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Sean Patrick Kuhlmeyer

Sean Kuhlmeyer’s reviews

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  • A Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Annie

    When I was studying for my state boards and received my first subpoena as a private practice family therapist, I freaked out. Sean told me to "Chill out and go back to studying. I will handle this." I trusted and believed that I was in very good hands. He helped me sort out how I needed to respond and how I shouldn't respond. He responded on my behalf when it was appropriate.

    Since then, I have had questions about certain legal issues and Sean always responds within a day. Answers my questions in a way that a non-lawyer can understand, too.

    I highly recommend Sean for his acumen, tenacity, and responsiveness. If you are looking for a lawyer who isn't wishy-washy in any way, hire Sean!

    Sean Patrick Kuhlmeyer’s response: “Annie, Thank you so much for this humbling review! Clients like you are a pleasure to work with!”
  • Spectacular representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Sean goes above and beyond on your behalf and is constantly vigilant about keeping you apprised of the status of our case. I have already recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so, I have complete confidence that he will continue to be passionate about delivering dedicated and attentive service.

    Sean Patrick Kuhlmeyer’s response: “Jen, Thank you for the nice recommendation. I am particularly proud of your case. Jen is a good example with what happens with many of my client's; they eventually become my friends, and we debate great philosophical issues!”
  • passionate lawyer that's on top of everything

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Very passionate about his practice. explained everything clearly , help me understand my rights. And was amazing with my case.

    Would recommend Sean to anyone !

    Sean Patrick Kuhlmeyer’s response: “Sometimes as a lawyer you get to do things that are just right. When this client called they needed immediate help; their safety was being put in danger. Miraculously we got the problem solved with just one letter! Then I went on a little mission to help the other people the creep was also putting in danger, and the world got just a little bit better. All Pro Bono...”
  • Professional and passionate lawyer

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Tho

    I had 2 car accidents and none of my fault in both cases. He did a great job in helping and defending my cases. He's really well-organized lawyer in keeping all the information for client's record. He's a great, helpful, friendly lawyer :)! thank you Sean!

    Sean Patrick Kuhlmeyer’s response: “Thanks Tho for this nice review. I represented Tho in a personal injury case against a driver who T-boned him and caused him injuries; his car was completely totaled (it looked like a giant stepped on it!). I'm glad that we were able to get you a good settlement in your car accident case. Be sure to invite me to your next BBQ!”
  • Amazing Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kelle Sue

    Where do I start? Sean was refered to me by a lawyer friend (Phil McCune) of my brother. I had hired a contractor to do an addition on my house. The contractor, Chris Cummings of CFC Construction, completely screwed it up and I had to hire another contractor to fix it. When I started with Sean in 2008 he was relativly new. We just closed the case in January of 2012. He spent three years giving this case his all. He is extremely thorough and meticulous. Sean says that he has the most informed clients around because he likes to explain everything clearly so you know what is going on. I have gained so much knowledge I can't begin to tell you. I had a ton of evidence (almost too much) and Sean organized it, cataloged it and was able to present it beautifully. We did a deposition with Chris Cummings and an arbitration in which I was awarded money. Chris chose not to accept the arbiters award and then did not show up for court. I was then awarded more money and lawyer fees also. Sean hung in through all of this, filing the proper papers and getting me Chris Cummings construction bond and having his contractors license suspended. Then when we put liens on his property Chris filed bankrupcy. Sean fought the good fight in bankrupcy court but we were unable to prove misrepresentation or fraud (which are almost impossible to prove) and my debt was written off in the bankrupcy, since it was an unsecured debt.
    Sean was amazing the whole way through. He kept me posted on all that was going on. He explained all the legal stuff clearly so I could understand exactly what was going on at all times. He was always available for communication either via email or phone. His handling of the evidence and all court filings, etc was extremely professional.
    I would highly recommend Sean Kuhlmeyer to anyone for any case. I always knew he had my best interest at heart. I consider him to be a top notch lawyer and a friend also. I know he is going to be famous one day and I can say I knew him when....Thanks Sean....

    Sean Patrick Kuhlmeyer’s response: “Wow, Thanks Kelle, I'm humbled by your comments about me. It's sad that Bankruptcy court is nicknamed "The Court of Injustice", you deserved to win there, but Bankruptcy court earns it's nickname well. By the way you were a great client! Thanks for the nice review...”