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What Goes In A Letter of Causation For A Texas Workers' Compensation Case?

When you have to prove your injuries before a judge, or pursue an extent of injury dispute, in a Texas workers' compensation claim, you have to have medical evidence of the cause of your injury. In the Texas system, this is generally called a letter of causation. It is simply a letter that a doctor writes for you to put into evidence instead of providing testimony. This letter has to address the mechanism of your injury, how the diagnosis was made, what forces were involved in the injury event, and how those forces acted upon your body to cause the injuries that you have. This video provides an example and further discussion of this type of evidence.

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The Texas workers' comp system is so complex that it is hard to understand...even for the people that deal with it every day. I decided to write a book to help injured workers understand their rights and what needs to be done to get the medical treatment and benefits necessary to survive a work injury in Texas. The link for a free download is below.

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