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Leonard K Lucenko Jr

Leonard Lucenko’s reviews

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  • Fair, honest, to the point, professional, go-getter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brandy

    To me having to hire an attorney to resolve child support issues was a very scary step to take. After my initial meeting with Lenny I felt much more at ease and knew that I could trust him and his staff to help me get the best outcome possible. The expense of hiring an attorney is also scary, but again Lenny immediately put me at ease by offering a quite affordable payment plan. Being able to actually trust Lenny to deal with this difficult subject matter saved me so much stress, energy and time. He kept me in the loop with my case at all times and offered me every opportunity to make suggestions and to request any changes. He also made sure that I understood what the likely hood of my requests to the courts might be, positive and negative. This gave me the full picture which helped a great deal in my decision-making on moving forward to resolve these issues. I had the opportunity to work closely with Lenny's assistant, Susie, who also contains a wealth of knowledge on the subject matter and does a very thorough and outstanding job. I really appreciate all that both Lenny and Susie did for me and my son. I am thankful for how talented and truly gifted they each are. The positive outcome of my case was more than I could have expected and well worth the expense incurred. Lenny presented my case in a fair and precise manor by being factual and to the point. I strongly recommend Lenny to any parent that is looking for a fair, even favorable, outcome.

  • Leonard Lucenko, highly recommended attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by L.

    Lenny has handled my divorce and subsequent legal issues relating to that divorce. Without his help, I would have been totally at a loss. Specifically, he knew what paperwork had to be filed and when those filings needed to be presented. More importantly, he helped me to focus my declarations on the legal issues at hand. I had mistakenly felt that judges would want historical narratives and motivations of those involved when they really need precise accountings of the relevant legal issues being contested, and honestly, there were many rights I had of which I was unaware, and many rights I thought I had which I, in fact, did not. Lenny knows these points fully, and better than some of the attorneys opposing me. Again, without his knowledge and expertise in these points, I would have been lost. Most importantly, Lenny has a tremendous heart and empathy. He has consistently treated me with kindness, respect, and understanding. Going through a non-hostile divorce is hard enough. When an ex is using the legal system to hurt you, it is overwhelming and at times seems unbearable. Lenny went to great lengths to keep me focused on working through the process and keeping a positive outcome in sight.
    I can't say that working with Lenny was an enjoyable experience -- there's nothing about that divorce that was enjoyable, but I can honestly say I couldn't have made it through without him. He is the one who made the whole process come out as fairly as possible for myself, my ex, and my kids.

  • A selfless, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, intelligent, patient, efficient, fairly priced, responsive, effective

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Geraldine

    A selfless, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, intelligent, patient, efficient, fairly priced, available, responsive, hardworking, helpful and highly effective attorney.

    This isn’t the description you generally hear about attorneys, but Lenny is an amazing human being who happens to be a great attorney.

    My case started with a divorce and escalated to custody issues. I moved cross-state, cross-country and despite all that he helped every step of the way. He always kept his head cool, even when mine was in an emotional mess. He is fair, and fights for what is right and looks at both sides to see fairness and the best solution, not just a bull dog attitude that takes no time to think of the humanity of his decisions.

    His goal is to win the best solution for you, and to offer you solutions that are in your best interest. He listens, he helps keep your costs down, and he tries to negotiate and work with the other party or their attorney.

    He knows his stuff. He is diligent and works cases in a focused manner. You may not hear in between, which gives you rest and you can forget about your case while he takes care of the details. Right before a case, he revs up and gets you involved.

    His professionalism, his knowledge and caring style helped me go through a horrific case of divorce and custody where for some reason the judges were partial to the present parent (I was out of state) and Lenny even helped move my case into another state, at the cost of having me as a client, because it was better venue for my children who were now out of state residents.

    His work has a made a difference in my children’s lives. He has fought for them, and he fought for me for custody, visitation, child support, and alimony. He was never unfair, not to me, not to my ex-husband who really was a nasty person but Lenny took time to get to know him. His way of working gave me respite, a buffer and distance for an emotionally manipulative and abusive ex-husband.

    Lenny makes no judgments. He took me on after my previous attorney fired me because he felt I was doing myself a disservice. My old attorney believed my ex-husband more than he believed me and he didn’t even know me that well. Lenny took me, and Lenny found out what the real story was and has given my children wonderful 3 years of happiness and a life without the drama of an emotionally abusive and neglectful father after he helped my case go to the right court where my kids would be heard.

    I’ve had 4 attorneys, 6 if you include the children’s appointed attorneys. By far, I wish I still had Lenny. Thankfully I found a great one in NY and Lennyworks with them when necessary to help out on this side. But, the time and work I spent with Lenny still tells me that I don’t’ think I’ll find someone as balanced, caring and as effective as him.

  • Lenny is one in a million!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Forever Grateful

    I would strongly recommend Lenny to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, ethical and highly principled attorney with heart. Lenny has represented me in numerous court proceedings and each time he has been professional, well-prepared and concerned about the well-being of my children. Prior to each court appearance, Lenny took time to inform me about what the proceedings would entail and what outcomes I might expect. He listened and responded to my concerns. He consistently provided informative and honest feedback.

    While representing me in the courtroom, Lenny consistently demonstrated thorough knowledge about my case. He was always well prepared. He maintained his professional demeanor while interacting with a variety of personality types. Lenny’s ability to maintain his integrity and professionalism across situations was impressive and extremely appreciated.

    Lenny has been a blessing!! He is knowledgeable, professional, caring and compassionate. His professional ethics are second to none. I will forever be grateful to both Lenny and his competent, hardworking assistant, Susie for their willingness to stand beside me during lengthy and very challenging court proceedings. Lenny helped renew and restore my faith in the goodness of people. Lenny is an attorney with a strong moral compass and code of ethics. He is not only a gifted attorney, but he is also an outstanding human being.

  • Review of Leonard Lucenko, Jr.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rebekah

    Lenny is an amazing lawyer who is fair, honest, understands the emotional roller coaster, and is able to see the big picture. When going to court it is often easy to get wrapped up in details, to waste time and money arguing insignificant issues, and to be drained emotionally. Lenny is aware of this. He has always made as his top priority the long term consequences. These include such things as relations with family, my financial situation, and my physical and mental health. I highly recommend Lenny.

  • Zehr Dissolution

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    Met all expectation of what I expected the process to be. Always advises and kept me abreast of my options. Still have more requirements after dissolution. Will continue with Lenny and Susie. Also, Susie was extremely helpful with process especially with the transfer of retirement funds. Kudos to CTM Team.

  • mpincoos

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mike

    Lenny quit as my attorney just weeks before my difficult divorce was going to trial. I was fully up to date on my bill so it was not for lack of payment. No explanation.