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Nicholas Lubchenco

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  • Went above and beyond what an attorney is “required” to do

    5.0 stars

    Posted by lena

    I was referred to Nick Lubchenco's office by a friend of mine after having a traumatic experience with a previous lawyer. Upon first contact I found his office staff to be very kind, compassionate and understanding. They quickly obtained an appointment date for me. The first time I met Nick, he was extremely attentive to my legal needs. During my consultation he reviewed all my information and was very honest about what he felt the best case scenario would be. Any time I had a question or concern Nick would respond to me the same day either via phone or E-mail. On the day of my court appearance he was there before me and was fully versed on my particular case, he briefed me on what he was going to present to the judge and the plan of action was discussed in detail with me so I felt confident upon entering the courtroom with his tenacious representation. Nick went above and beyond what an attorney is “required” to do. I have and will continue to highly recommend Nick to anyone facing legal consequences and is looking for the best defense possible.

  • Don't Waste Your Money

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Meagan

    The purpose of a lawyer is to make sure laws are fair and just; my sentence was neither of those.

    Nick L. way overcharges for a DUI case; his effort, negotiation skills, and overall performance is less than one star.

    Nick may understand the process of law and can explain this to you very well (while talking a big game to get your business) but he doesn't understand how to defend, negotiate, and be an advocate on your behalf. He is very passive and just accepts what they say/offer.

    PLEASE do your research and hire someone who will act on your behalf. My job was to show up to court - that's what he did.

  • Hire Nicholas Lubchenco

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I highly recommend Nicholas Lubchenco for representation. He helped me from the moment I called and made introductions, striking me at the get-go as somebody who was down-to-earth and willing to fight to win. I met him several times leading up to my DUI trial (refusal-based) and he was always available with as much time as needed to devise strategies moving forward. I made the decision to take my case to trial and Nick was motivated and prepared every step of the way to represent me. He was articulate and comfortable on the courtroom floor, and fought my case all the way to an acquittal. If you're looking for an attorney with experience and knowledge, uninhibited by ego or high rates, who will have the gumption and ability to fight your case and win, I can't recommend Mr. Lubchenco enough or the LKB law firm.

  • Helped me through the hardest time of my life, put me at ease, and WON.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by D.S.W.

    I could not be more thrilled with the work that Nick did regarding my case, nor could I recommend Lubchenco, Kendrick, & Baldridge more.

    I was falsely arrested for multiple charges, including DUI. What is most unfortunate is that it was done at the hands of a police officer who maintained these falsities and omissions not only in the police report, but at my DMV hearing and on the stand during my motions hearing in criminal court. Obviously, my case was a complex one and carried heavy charges, but Nick never let the weight of the case slow him down.

    For over a year—and through five different District Attorneys—Nick truly believed in my innocence and valiantly fought for me. He constantly dug deeper and deeper to find even the smallest shred of evidence that proved my innocence. In so doing, he was able to convince the final District Attorney (and the judge) to drop all charges against me in the name of justice, just five days before my jury trial was set to begin. He never gave up on me or my case, no matter how much the odds were stacked against me.

    With that being said, Nick was always completely honest with me (which, in turn, made me comfortable being honest with him). He did not get my hopes up by guaranteeing me a win in court, but he promised he would do whatever he could to ensure I had the best chance of winning. I appreciated his honesty; I do not believe I would have remained so level-headed throughout the course of those 13 months had he promised me the world or kept me in the dark.

    Lastly, Nick was always available, even for the most trivial questions and concerns. He gave me not only strong legal representation, but he also served as a positive support system. As these charges threatened my career—and my life!—I cannot thank him enough for all he has done the past year.

  • The Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jay

    Being a do-it-yourself kind of guy, after being released following my arrest, I immediately began reviewing statutes and collecting data relevant to my case. As this was my “3rd DUI in a lifetime”, I soon learned I was in serious trouble. I NEEDED A LAWYER. I interviewed several attorneys over the phone, none of which I felt totally comfortable with placing my future in their hands. The human touch was missing. Then I solicited recommendations from friends and family….

    Nick came highly recommended by a friend I have in the Colorado Judicial System. He was presented as the “resident ‘expert’ DUI attorney”. Later I learned he even provides DUI defense training to the State Public defender’s Office. After my initial consultation, I KNEW I had chosen the right defense attorney.

    Very appealing to me was his interest and appreciation of the science behind blood-alcohol testing. He knew the equipment used to test my blood-alcohol level. (by function, analytical process, reliability, and model number) He was intimately familiar with all of the field sobriety tests – the ones that were administered to me and the ones that could have been. He knew them so well, it seemed like he used to be a DUI cop. He explained he has been trained and certified to perform field sobriety tests. No wonder.

    I gave him all the data I had acquired and completely let go of trying to solve my own problem. – I comfortably put it all in his hands. Not sure I have ever trusted someone so much after knowing them for such a short time.

    Nick explained all the defense alternatives/strategies and possible outcomes. Through the process, he went to the various hearings for me/with me, keeping me fully informed along the way. As my trial date approached, he offered what he perceived to be the outcomes of each defense alternative. He did not pressure me in any way to choose what course to take. He gave me his opinions and let me decide. If I would have decided to fight the charges and plead innocent, he would have gladly (and enthusiastically) pursued that avenue. I instead chose to plea bargain. I could not risk my 25+year professional career on the unlikely but possible, guilty verdict at trial – Nick felt he could get the best outcome allowed by law. And he did. I was extremely happy. I will consult Mr. Lubchenco every time I have ANY legal needs.

    Throughout, Nick welcomed any questions I had (and I had many). he responded promptly to every email I sent him, providing clear concise answers to the questions they contained. I was always thankful and he would tell me: “That is an important part of the services I provide. – to do my best to remove the mystery and surprise from the process. To reduce the worry my clients may have.” And he really did. He told me to contact him anytime he can be of any assistance, and I will.

    Thanks Nick. :)

  • Happy Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Zelda

    He answered all my questions and concerns without judgment. He made me feel calm and I found him to be very professional and over all; genuine. I feel lucky to have found him, and I trust his process.

  • Successful resolution of a criminal case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    We live outside the US and needed a lawyer to help my son who was involved in a minor criminal incident while visiting Colorado. We were naturally nervous about blindly hiring a lawyer wthout any personal contact. Nicholas immediately put us at ease during that first telephone conversation and we chose him from among three attorneys we spoke with. He was extremely attentive throughout the whole process, promptly answering my many Emails with clear and to-the-point responses. He was very honest about his fees and, most importantly, he got the job done. In fact, he did such a good job that the D.A. decided to drop charges and the judge dismissed the case. I Highly recommend Nicholas.

  • Get a litigator, not just an attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stanton

    When circumstances are unfair, get the right representation. An experienced litigator could make a difference in your defense, I am convinced that the services provided me were top notch. Ultimately we were successful because of the experience and reputation that Nick Lubchenco and his associates at LKB bring to the table.

    Nick is soft spoken, a good listener and a very effective speaker. His knowledge and compassion are evident. Nick made a negative legal problem turn out well. His attention to detail and follow through were of great value.

    I confidently recommend the representation Nick and LKB provide.Their experience in multiple arenas of the law is to your benefit. If circumstances develop that you need a lawyer, you will be pleased with your representation from LKB. They are understanding; will explain your rights and the system you face. Then defend you vigorously.

    Contact Nick directly, you will be pleased with their services.

  • Excellent Laywers

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    I received a domestic violence charge for an argument I had with my girlfriend that the cops blew way out of proportion. I immediately called Nick and Kris to help me with these shenanigans. During that time I was also caught and arrested for drinking on bond and violating a restraining order. My girlfriend standing behind me this whole time never wanted any charges filed. I was then facing 2 years jail time for the violation and a minimum 2 years in jail for the domestic violence. For the violation Nick was able to get me a deal pleading guilty to drinking on bond and they dropped the restraining order violation. We then went to court for the domestic violence charge which we were preparing to take to trial if we didn’t get what we wanted. After a lot of the time with the DA he finally steered them in the right direction, they dropped the restraining order and I only received probation for everything. Throughout the entire case Nick and Kris always communicated with me and my girlfriend about all the options and were amazing. They are affordable, very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend them, and I would use them again if god forbid I ever have any other run ins with the law.

  • He said he could help, but never expected what happened! He's incredible!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jean-Marc

    I received a careless driving ticket (no accident and no explanation), then a speeding ticket 3 weeks later, sigh. When i went to court for the careless, the judge said she couldn't reduce anything!! WHA!
    I said not guilty and got out of there. Spoke to a law firm, they told me minimum would be a grand. O_O, ouch. posted on here for some advice, he was the second one who responded. He knew what had happened right away said to not worry (too much). When we met i brought up the speeding, he shrugged and thru it in with the careless. One week later he calls and says he spoke to the DA, and do i want to go in as an "addon" the next day!!!!! I met him at the court house (I was a little late, parking's impossible!!) He smiled, we went in, waited a bit got up there. The Judge knew him from when he was a Public Defender, big smile from his honor. Long story ready for this???? Careless= THROWN OUT! Speeding reduced to half, WHOA.
    $150 fine and court costs (only on one ticket, the other was thrown out). I swear i was going to pass out if we didn't get out of there! But , the judge wanted to chat with Nicholas for 5 minutes, and see how he was doing, hows the family....hehe.
    Would I recommend him? Already have-5 times!!
    Will I use him again? OfCourse! (hopefully not soon!)
    ThankYou, Nicholas!!