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People v. Anonymous

Case Conclusion Date: 04.08.2009

Practice Area: Speeding & Traffic Ticket

Outcome: Charged on 1 stop 7 tickets in 4 towns

Description: The defendant was stopped on I-95 by a NY State Trooper and given 7 tickets returned to 4 separate towns - 4 speeding tickets (one in each) and 3 other moving violations in 1 of the jurisdictions. Defendant was facing mandatory suspensions and revocations of over 2 years and the real possibility of jail time. Negotiated a plea on 2 speeding tickets to non-speeding violations, had 1 speeding ticket dismissed on motion due to violation of double jeopardy, and plead the remaining speeding ticket to a reduced charge. Took the 3 remaining moving violations to trial. 1 ticket was dismissed and client was found guilty on 2 others. In each conviction defendant's fine was the minimum allowed. Client avoided mandatory license suspensions, discretionary revocations, and jail time.

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