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Benjamin D Platt

Divorce and separation Attorney at Spokane, WA

4.1   40 reviews
  • Licensed for 17 years
    State WA
    Acquired 2006
    Active No misconduct found

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

About Benjamin

Learn Benjamin’s areas of practice.

At the Law Office of Benjamin D. Platt we attempt to treat every client fairly. We want our client's to know we care about their family law matters and know this time can be extremely stressful.  

The Law Office of Benjamin D. Platt is experienced in Contested Divorce, Child Custody and all other Family Law Matters.  We have handled High Asset Divorces, Highly contested Child Custody isses and come out sucessfully for our clients.

Our office works hard for you regardless of the issues at hand.  We believe everyone should be afforded legal representation and we strive to meet the needs of everyone who walks through our door.  

All staff members at our firm are experienced in both family law and criminal law matters.  We are trained in cases involving Intimate Partner Domestic Violence and Child Abuse cases. Mr. Platt is also a trained Guardian ad LItem which gives him a unique perspective on child custody matters.

We are agressive when necessary but also able to negotiate a settlement based on your wants and desires.  We will never force you to settle in matters you wish to dispute; nor will we force you to litigate if you have reached a settlement with the other side.

At the end of the day, we want each of our clients to feel they were important and respected by our staff. 

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Law Office of Benjamin D. Platt
Left - Attorney Benjamin D. Platt
Upper Right - Legal Assistant Jason Burns
Lower Right - Paralegal Nia Platt

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Law Office of Benjamin D. Platt
1020 N. Washington
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Spokane, WA, 99201


4.1 / 5.0
  40 customer reviews
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Posted by Michael | November 11, 2021
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Fantastic Results
Ben represented me (a man) in my divorce (with multiple kids.) My wife had filed and included many horrible allegations which led me to have almost no time with the kids on our temporary parenting plan. Ben picked up the case (which my first attorney had done a poor job on.) He knew exactly what to do to get the end result I wanted. I had to suck it up and it wasn't an instant fix but in the end he rocked my wife's world in court and the record was set straight by his courtroom skills. It seemed at times throughout the case that he was not attentive to my little daily concerns, but I think he simply puts focus where it really counts and if I had trusted him more I would have saved some worry and stress. I read that you will never regret hiring an attorney that you can't afford when it comes to fighting for your kids. After trying to go the cheap route I bit the bullet and I'm so glad I did. Worth every thousand spent and then some. Ben was brutally honest with me and didn't sell me anything he wasn't able to deliver. He was spot on with every estimation he had regarding the case while letting me know that anything can happen. I very highly recommend him if you have the ability to trust him and not expect him to get caught up in every little daily drama you throw his way. Again, he put attention and detail where it really counted and the results were what mattered in the end.
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Posted by Chris | June 24, 2021
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Only Attorney I trust in Spokane
Ben is an amazing attorney. He helped my wife and I in a custody battle with my ex. His professionalism and ethics are the highest I have ever seen. Despite the other side trying to play dirty, he maintained his ethical and professional demeanor and prevailed every time. My being out of state during all of the battles was scary, but Ben made sure everything was done for my best interest and the best interest of the kids. I wouldn't recommend any other attorney in Spokane.
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Posted by Jessica | December 7, 2020
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Puts kids best interest first!
I highly recommend Mr. Platt. I have an ongoing custody case that involves domestic violence. Him and his team have held the children's safety at highest importance through my entire case. He is extremely knowledgable navigating court verbiage and situation. When it comes to money, any good lawyer representing you in court is going to cost you. I think of it this way, you get what you pay for... I dont find him to be worth any less than he asked for. He IS the best, honest, fair lawyer I have come accrossed and will hands down send everyone I know to him if they find themselves in a similar situation. You could say he has been an angel of Devine intervention for my family.
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Posted by Kristine | September 14, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Nothing but the Best!
I contacted Mr. Platt in July of 2015. At this time a very contentious custody case was underway with a long history of litigation. I was attempting to coordinate from another state and needed nothing less than the best to represent myself and the best interest of my child. After over a year of litigation, my conclusion is that I absolutely made the right choice...Mr. Platt and his team of professionals are the best. Mr. Platt is highly knowledgeable, presents a strong and honest work ethic, and is aggressive when needed yet maintains his professionalism. He cares about his client and is sensitive to the emotions involved in many cases as well as insuring that the client feels supported. He welcomes client questions and consistently keeps the client informed. When Mr. Platt steps into the courtroom you can be confident that he will be prepared and that he will do everything in his power to get the desired outcome for his client. My case has finally come to a close and I will be forever grateful to Mr. Platt and his team...they are not only a stellar group of professionals, but they are also a tremendous group of people.
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Posted by Marina | November 26, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Great Attorney
I have worked with Ben on my relocation case. I had complications at first as my cased was transitioned from one attorney to another. At the end I was impressed because we were able to get resolution instead of trial but if we did need trial, Ben was fully prepared and ready to go. Ben is very knowledgeable and had great communication. I went into his office in a middle of my move and a messy situation that my ex had created for me. Ben handled everything with high professionalism and made things work. It was stressful enough to handle situation with my ex that involved my son and emotions ran high but I am very grateful that Ben and Liz were very attentive and supportive and guided me through the process. I recommend hiring Benjamin Platt Law Office.
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Posted by KatieJane | August 5, 2015
Very Impressed
I'm not even going into my battle but its gone on for almost 12 years, yea my son is 16. Ben & his staff are incredible on several different levels. I'm impressed because we were able to get resolution instead of trial but if we did need trial, he was so on point & ready to go. Ben is very knowledgeable & I appreciate the reseach and extra mile his staff goes. He is the first attorney to actually listen to me & have a logical augment for a modification of my parenting plan. I respect that he is very matter of fact & very honest with me about my case. I went into his office a mess and distraught two days before my court date with these crazy papers a fake paralegal had "helped" me with. Ben & his paralegal Jason fixed everything and made me feel like everything would be ok and it was. I knew I wasn't Bens only case, its a long process going through the courts, and ultimately it would be up to a judge if we went to trial. For the first time in my life I'm so happy I had Benjamin Platt for my attorney instead of one of my exes attorneys. I know its so stressful when your kids are involved and you're emotionally invested that's why I'm so thankful to Ben & his staff for being on my team. Benjamin Platt Law Office deserves many praises!
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Posted by Sylvia | February 20, 2015
Amazing lawyer!
I am forever grateful to Mr. Platt and the rest of his staff for their continued efforts and care with my cases. I did not know how to face these legal battles but with Mr. Platt on my side, he made it easy. His dedication to justice and care for his clients is immeasurable. Though I hope to not have to deal with anymore legal issues, I know I will always be in good hands and that Mr. Platt will be my lawyer for life.
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Posted by Bfc | April 28, 2014
3 years later he's right there to spot me!
Does he even lift? Of course he does, all day like a boss and gets it done! Gains all day; no matter what is thrown his way. Still in the midst of new matters from my ex manipulative wife. I'm confident in 110s all day and even on Saturdays.
Posted by Sarah | March 19, 2014
Sincere and Genuine
Working with Ben, Nia, Natalie, and Jason has been a roller coaster of mixed emotions (duh-working with any divorce lawyer would be since divorce is just plain scary) However, they have kept me strong, confident, and have shown me true genuine support the entire time. They have a high knowledge of family law and know how to do a great job. I highly recommend Ben Platt as your attorney for family law.
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Posted by anonymous | May 2, 2013
Family law
Ben Platt's an awesome lawyer. He helped my family so much. He's very informative and knows how to get the job done. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a hand in family law. He's worth the cost. You don't have to sell your right kidney for him to help you, like most lawyers.
Posted by robbie | February 21, 2013
Dependable, Reliable, Honest, Effective!!!!!
Do you feel like no matter what you do or where you turn that you are being beat down or bullied by your ex and/or their attorneys? Or have you ever questioned if you have any rights or even a leg to stand on? And finally with the above mentioned "problem areas" topped with the financial burden of not being able to fix any of these problems? Ben and his team are the first, last stop you will ever need! I fell under all of the things I mentioned on top of being un-emploied and my ex hired a bulldog of an attourney which left me hopeless, hogtied, and with out a preayer in the world to have my children in my life let alone see them. I had no job no real income and no way to battle this unwinable hopeless battle until I met with Ben Platt . In fact when I called around to other atourneys looking for hope they slammed doors and phones alike when they heard who my ex had representing them. But not Ben, I had hope once again and he ensured that I wasn't going to be chewed up and spit out with nothing but debt to "remind" me of my children. Ben and his team worked around the clock while juggling other court dates and trials and changed the tide completeley for my family. He gave not only the shirt off his back and tie arounf his neck but his entire office stood behind him with therest of the suit (so to speak) and got my family back to tether and on track to where it should be. I owe Ben and his team carolan and jason more than words, more than a dollar amount, I owe them my family. I will and have reccomended Ben Platt to anyone who needs justice and hope. In fact the only person on gods green earth I will never recommend this steller team to is my ex, because that truley would be a loosing battle. And for some of the negitive things I've read on here, take it as you will but I am a living testamine to the contrary. Yes it can be hard to get ahold of him 24-7 but how many times have you preayed at night and gotten results immidiateley? Not to compare the two in any other way other than they are making mericles happen for hundreds and can't answer at every given moment. And if you can afford to buy a soda and burger once a month you can afford to scratch the back that carried you! :)) thank you Ben ! !
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Posted by Brad | December 7, 2012
Got it done!!
I was getting played by the court system and just by chance we crossed paths. We talked and after 2 yrs of me fighting pro se he finished the case in 2 weeks. Great guy!! Thanks again Mr. Platt!!
Posted by jessica | November 7, 2012
AMAZING!! I hands down recommend this attorney
Ben is an amazing attorney that has a love for the law and his clients. I didn't feel as I was just a case to him. Ben took my case right before trial. I had spoken to several other attorneys who wanted to have the trial continued to prepare. Ben was on top of it with his excellent staff. They worked very hard in the limited amount of time we had to prepare an excellent case. Ben was able to listen to my 4 year history of custody hearings and come up with multiple options, leaving no stone unturned. He has a lot of experience with Judges and the court house. Ben was also very respectful to the other party and there attorney. I also liked that he didn't trash the other side. He allowed them to trip on there own testimony. I was very grateful that I wasn't getting questioned by him. Ben has amazing litigating skills. I have watched a lot of attorneys in the court room and Ben is at the top of the list.
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Posted by anonymous | October 9, 2012
Awesome lawyer!!!!
While going through a difficult divorce I was recommended to Mr. Platt by a good family friend. He was very friendly and understanding to my situation. Mr. Platt had the ability to help calm my nerves about the whole process with his knowledge, experience and willingness to listen. When I first meet him I was a full time student and he was understanding and willing to work with my financial situation. I appreciated his great sense of humor that helped during this stressful year. The out come of my case was better than I could have ever imagined it would be. I would defiantly recommend Mr. Platt to any of my family and friends.
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Posted by donjp68 | August 16, 2012
I was wrong about Ben and Jason
i recently wrote the review regarding "If you don't care about your kids' i feel I made a mistake. When i contacted Ben about getting some documents regarding this case, he asked if he could make things right, without me asking. I feel my emotions may have clouded my judgement. I am now very ill and on chemo and have no money, that didn't matter to Ben and Jason, they are truly good people with a job that is full of emotions, i personalty thank and apologize to both of these gentlemen. and i would recommend them anytime. Criminal of Family, they will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and this is great. Call anytime for reference 509-216-5691
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Posted by Snel~ | June 26, 2012
Do you need a Usurper to right the wrongs stowed upon you?
Do you have a demonic ex trying to steal the very life from you?? Ben Platt has the tools to slice and dice opposing counsel and those they represent to bits in the court room. If your scheming ex is especially demonic, Ben has the tools like crossbows, axes, holy water, stakes, and a vast knowledge of the English vernacular to pummel your ex and cleanse them of their lies! This silver tongue warrior can sway a judge's decision in an instant by getting to the point without all the hogwash most lawyer's spew in an attempt to hide the truth and convolute the facts. My case was a 2+ year utter hellish experience but Ben and Nia we're patient with me and when my gargoyle ex arose much like the Kraken threatening to destroy my Utopia, Ben came riding in on his Pegasus of justice and instead of brandishing the head of Madusa, he wielded his vast knowledge of Washington state law and crushed my ex. Are you pumped right about now?? Hire this guy if your case is anything like mine. He's worth his weight in gold....
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Posted by Kyle | June 26, 2012
Handled my Dissolution of Marriage case
Back in May 2011 I was served divorce papers on my son's birthday when I came home from work to see him and completely blindsided by the situation, about 2-3 weeks went by why I tried to "Save my Marriage" but it just wasnt possible, so that's when I took action in the interest of my myself and my children most importantly, so I looked and called in the yellow pages asking everyone I knew who might have dealt w/ this before and or knew someone who did, and I had recieved a couple referrals to contact Ben's Office. That I did, he saw me the next availabe day that I was off work and was able to sit me down hear my story and listen to the facts as well, he had a High Degree of knowledge on my particular situation and ensured me he would help me in fighting for the custody of my children and also my personal belonging's... As we have all heard the horror stories of divorce so of course I was scared out of my mind as I have worked so hard my whole life and was not about to lose what I have because things just didn't work. He was also a friend to me on a personal level as he is a "Man of God" and knew deep down inside I didn't want this to go through so at times him and his Wife Nia would talk to me about things to try and believe in if I wanted to save my marriage, I tried those things and of course that was when I realized I had to keep my guard up because my Ex wife had her mind made up and Grass was greener on the other side, although in the end she realized she was stuck in the desert... Long story short, Benjamin D. Platt did a outstanding job on my case and was able to go above and beyond and fight for what I deserved and in the end I have joint custody of my 2 precious boys and didn't go bankrupt in the process, he was very understanding of the financial toll it was taking on me and assured me that he would help me out and keep working for me even when at times money got low and or ran out, but I kept doing what I could and he never skipped a beat on my case.
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Posted by anonymous | June 25, 2012
Intern working with school and family
Ben practices family law and understands family. I have been interning for him for over three months and would recommend his services to anyone seeking a true family lawyer. He has a great team of people working with him that understand issues and are competent people all around.
Posted by Sarah | June 24, 2012
Currently using Mr. Platt for my family law case
I'm currently working with Mr. Platt. I chose him because when I met with him he was very nice and listened to my concerns with my case. I felt like he was there to truly help me. He has always been easy to contact and has always kept in contact with me through the whole process. I would recommend Ben Platt in a heart beat to anyone. His staff was also very friendly as well, which helped with the process to.
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Posted by Andrew | June 23, 2012
This is the Lawyer for you.
Mr. Platt has been an amazing lawer not only to me but a few of my family memembers and a friend. He has won pretty tough cases for a friend of mine just recently as well. Ben Platt is very professional and relaible. I'd reffer him to anyone looking for a great trustworthy lawyer.
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  • Owner
  • Law Office of Benjamin D. Platt
  • 2006 - Present
  • Intern
  • Law Office of Eric Steven
  • 2002 - 2004


  • King County Bar Association
  • Title 26 Guardian ad Litem
  • 2015
  • Gonzaga University School of Law
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 2004
  • Washington State University
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • 2001

Legal Cases

  • State of Washington vs. JA
  • Not Gulity
  • State of Washington vs. E.C.
  • Not Guilty


  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Criminal Law Section Member
  • 2014 - Present
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Family Law Section Member
  • 2014 - Present
  • Federal Bar Association
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  • 2012 - Present
  • Spokane County Bar Association
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  • 2008 - Present
  • Washington State Bar Association
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  • 2006 - Present
  • Signa Alpha Epsilon
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  • 1998 - Present
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  • English

Honors and Awards

  • Peer Review Rated
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • 2017
  • Peer Review Rated
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • 2016
  • Client's Choice Award 2013
  • AVVO
  • 2013
  • Pro Bono Service Commendation
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • 2008
  • Cum Laude
  • Washington State University
  • 2001
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Attorney endorsements

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Endorse Benjamin
Divorce and separation Attorney | Jul 31
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer. Ben is a dedicated and skilled advocate for his clients."
Criminal defense Attorney | Apr 26
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"Mr. Platt aggressively represents his clients in court and is always professional and ready for court. I would gladly recommend him to represent your needs."
Family Attorney | Dec 01
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Platt represents his clients aggressively and competently while behaving with complete professionalism."
Divorce and separation Attorney | Nov 12
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"I endorse this lawyer. I've been on the opposing side fighting Mr. Platt and referred cases to him. He is a very good lawyer. I highly recommend him."
Family Attorney | Feb 19
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Mr. Platt is a very good advocate for people in the community. He has great oral argument skills in hearings and trial, and generally, has a strong passion for his clients. He truly does care for his clients."
Family Attorney | Nov 12
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Benjamin is effective and aggressive and always professional. He is highly respected by his peers and provides an excellent service to his clients."
Family Attorney | Jun 03
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse Benjamin. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community."
Family Attorney | Jun 06
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"I endorse this lawyer. Ben is an advocate for his client, but he is also very reasonable. He is a strong litigator, who also is willing to work collaboratively with opposing counsel."
Family Attorney | Feb 29
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"I have referred a a number of my clients who have family law issues to Mr. Platt. All of the feedback I have received from them has been positive."
Family Attorney | Sep 23
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I do not practice trial family law, but Ben does and he is an aggressive advocate for his clients. He will do what it takes to protect your interests."
Family Attorney | Sep 19
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Mr. Platt is an honest hard working intelligent attorney who is committed to representing his client's interests."
Family Attorney | Sep 19
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"I don't practice family law or criminal defense. So, I rely on Ben's expertise often when my clients have questions in these matters. I refer all my family law inquiries to Ben because he is efficient and focused."
Family Attorney | Sep 12
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I know Ben to be a passionate and tenacious family law attorney, he will work hard for you and your family."
Family Attorney | Sep 12
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer. Ben is an excellent choice if you want someone who is both intelligent and skilled in the courtroom."
Family Attorney | Apr 24
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I have known Ben for several years, he has demonstrated great skills and effective advocacy on behalf of his clients. Reading the client disputes prior to my endorsement surprises me, I have found Ben to be an outstanding attorney for his clients."
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