State v. F.S.

Nathan Edward Fitzpatrick

Practice Area:DUI / DWI

Outcome:able to save his license and he plead guilty to reckless driving.

Description:F.S. was involved in a two car collision while driving a commercial vehicle. F.S. after insuring the safety of the other party, F.S. left the scene of the accident. F.S. was pulled over sometime later by the police and arrested for fleeing the scene and following to closely. While being placed in handcuffs, the officers noticed the smell of alcohol and observed that F.S. was unsteady on his feet. F.S. was asked to submit to field sobriety test and state administered breath test, F.S. refused all test by the officer. As a result F.S. was immediately arrested and charged with DUI, fleeing the scene and following too closely. After representing him in court and negotiating with the prosecutor, we were