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Daniel Louis Feder

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  • 11 OUT OF 10!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cindy

    My experience with Attorney Daniel Feder and his office staff was a pure pleasure, as well as professionally successful, from the first phone call to the culmination of my case. Besides being a top-notch, highly experienced attorney, Mr. Feder himself is one of the most personable people you could meet. He will make you feel comfortable and establish a sense of trust immediately. He makes it a point to be available to his clients, unlike so many attorneys these days who simply refer clients to a “representative” and rarely return a phone call themselves.

    If Mr. Feder himself is not available at a particular time, you will be in touch with one of the friendly, caring, highly professional office staff, most of whom have been with Mr. Feder and the firm for more than a decade. They are there to answer your questions, act as liaisons between you and Mr. Feder directly, and if they do not have your answers, will get them without delay from Mr. Feder, himself. He, or one of the staff, will return your call as immediately as possible; speaking with the staff is akin to speaking with Mr. Feder.

    No matter how busy they are on any given day at the firm, every client is the Most Important Client, and they will give you and your case their maximum attention, respect, and thoroughness in every way. Trust and communication are of the utmost importance, and that is exactly what you get here.

    I cannot say enough good things about this firm and the people here. They are simply The Best, and Mr. Feder’s track record of wins and successes speaks for itself. In my book, they rate 11 (eleven) stars out of 10 (ten).

    Most Sincerely,
    Cindy K.

    Hired attorney
  • No transparency

    1.0 star

    Posted by Georgie

    I was a client of Daniel Feder. He was my lawyer in a retaliation wrongful termination case from 2011-2013. He and his associate Winter Hankins are terrible. First he is only concern with his 45 percent and his cost. During the early settlement hearing he stated recouping his fees as a reason the case should be settled. He arrived 30 mins late to the hearing. I had to speak to the reasons the case should be settled. In an early settlement both parties writes statements which are given to one another. I was not permitted to read the defense letter. Mr. Feder stopped reading it placed his hands on top of it and started talking of his wine business. In addition I never was allowed to see any evidence against me nor documentation. I request several times and each was met with a no followed by some manipulative excuse as to why. I was never kept in the loop I knew nothing of my case. In two years not a single one of my phone calls were returned by Winter nor Daniel not ONE!
    One day near the end of the lawsuit Winter called me frantic speaking hastily at work and told me that they had just returned from court with a case very similar to mine in which they lost. If I would agree to go down they would agree to give me a certain amount. Basically I got a little more than a 1/3 of the settlement. When I tried to question Winter as to why I got so little she went off. She told me he had taken a hit on the case and each deposition was 3k. I asked for a receipt she rolled her eyes and stated that she would give me one. After pestering her she emailed one two days later. Eventually I opted for a fee dispute. The arbitrator could not believed I signed the agreement. They produced an entirely different receipt for the hearing and Daniel stated that it had been given to me and I did not ask him to divide the award in a better way. Apparently when a client is not satisfied with the fees they are supposed to be given a fee dispute notice or form. They never gave these documents to me. Nothing in this review has been exaggerated.

  • Daniel did exactly what he said that he would do

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Daniel is a total professional and is extremely competent and effective. He was a tremendous help to me, and I highly recommend him.

  • Dan Feder law firm review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joan

    Mr. Feder always made me feel so important and my case. I appreciated all he did for me and his office help. Whenever I emailed or called I received a return email or call either that day or the next. If you want a law firm that will fight your case Dan Feder is the man.

  • One of the Best Attorneys in SF

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Betty

    I contacted Dan when I was having problems with my employer, i.e. they were making it very difficult for me to transition to a new employment position, as well as, withholding my pay. When I contacted Dan, he was patient, considerate and compassionate to my stressful situation. He acted immediately and I got the results that I wanted. He was able to negotiate a compromise with my previous employers as well as get me paid! Dan is a top-notch attorney - he cares about your situation and takes swift and aggressive action to get positive results. I will definitely use his services or recommend any of my friends or acquaintances to him if they have any employment-related issues.

  • Honest, trustworthy & reliable attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sharee Robinson

    Dan Feder assisted me when I first began my career and started my business 10 years ago and he has been a reliable strategic partner and trusted advisor ever since. Mr. Feder took the time to hear me out, provided compassionate legal advice and executed a well thought out plan of action. He was able to resolve my issues with my former employer amicably and professionally.

    Dan is extremely bright, focused and astute and I would highly recommend him and his services to anyone looking for an honest, trustworthy and reliable attorney. He cares for his clients and works tirelessly to make sure that we are taken care of.

  • The Everyman Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hale

    I consulted him on a personal employment matter with a complex executive officer issue requiring highly confidential analysis and expertise - as I had over twelve supervisors in as many years.
    Should I be asked to list qualities about Daniel Feder and his team of professionals, and why I so heartily recommend you schedule a free consultation, these verbs and adjectives might better describe his approach:
    Perseverance – He will go that extra mile even if it means multiple, late nights researching similar cases in search of citations that will make arguments and briefs positively shine.
    Dedicated – He does not pander to potential customers as a typical plaintiff’s attorney just to get your business – in fact he would be the first to actually represent your case may not be ‘air-tight’.
    Studious – His legal briefs are not just boilerplate, recycled arguments; he constantly tries to improve his knowledge base, will represent your facts honestly and with utmost integrity.
    Relentless – He is not afraid of opposing counsel when he discovers inherent gaps or weaknesses in their responsive documents or obvious factual omissions on cross-examination.
    Invincible – An often understated quality, not necessarily a legal term; his confidence shines in everything he approaches, whether in filed pleadings or in front of a packed courtroom.
    Diplomatic – He knows when subtle, pertinent case facts predominate, then he must take alternate positions that wear down defense teams in the heat of the battle.
    Efficacious – After obtaining necessary undergraduate and law degrees from top-tier universities, his years of hard-work and perseverance, in a difficult and often misunderstood profession he truly embraces, demonstrate why this ‘everyman’ attorney will represent you effectively.

  • The BEST employment attorney I've known.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vickie

    I don’t typically write reviews, but I have to say that Dan Feder is the BEST employment attorney I’ve known. He is extremely helpful, kind, knowledgeable, understanding (and not pretentious in any way). I have retained and consulted with Dan and he has given me excellent advice. I’m grateful for his services. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs representation for an employment case.

  • this is true.

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was a client of this Attorney for over 2 yrs. He was not concern about anything else but his fees and his 45%. In my early settlement mediation he made inappropriate statements about the reason the case should be settled. The second chair associate at this lawyer's firm called me frantic because they lost a case that was similar to mine. She stated that the case was not as challenging as mine. If I would agree to a smaller amount they would give me a certain amount. The associate was hasty and would not stop talking when I tried to asked a question the associated over talked me. In 2 years they did not return one phone call I always had to wait for them to get in touch with me. I never saw a shred of evidence the Defense had against me and I asked both of them. They just made up excuses as to why. Once they were to depose one of the defense witnesses. I requested she ask some questions about something I remembered she refused. They gave me a list of documents the defense needed from me. I handed in all the documents to another attorney that accompanied me to my deposition, the associate I worked with was on vacation. Weeks later the Defense requested it again I told her I had given it to the other Attorney. She told me I had not because it had not been requested yet. My printer was broken so she made me come into the office and reprint everything more than what they actually needed. It took hours she kept glancing at her watch. The next date at the depo she stated that she had found the documents I had turned in earlier. We gave the Defense my letters in which they turned around and used against me in the depo. All she had to do was check my file. I felt as if I could never state my opinions she once told me excuses me that is just stupid, I'm sorry that is just stupid! I was saying something about the defense tactics. Mr. Feder was more than 30 mins. late to the Early Mediation Hearing. I sat in there by myself, all the parties of the Defense were there. The Defense had wrote a statement which was given to Mr. Feder he said it was something from the Housewives. I asked if I could read it he just ignored me and put his hands on it and started talking about his new wine business. I had to make up some of my own arguments he really was not saying anything. I found out that I was scheduled for another mediation they never told me about. The day co- council called me frantic she had just come from court she acted as if this was our last chance and it was the end of everything. I had emailed her back that I was at work. It was really busy that day too, she could have email me. I feel like they purposely kept you in the dark so you have to negotiate their way. They don't say the words but you definitely know you don't have a say. I feel completely duped by them.

  • Law Offices of Daniel Feder - Fantastic!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jan

    We have worked with Dan Feder and his team for quite a few years now and have nothing but praise for them. He and his team are true professionals and work very hard for their clients achieving wonderful results! We highly recommend them to all!