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Stephen Patrick Connor

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  • Excellent experience, relationship and outcome to lawsuit

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jan

    Mr. Connor represented my son, who has a disability, in a lawsuit against his employer. Steve was recommended to us by another attorney. Steve, his partners, and his staff provided excellent service and advice throughout the legal process and secured a favorable settlement of our claims. Steve's strong advocacy for my son gave us the strength and commitment to pursue the lawsuit. The discovery phase of a lawsuit, where information is provided by the plaintiff and defendant, can be long and demanding. Steve, his partner Anne-Marie Sargent and their staff helped us to provide strong information and witnesses to support our case. They were always readily accessible, listened carefully to our questions or concerns, and kept us informed of every step throughout the case. My son and I were very comfortable with Steve and Anne-Marie personally and trusted their expertise. When it came to settlement negotiations, Steve fought hard for us and was able to use the strong case he had developed to secure a very favorable settlement. I highly recommend Steve Connor if you need an attorney's help with any employment or labor issues. He's the best!

    Hired attorney
  • Professionalism and Integrity

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven

    I hired Stephen Connor to represent me in a disability lawsuit against a Labor Union and an employer. The first thing that impressed me about Steve was before he agreed to represent me he asked me what my expectations were and told me what to expect through this process.
    1. That the process would probably take up to two years.
    2. That I most likely would not become rich and be able to retire if we won my case.
    3. That if we won I would probably receive some lost wages and benefits and get my job back.
    That was more than I was expecting so if it worked out that way it would be a bonus.

    From the beginning Steve and his partner Anne-Marie saved my case when I ignored his advice and made some decisions on my own without consulting him. Steve was able to guide my case through the EEOC process and file the request for a lawsuit. Steve was very good at explaining what was going to happen and how long it would be for a response from the defendants. throughout this process Steve, his legal team and I spent more and more time communicating. When Steve was unavailable in court or on another case I was able to contact his partner or associates and he would get back to me right away.
    I had learned the hard way at the beginning of this process to listen to Steve's advice and trust his experience and it paid off very well in the end. A few times when I felt like giving up after multiple delays Steve would tell me to be patient and stick to our plan. That we were doing well, that the defendants were counting on wearing me down and trying to frustrate me and convince me to give up.
    Steve was a tough negotiator and very thorough and effective through disclosures and depositions. He advised me several times that we were not ready to compromise yet, that we had more work to do and we were still making progress. At this point we had a few tense showdowns with the defendants and in the end the agreed to settle my case.
    There is one more example I want to share of Stephen Connors professionalism and integrity. The fee agreement between Steve and myself had some specific language which because of the way it was written enabled me to avoid paying several thousands of dollars worth of fees on a technicality. I had no idea this was the case until Steve pointed it out to me. I told Steve that I appreciated his honesty and that I would be happy to pay the extra fee. Without his help I would have ended up with nothing.
    Professionalism, integrity, expertise, experience and tenacity from Steven Connor, Anne-Marie Sargent and their associates are what enabled me to settle my lawsuit in a very satisfactory manner and to return to my job after more than three years. Without the help of Steven Connor and the firm of Connor and Sargent I would have ended up with nothing and my future and that of my family would have been changed forever.

  • Top-notch Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bruce

    Steve Connor recently defended my business partner and me against a breech of fiduciary duty suit that dragged on for two-plus years. Throughout the entire experience Mr. Connor never lost interest and always approached our defense with energy, frankness, and support for the two of us. Steve explained every step that he took and why he was taking it. We ended up going to trial where Steve really showed us what he was made of. We did ultimately prevail in court which was extremely gratifying. Anyone seeking legal representation could do no better than to choose Steve Connor as their advocate.

  • This man is not only the best lawyer you can get, he is also a wonderful person!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda

    I sued my Union, a scary thing t do, but my Dad saw an article in the Seattle Times about Steve Conners sueing the Longshore Union, my Dad said,"Get this guy, he's got to be good to do that." I did get him and he was better than I could have dreamed. I did not know anything about lawsuits or lawyers, but I soon learned that you need a smart one, and someone who is personable so that the jury believes them. Steve took my case to trail and won a unanimous jury vote for me, the case went on to an appeal, which Steve won again unamously victory for me, the Union took the case to the Washington State Supreme Court, Steve not only won the case for me, he also, in the process changed the law, which made it fairer for people across the United States. Good man, you would be lucky to have him as your lawyer.

  • Great Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Wrongful Termination client

    I had concerns over my termination from a longtime job at a national retailer. They were age discrimination and bias from a supervisor. Steve was a great listener, emphatic and very candid and honest about what to expect in the process. He didn't overpromise but was confident the negotiation would yield results. He was great in his followup and communication with me. He was also very professional,organized and reasonable with the previous employer. I believe this helped to achieve a positive result. It was resolved within three months with an agreement that exceeded my expectations.