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Karedes v. Colella

Practice Area: Employment & Labor

Outcome: Won Breach of Contract Case

Description: Our client was fired by the municipality for which he worked as manager of a golf course that ran a PGA Tour event, even though he more than 3-years remaining on a 4-year employment contract. The municipality claimed that it had the right to choose who could run one of its largest assets. We sued in state court in New York. We won at the lower level, and then lost on appeal. We sought review by New York's Court of Appeals, New York's highest court, which usually grants the right to be heard on only 5% of the civil cases that apply for such hearing. Our request for hearing was granted. Following briefing and oral argument, the Court of Appeals reversed the decision of the the lower appeal court. Thereafter, on the eve of trial, the defendant settled the case by compensating our client for the damages he had sustained as a result of being fired 3-years before his contract was to expire.

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