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Erik Jon Bjornson

Erik Bjornson’s reviews

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  • Best Divorce Attorney in Tacoma!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Before I hired, Erik Bjornson, I had talked with several divorce attorneys, finding it difficult to decide, a friend recommended Erik. I met with Erik for an initial consultation, I knew immediately I had an attorney, whom I could trust and someone would take the reins. Erik quickly assessed my situation and gave me a realistic point of view; He informed me how long I could reasonably expect the divorce process would run. He was clear, on the point, of which I would probably need to retain an attorney beyond the final decree to ensure proper division of the Federal retirement and Investments. Erik immediately took action as my husband of nearly thirty years, who had already taken the first steps in the divorce process. Erik guided me throughout, always direct and objective. He took the time to explain to me the law in a clear and concise fashion. When I needed to go to court for emergency spousal support, Erik was well prepared. Thanks to Erik, the Judge’s decision helped me begin rebuilding my life. My divorce went on for several months; my husband attempting to have the decision of the Judge overturned but Erik always stayed one step ahead, protecting me and my future. When I called Erik with a question he promptly returned calls with an answer. Erik never moved forward without first consulting me at every stage of the process. Erik represented me at arbitration resulting in a favorable outcome for me. He continued to be proactive after the final decree in securing the assets awarded in to me in the divorce. I will always have immense gratitude for his steadfast support and guidance. Eric is an exceptional attorney and I would not hesitate to recommend Erik Bjornson to anyone.

  • Effective and highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I have know Mr. Bjornson for over 10 years and he has given me legal advice on many different issues. In retrospect, I have found his advice to be right on and well worth the compensation that I was charged. I certainly recommend him. His approach is straightforward and direct and he seeks to cut right to the critical issue that one is facing.

  • Excellent attorney over many years

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ELB

    Mr. Bjornson has given me advice over a range of topics over the years, including many concerning family law. His advice has always been sound and his rates have been reasonable.

  • Impressive knowledge of the law with common sense.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eva

    I have had Mr. Bjornson give legal advice on a great many subjects over the years and he has always been knowledgeable.

  • Professional, Trustworthy, Smart

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Morgan

    Erik handled my case honestly and attentively. He knew all the ins and outs and the personalities of the judges. He was efficient and organized and explained the process clearly to me. Going through the divorce took a lot out of me, but throughout the process Erik helped me remain positive and looking towards the future.

  • Saved me money. Grateful I hired him.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    Erik wins, because he is smart and strategic. A divorce win doesn't feel like a gold medal, but it does mean keeping more of my money. So the service he provided to me was very valuable and worth his expense. Specifically, I listened to his guidance from the beginning. It saved me money that I would have lost. What I saved by hiring him far exceeded his fees. I'd rather pay him a little, than let my ex have everything. When I think of all that I might have lost by not hiring him, and how painful it could've been to lose my retirement, I was really glad that I was referred to him by a friend. He made a bad divorce a little less painful. Any review that isn't a 5 for him, probably is because they didn't take his advice from the beginning. Listen to him from the moment you go into his office.

  • Beware

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    1. He advertised a free consultation, but ended up charging me a fee for the consultation anyway.
    2. He did not apply this consultation fee to the legal fees.
    3. When discussing my case, he did not take any notes and appeared Inattentive . I became certain about this inattentiveness after he prepared a document for my case that had multiple gross inaccuracies and information that had nothing to do with my case. It was quite obvious that he had taken a document from another case and simply changed the names and dates.
    4. He had a different attorney represent me for my first court day. This would have been okay, but he did not brief this other attorney about anything. I tried to brief this attorney myself but soon realized he was completely incompetent. He just stood there with a deer-in-the-headlights look and didn't speak up about any of the issues I wanted addressed. I find it very difficult to believe that this attorney had been out of law school for very long.
    5. Because this other attorney had nothing to say, nothing happened that day and the case was continued. Bjornson immediately withdrew as my attorney and kept $560 of my money, claiming that this fee was for just one day in court even though our discussion was that he would represent me for the case.
    6. He advertised himself as a military divorce attorney but showed absolutely no insight or knowledge about the special circumstances that exist for military personnel.

    In summary, all I got was a poorly-written one-page document and an incompetent attorney who knew nothing about my case standing next to me for five minutes without saying a word, and it cost me $560. The going rate for a divorce I then was $200 per hour. Not even an hour was actually spent preparing the case or representing me. I then went to a quality attorney who charged me less but actually finished the job and addressed my concerns.