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Carl O. Gunnstaks

Carl Gunnstaks’s reviews

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    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Gunnstaks was my attorney in a child custody case. He was unresponsive to our requests for assistance. An example is when we were asked to fill out lengthy forms of discovery, he just told us to fill them out to them entirely. We did not agree and thought they were asking for information that was not pertinent to the case. We actually had to hire another lawyer to ask for advice on how to fill out the forms. He was not knowledgeable or prepared. When we went to mediation, he showed up without any of our documents, and asked my husband to go get our copy from home, which my husband did while Gunnstaks ate snacks from the opposing counsels fridge. He was of no asssistance during the entire meeting. He was expensive, did not keep us informed, did not represent us well, and I would never recommend him to anyone.

  • Authentic and Talented

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Luke, where do I start? We threw a very complex and ugly custody case at him and he did not flinch or miss a beat! He's sharp, confident, talented and probably the one and only true fathers' rights lawyer in the state of Texas!! Luke and his team were very professional and comprehensive in the way they took care of us. They went above and beyond in preparing us to be the best people we could possibly be. After going through 3 lawyers before, who did not understand our case, were just going through the motions while counting their money, we almost didn't believe Luke was for real. We expected that we were going to have to spend a lot of our time training him, briefing him, reminding him, and just handing over all our money. This was not the case at all. He understood the dynamics of our case, better than we did! He's enabled my husband and I to sleep at night and live a much greater quality of life. We got what we wanted out of the legal proceedings and didn't even have to go to court!! Now, whenever we have a concern about anything, we just call Luke and we know he has our back. The other great thing is that he doesn't just disappear after the case is over. We know he's still there because he checks up on us.

  • A Great Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tobias

    The most important qualities of an attorney are trustworthiness and competence. Both apply to Luke far beyond average, as they do to any good lawyer. But what makes an excellent lawyer is that he cares and goes the extra mile for his client, he becomes a pillar of support for the family. That is what Luke did for us, and what was important for us after we were disappointed by a number of local lawyers who put us in a bad situation. Over the course of the case, Luke turned out to be sort of a life coach, and I am sure he helped me become a better parent. The first thing that Luke told us was to be diligent about gathering evidence that can be helpful in the custody situation. During the deposition phase, the opposing party intentionally delayed the delivery of the social study until the night before the deposition of a key witness. Luke stayed up most of the night to read the report and came well prepared to the deposition. There are lawyers who are mostly concerned with generating income for themselves. Luke is not one of them. He only does work that is necessary for the case and will recommend against activities that are not helpful for the case, and every minute of work is documented and accounted for in the very detailed statements.

    In summary, Luke is proof that you can win in court while maintaining your ethical standards and dignity, and protect your children from the ugliness of a family law case. That is more than I can say about any lawyer I have ever met. Thank you, Luke!

  • Completely Amazed and Satisfied Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by C Raymond

    When I selected Mr. Gunnstaks; I was searching for a mouth piece; a law firm to expose the blatant misuse of the law by my former spouse. Representation by Gunnstaks Law Office allows me to team with Mr. Gunnstaks brilliant knowledge of family law and the legal system. Carl is an expert at strategic planning and a master of depositions. The Gunnstak's team is extraordinary, personable and accessible. Carl and company have stuck with me through thick, thin and the incomprehensible.