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Matthew Bruce Lewis

Matthew Lewis’s reviews

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  • Hands down, Matt Lewis is the best!! Do NOT hesitate call Matt now!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tammi

    First,I just want to say, call Matt right now. He has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and is always calm, cool and collective. Matt knows exactly what he is doing and usually the other side as well. The entire Work comp process is extremely confusing and can get very messy rather quickly, Matt handles it all in stride. I actually felt bad for needing a lawyer but when you become injured, YOUR work and THEIR insurance carrier no longer cares about you or your recovery. NOTHING matters except saving their money. Period!! Matt fights for YOU and this is obviously a passion for Mr. Lewis. His work and expansive knowledge of the work comp system and laws reflect that. Matt always kept me up to date and responded to my many, many emails promptly. He fought very hard for me and was always professional and courteous.

    Hired attorney
  • 5 Stars for Matt Lewis! Wonderful Caring and Informative and Responsive!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sharon

    Initially I went to Bailey & Galyen for Worker's Comp since I didn't know where to go and they seemed reputable from an online ad. They were supposed to do a Skype interview with the location in Arlington where it was done. They had difficulties so we did a conference call. Assistant for Kim (lawyer) spoke with us. He was very polite and acted like they could help me get my back surgery approved from incident at work back in February. They said they would contact me immediately about a doctor I could see who would take care of me and never did, only calls from several medication companies asking for me to use them which is not what I needed. I called them and receptionist in Arlington was very rude when I called and kept interrupting me and not letting explain what I needed. The person we initially spoke with never spoke with us again and Jose who was supposed to be helping me acted like I was annoying him when he finally answered the phone and said I needed to give him time and he only had the case a couple weeks ago and gave me no info at all. I told him I just wanted to update him and let him know the latest info but he just kept repeating he needed time. I called a week or two later again and again receptionist was very rude and was told he would call back and never did for a week. I called again another week later and they finally got another person to speak with me and he was polite and answered a basic question but still no return call or info on my case. Same again a week later and they said Jose wasn't there but somehow he arrived after waiting to speak with any other person and he said he had no info from my doctor. I called my doctor and asked them to call because they said they had no info. My doctor office called me back saying they told him they had already received everything they needed. My husband heard a commercial on sports radio about an attorney, so I desperately called them. They said they no longer handled Worker's Comp cases but referred me to a previous competitor who they said a lawyer would actually sit down and listen to me. I went to my appt a few weeks later to see Matt Lewis in Richardson TX from Fort Worth and it was definitely worth the drive! He was very nice and understanding and actually cares about people and understood what I was going through and told me immediately what Worker's Comp was doing to keep me from getting my surgery approved. So I'll be leaving another review for him as well since he has already contacted me a couple days later regarding a new doctor for my case and knew exactly who I was! So Matt Lewis Gets 5 stars and Bailey & Galyen 2.

  • Best workers comp lawyer in North Texas for the injured employee

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marissa

    Without Mr. Lewis I would have gotten lost in the Workers Comp system. He was able to overturn a false MMI date, get my physical therapy and medication approved following surgery, and negotiate a settlement for lost wages. None of which I could've done on my own. He not only helped me get the money they owed me, he helped me get the health care I needed. I only wish I had discovered him earlier in my case because he helped me more in six months than anyone had helped me in four years. If you're looking for someone who you can trust, I definitely recommend Mr. Lewis.

  • Please take the time to read. An honest review from an honest person.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    If you're reading this, it means your questioning if you should get an attorney or not.(just like I did and everybody does) First,I just want to say, call Matt right now. He has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and knows what he's doing. Work comp, the laws, guidelines etc.. it's all very complex to the average person.
    Once your injured, YOUR work and Your insurance carrier no longer cares as much about you or your recovery, ALL they care about is saving money. Period!!
    I'm just going to make a list of things that make Matt the best person to call.
    - 99% of the time I got a personal call from Matt himself keeping me up to date.
    - Matt never promised me the world, just fought very hard for me.
    - Very courteous
    - VERY professional
    - Very prompt
    - VERY knowledgable

    ** if your fortunate to have Matt take your case the chances of a favorable outcome, just greatly improved.

    Work comp and it's process is a nightmare.
    Best wishes,

  • Workers Compensation Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ashley

    Matt and his fellow co-workers at his firm are very down to earth people. Matt was my attorney for over a year. It can be said that Matt is one of a kind. When I think of an Attorney greedy, liar, misleading and so on comes to mind. I actually had a horrible experience with another attorney prior to finding Matt. Working with Matt has really change my perspective on that. He took my case even though he knew it was already a "messy" case becasue of the previous attorny made a mess. He still said he would help me He is the type of persone that genuinely cares about his clients. He makes sure you get the help you need. He goes over and beyond to get the job that needs to be done the right way. Even when the situation gets sticky he always stayed calm. He knew what he was doing and how to do it. I can honestly say that with out his help, I would not be where I have gotten to today. Words can not express enough how thankful I am for all that was done for me. This happend beacse Matt Lewis did not give up on me when most would. He Is someone I would reccoment to friends and family and use again.

  • Exemplary service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jimena

    His exemplary service, professionalism and goodness of heart are very much appreciated.
    The case he helped me with was not a case of significant monetary gain. It was more a case of principles, of doing the right thing and of following the law. However, in spite of that and to my amazement, Mr. Lewis offered to take the case not for a small fee or to be paid later on, but for free! That in itself is amazing and unheard of these days. There was time involved reviewing the documents, attending two hearings and preparing the case. For any lawyer that time is not insignificant. This kind and generous gesture of him reflects the kind of person he is and for that he deserves all my admiration and gratitude.
    Once the case against the insurance carrier was decided in my favor as expected and I received a small amount of money, I felt it was my moral duty to offer that sum to him for his exemplary services. To my continuing admiration, instead, he refused to take the sum simply because he had already offered to take the case for free, so he kept his word.
    What an honor and a blessing it has been for me to have Mr. Lewis represent me. It is a pleasure to recommend his services to anyone needing the kind of help he is highly qualified to provide.

  • " A Lawyer With Integrity And Character "

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brenda

    Matthew has been my lawyer for over two years now and is a wonderful person outside his profession as well as on the inside of his profession. He is extremely gifted and talented in the knowledge of workers comp. If anybody can get you through it, he can. One thing i can truly say about this man is that he really cares about his clients. I have had two ombudsman and i told them up front i did not trust them. I sent an online email and Mr. Lewis was the attorney who responded to it. I always tell him how much he is appreciated and how much i love him as a person of integrity and character. God knew i needed the best and he sent him to me via my email. He is very patient and and knows how to do his job without being vicious although i am quite certain he can be if the need arises. So i say hats off to Mr. Lewis. There were a few times i have used him as a lashing post then had to tell him i am sorry, and he always told me he understands the mental frustrations we go through. I am very proud to say that my lawyer is Mr. Matthew B Lewis.

  • MR LEWIS IS AMAZING, Fought for me hard, and WON like something you would see on tv

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jordan

    I got hurt on the job, and my boss had employees write statements against me, even lies, and it didn’t look good at all. Mr. Lewis took all the evidence they had against me, and totally made it clear that the facts at hand were if I got hurt or not, and I did on the paperwork it showed I got hurt and even though they had several witnesses lying on me and attorneys to fight me, Mr. Lewis single handedly beat them all. His litigation skills are excellent. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was like a movie.

  • Someone Who Finally Cares

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gary

    I have been battleing CNA Insurance Co. of Dallas since January 2000. I was injured while at work and the W/C carrier was CNA. I made the common mistake of thinking that I could represent myself in what turned into a huge battle against a very large IIns. Co. and a nobody like me. Year after year I was subject to harrassment, lies, deceite and pure neglect by a company who's job it was to insure that my health and quality of life could be as close to normal as could be before my injury. They have refused to pay bills to a surgeon that saved my life literally for an emergency surgery done while I was in Oklahoma. Their excuse was, "The paper work wasn't done right" They were able to steal $22,000.00 from me in SIB's benefits because " The paperwork wasn't done right." They have approved medical treatment on me and then refused to pay for follow-up treatment to keep me from life-threatning withdrawl symptoms medical device they approved 3 weeks eariler..
    I was referred to Matt by a friend who was sure that I could use Matt's experience and aggressiveness in helping me fight for what was legally and rightfully mine. Nobody and I mean NOBODY would listen to me when I asked for help. "Injured Employee Counsel", what a joke. Remember, all their paychecks are signed by the same person. When I hired Matt, that was the smartest thing I could have ever done. NOW, I have someone who can help me bare this burden. I mean that I have, at times, thought I was going to loose my mind, however the Ins. Co. would not pay for a Psychiatrist to see me.
    All that changed when I informed everybody that I had retained Matt. People began to listen. Somethings began going my way. I even felt alittle bit of cooperation theother day. LISTEN,If you are having problems with you're W/C Carrier, call Matt Lewis. If II don't ever see a penny from all this, it was the smartest thing I could have ever done. What a burden off my shoulders. Thank You, Matt.

  • Outstanding Performance

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Car Accident client

    I have used Matt exclusively for the past 5 years, due to using other attorneys for different cases and was not pleased with their competence. He keeps me up to date with the progress of the case in a timely manner, without me having to constantly call. The outcome has always been as he said it would be from the start. Even cases that are not in his field of expertise, he refers them and follows through until the case is completed to my satisfaction. His compensation has always been fair and reasonable. I would HIGHLY recommend his services