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Parties Subject to Confidential Settlement

Case Conclusion Date: 03.01.2007

Practice Area: Sexual Harassment

Outcome: Confidential Settlement

Description: A woman who trained customers of a distributor on the use of a cosmetic product attended a sales meeting in Florida hosted by the manufacturer of the products on which she trained. While there, she was invited out by a co-worker, but found herself on a double-date with an executive officer of the manufacturer. Two weeks after rebuffing his advances and returning to her home base, she was fired by the distributor. Discovery revealed that the executive placed only one phone call from his Florida hotel room, to the head of human resources of the manufacturer, and representatives from the manufacturer were on site at the distributor's premises on the day she was fired. Yet the defense tried to argue that it was the woman who was 'inappropriate,' not the president. The matter was settled for a confidential amount after multiple defense attempts to dismiss the case were rejected by the court.

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