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  • "Daniel Jensen is best ethical lawyer I came across"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shalini

    I am from India and was living in India with my children, in family dispute my husband suddenly abducted my children from the day care to an unknown place in California, my daughter was 2 years old and son was 4 years old. Only thing I was aware that he was in working in Redwood city. Almost 10 months had passed, I had no idea where and how kids were. I approached every possible way to find out about my children. I had custody order from India from High Court, lower court but due to international parental abduction, things were complicated in India. I also approached international parental abduction unit of States who guided me to a few attorneys but all the information given by them was taking lot of time with no result. I knew one thing that is, I needed somebody who is best, I am glad that I came across Mr. Daniel Jensen through Avvo. Mr. Jensen could completely understand the whole mess. He told me timely action will help me to take my children back to India. He has gone way beyond to ensure I get justice. His office is just best, they could understand the cultural difference and complicated situation and were very sensitive to my case. With their super speed action, I saw my children after 10 months in his office. I was given the legal and physical custody of my children within 1 month. I could return back to India within a week from USA. My special thanks to Miss Carol Ferreyra, she was in charge of my case. I have seen her in the court, she is very confident, intelligent and witty woman, with strong legal knowledge. Everybody in his office gave their 100 % to solve my case. They are expensive but I never felt so as they would precisely let me know why they charged but I tell you it’s better to go to best rather than wasting small amount on somebody who would lack experience and knowledge. I had spend much more in India on lawyers. Overall I would say, Daniel Jensen and Carol are best ethical lawyers I came across, I am amazed the way they solved my case. Today I am happy and back to India with children. Thank you Daniel!

  • The coolest attorney ever.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Noble Tran

    I haven't seen Daniel Jensen in years. When I saw him, I got this warm feeling that life is going to be great and ok. Life is going to be fine. It's like the feeling of the first sunshine after a devastating storm. The sunbeam parts the clouds. Things start to become more placid and clear.

    The reason I feel that way is because the office really caters to the client's emotions and such. It's a very professional atmosphere but very care-taking as well. Something I think that makes the office out-stands the others.

    All the other attorneys in his office seems to have that effect. Once they enter the room, all anxiety goes away and you just know things will go in order as things should be. Ms. Carol Diaz has a very motherly quality to her presences. I like that in a family lawyer. Ms. Nicole Stanitsas is a very helpful person and took initiative to send help my way when I didn't ask. I like that kind gesture a great deal.

    It's a very warm hearted cozy law firm.

    I also enjoyed his magazines in the waiting area. It's awesome that he's an automotive person also.

  • Mediated Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melanie

    Mr. Jensen was nothing less than superb in my mediated divorce!

    I was facing an extremely contentious, bitter divorce. I had no hope, I only gave mediation a try as I was worried that the costs for a contested divorce would go sky high. My ex is highly skilled in verbal abuse and intimidation to get his way. Facing felony domestic abuse charges, he seemed determined to exact retribution from me by making things difficult and acquiring more than his fair share of the family assets. When he entered Mr. Jensen's office to begin our asset division, he was like a stomping mad 500lb angry gorilla. Seemingly un-phased (The prior "cop" thing working for him) I perceived right away that Mr. Jensen knew what he had to do to make this work. Mr. Jensen ignored the inappropriate display and remained impartial but still continuously engaged my ex in anecdotes with such a folksy charm that it had a calming effect on the beast. I didn't feel slighted in any way as I saw how effective this was. Mr. Jensen could also deftly assert himself when my ex, or I for that matter, would make some unreasonable demand.

    To make a long story short, Mr. Jensen really earned the "Mantle of Solomon" or at least, Henry Kissinger in this mediated divorce.

    We had a lot of assets and retirement accounts and my ex refused to sign papers and made as much trouble as he could. But I still can't believe I am finally divorced from this man and I was able to do it with a 50/50 split! I thought I would have to give up everything to get away from this man or give up everything in lawyer fees in a contested divorce. Mr. Jensen himself admitted that this mediation was difficult and told me that this was his most expensive and time consuming mediation by more than double that he has ever done. I told him that I FEEL LIKE I "MADE OUT LIKE A BANDIT"!!!! THIS WAS THE BEST VALUE FOR MY DOLLAR THAT I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!! Mr. Jensen's costs, in my opinion were minimal. My divorce was really cheap! wow, Wow, WOW!

    Thank you for all your efforts Mr. Jensen along with a very exceptional office staff!!! I think my ex was extremely intimidating to the highly professional, kind, gentle office staff. We all deferred to Mr. Jensen to help us deal with the "angry gorilla".

  • Exceeded all expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Daniel Jensen represented me in court a few years ago. Without getting too specific, I expected him to do a professional and thorough job, but he offered so much more. He gave excellent advice about actions I should take before and during court appearances. Daniel also provided insight about the normal court procedures and his expectations about my case, which were gathered from his many years of experience. He treated me with utmost respect -- not only did he keep me informed about developments regarding the case, but I felt that I could trust him to get the best possible outcome.

    I was grateful that Daniel would be my lawyer, but it was only once the case was over that I understood just how lucky I was to have him represent me.

    Thanks for all your help Dan.

  • I needed a Lawyer to help with a Complex Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Natalie

    I was in search of a lawyer that had knowledge and expertise in law enforcement issues and could assist me with an administrative hearing. Mr Jensen was thorough, honest and walked through the case with grace and professionalism. Knowledge is power and it is only with expertise that you get results. Thank you for being able to stand up and have the courage to help others walk through their legal dilemmas. You are successful and smart and I would recommend you to friends and family members in need of a Family, Criminal, or Administrative Hearing attorney.

  • Looking for the Best Attorney - Dan Jensen is the One!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Karrie

    Dan is an amazing attorney and has an outstanding reputation amoung his colleagues. No matter how hard the case, he always seems to get the best for his client. I am an attorney in the industry, and my first call with any personal legal issue is to Dan. I have watched him over the years in divorce cases, criminal cases, and civil cases and he excels at them all. In fact, in most instances, he leaves the other attorneys in the court room and sometimes even the judges shaking their heads stating "how does he do that" as he gets a positive outcome for client after client. I HIGHLY recommend the Law Offices of Daniel Jensen to anyone who wants a superstar supporting them.