorce agreement changed so jordan stepped in, did the proper research(as my ex lived in another state) and filed the proper legal documents. i now have custody of my daughter AND receive child support. jordan is a straight shooter and was honest with me throughout the process.