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Anat Resnik

Anat Resnik’s reviews

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  • Execellant Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl B

    Anat did an amazing job, helping me with my recent Divorce settlement.
    She was able through her knowledge of the law to get me everything and more than I was entitled too.
    I was very nervous but Anat made me feel very comfortable.
    She is a very competent and thorough attorney.
    I have already referred her to other clients.

  • Why you must use Anat Resnik!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Anat is a true gem in a cesspool of horrible divorce attorneys.
    I only wish I had her 8 years ago, when I first went through my divorce.
    Recently she helped me resolve a custody issue, and I finally felt like someone had my back.
    Excellent communicator, kind, and yet strong enough to fight for you. A must use attorney!

  • Great experience with Anat Resnik

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Choosing the right lawyer makes a world of difference, as I found out. Until I hired Anat Resnik, I found the process of divorce convoluted and intimidating, all this paperwork, the disclosures, the hearings. With her intelligent and concise manner, Anat shed light into the steps and gave me guidance through a very difficult time. She was compassionate, fair and always available with advice to help me make the right decisions. I think she is an excellent attorney and would highly recommend her.

  • Anat Resnik, an Exemplary Legal Family Attorney That's Trustworthy!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mrs. Christopher

    My husband and I were living in HELL after hiring several incompetent family attorneys who came highly recommend to us. Although we are a 'working class family' I later turned to three high end law firms for referrals to ensure I obtain good counsel and they all suggested Ms. Resnik. Out of the 14 attorneys I interviewed, Ms. Resnik was the ONLY attorney that established a rough outline of the results of our child support expectation within the same phone conversation. Although we were pleased with her initial assessment, at our final order, Ms. Resnik saved us an additional 40% on our support than she initially estimated. More importantly not only is she EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE, but she treated us like we were her only client. We were overwhelmed by how detailed and attentive she was. This attorney is NO NONSENSE and was a formidable opponent to apposing counsel. This was THE MOST emotional experience we have ever had to endure and Ms. Resnik took it out of our hands and gave us a great outcome. We feel better secured for any subsequent Family Court hearings as we now have our 'safety net' with a competent attorney who actually cares.

    Mrs. Christopher

  • Ms. Resnick is one of the very best divorce attorneys in Los Angeles.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven

    Ms. Resnick was in my corner every step of the way. It was a difficult time emotionally and she was a steady guide. Actually, if Imhad followed her advice earlier, my divorce would have been over months earlier. In the end, her knowledge of the law and her willingness to work aggressively on my behalf facilitAted a very satisfactory outcome. I give her my highest recommendation. A superb lawyer.

  • Anat Resnik got State of California to pay me back with a check!! WOW!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve Oquendo

    End of November I was being garnished 50% from my paycheck. State said I owed about $27,000 in "back child support". I couldn't get out of this big debt hole on my own. I was referred by a friend to Anat Resnik. Anat reviewed my case. She is attentive, advised me on the risks and benefits of each potential strategy in the case. Finally met someone with whom I can candidly share the details of my life without fear of judgement. Anat set up a court trial promptly. I won my case before noon and got me more visitation rights with my son and convinced the court to write off $27,000 owed. Anat even got the State of California to write me a check for the other garnished checks .Simply Amazing! I couldn't believe this when I got the mail 2 weeks later. I strongly recommended Anat to everyone. I can happily go on with my life and cherish more time with my only son. I am content. Blessed to find an effective lawyer that works hard to get results. THANK YOU!

  • Amazing Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adrian K.

    After two years with my original divorce attorney who was clearly not capable of handling my case, I fired her, did some research and found Anat Resnik and WOW what a difference. We met at her office for a consultation and explained to her where my case currently stood. In hearing what she had to say, I felt a lot better about my divorce. Her experience and knowledge was clearly evident and she became my new attorney. I had to go back to court several more times but defiantly felt better about my case. In court, Anat was professional, knowledgeable and did not back down, unlike my first attorney, and was able to get rulings in our favor. This was amazing; I finally had some faith in the court system. I have had attorneys in the past, but Anat is truly different. She always took the time to explain to me the legal process, our game plan and always did her best to get the outcome we needed. I am truly thankful she was my attorney; she went above and beyond for me and truly cared about what I was going through.
    I highly recommend Anat Resnik for a family law attorney.

  • Life Saver!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Aida

    I've been helping my Mom with her divorce case and was referred to Anat. She is beyond the most professional & knowledgeable attorney we have worked with. My mom is highly stressed and frustrated (as anyone who is going through a divorce process must know) so its difficult to keep her calm, but Anat is always extremely nice and patient. She always answers our questions and she makes you feel confident. You will finally feel like someone cares! She is 10000% on your side and will fight for you. We are so grateful. I would recommend her firm to anyone who needs any family law help.

  • Powerful, Tenacious, Intelligent!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David and Cynthia

    Remember those old movies when the wagon train was caught out in the desert, and the guys with the black hats (bad guys) were destroying them; an out of the blue came the Calvary. We were in the same horrible scenario. The major difference was we were dealing with an accused molester, who had legal power over and a twisted sexual interest in our 3 year old grandson. As grandparents we found ourselves in a hell beyond description, and on the losing end of a court system that seemed deaf and totally insensitive to the words, we knew to be true, of our darling grandson.
    Everything we tried to do to protect our grandson was nullified by the court. We were too quick to move and we did not understand how the system worked. The details of this case are not necessary to cover. What is necessary to cover is the Calvary that showed up for us. One Friday, after we left the court absolutely certain that we had lost the case; we heard the sound of bugles... in the form of a very powerful woman. Our Calvary had arrived ….Anat Resnick. From that day forward we never left the court room losers. On each and every point we found ourselves, due to Anat and her Gatling Gun Mind, finally, winning.
    Her strategy, work ethic, determination and overall just caring, was amazing. In all our dealings with attorneys we have never encountered someone like Anat. Whatever it took, she did. There were times when we only had 15 minutes to prepare for very serious hearings and Anat would have us ready. We have worked with many lawyers and always found it difficult to reach them, to find out what was going on and to understand the language that they use. THIS WAS NEVER THE CASE WITH ANAT. She was always available to us, always willing to explain as many times as it took for us to understand, to take our input into strategy and inform us in what we might expect once we hit the court room. She would also point out the intricacies of written court orders where we thought we had lost that round, and in fact we had won. I could go into great detail on her court room skills, brilliance and untiring resolve but you must have a sense of the grace and power of Anat by now.
    I have heard and told countless jokes about the sleaziness of lawyers, I think I'm going to stop telling those jokes. Anat has shown us that our belief system pertaining to many lawyers, was completely wrong. She restored our faith in humankind, the legal system, and oversaw the protection of our grandchild in a way that we will never, ever, forget.

  • Anat Resnik: Rising Star, Super Lawyer 5 STARS

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mariesa

    I have a renewed trust in the law and in humanity. Anat Resnik has restored my faith in the legal system, as well as my belief in the goodness of people. I have only retained Anat for the past few months but she has already done so much for me, my son, and our family. My previous legal representation never took my calls, never asked my opinion, never acted in my best interest, and certainly never treated me with dignity and respect. Ms Resnik is the antithesis of the money-grubbing, self-absorbed legal shark that is more interested in their billable hour, rather than the welfare of their client. Ms Resnik is a light in an otherwise dark professional world. She has always conducted herself as we are part of team, unified in a singular goal, to bring the truth to light and to have justice prevail. Anat works long hours, is always professional and empathetic, values my opinion while guiding me through this stressful and daunting process, but also knows how to be a genuine and understanding human being. Ms Resnik is heralded by her peers as an exemplary and hard working lawyer who enriches the lives of her clients and colleagues, praise that is well-deserved. She has been awarded the 'super lawyer, rising star' award for lawyers under the age of 40 by her fellow lawyers and members of the bar, which she deserves. I simply cannot say enough positive things about Ms Resnik, but you will understand where my admiration stems from when you retain her and spend even the smallest amount of time with her. She is an angel and I will always be indebted to her.