Being charged for a DUI is definitely not a pleasant experience. I could not ask for a better lawyer to help me not only avoid the charges, but help me through it. He was more than just a lawyer who was getting paid to do his job, he was a support group that I never expected to have. He worked long days and nights on my case and put 110 percent effort into helping me not get a DUI. Anytime anything came up, Riah never hesitated to call me and inform me of everything. I was the first to know anything involving my case. He was always available to answer my call and just talk about whatever I needed to know or understand. When the time came to go to court, I felt like I was going in there not with just a lawyer but a friend too. He talked me through everything and stayed by my side when things got rough. He was very calm and poised and guided me through the whole process. Riah is a very smart man. Even though I was going to be his first client that he had to go to trial for, I could not have had more faith in him. Given the amount of dedication, I knew I could trust him. But it ended up that I did not even have to go to trial, he was able to get a plea bargain for me so it worked out even better than I planned. I am very thankful for Riah and think that if you ever get in this terrible situation, he would be a great option for you. Don't let his years of experience fool you, he knew exactly what he was doing and I could not have asked for a better lawyer.