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Daniel Dean Brogdon

Daniel Brogdon’s reviews

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  • Made me feel important!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    Worsham Law Firm has an excellent reputation in SW Missouri. I hired Dan because I'd heard great things about the firm. Dan and Ashley made me feel like I was their only client. Other lawyers told me I couldn't get sole custody, but Dan and Ashley not only gave me hope, but delivered! I highly recommend Worsham Law Firm!

    Hired attorney
  • Frustrating and Unprofessional

    1.0 star

    Posted by Anthony

    I hired Mr. Brogdon in April of 2014 when I was being served with a paternity suit in Springfield, MO. I had just recently moved to Denver, CO for work and needed someone I could trust and rely upon in Missouri since I couldn't be there myself. He started out helpful and attentive, even acting with a sense of urgency and I was impressed with his work.

    Unfortunately, his work rate dropped off precipitously after the initial effort he put in and I spent the next 9 months upset, confused, and desperate for progress or answers. Specifically, I left several messages over the course of a few months and, despite assurances from his paralegal, never once received a phone call in return. The only times I ever received a call from his office was when they wanted to collect on the latest invoice. Each time they called me for payment I would oblige and then ask to speak to him. In response I always told "he will get right back to you." And still he never called me. I wasn't asking for much, just an explanation of the events as they unfolded and what to expect next. I wanted assurances that things were progressing well and none came. Instead, Mr. Brogdon would wait upwards of 4-5 business days before posting something on my personal MyCase account. He would be vague and completely inattentive to my needs or requests.

    I ended up having to hire a different lawyer in Colorado for advice and information on options because I could not trust Mr. Brogdon to do so. Then, when I asked about the things my local lawyer told me to address, Mr. Brogdon would either ignore me or respond in a derisive and condescending manner, neither of which provided any concrete solutions, just more frustration and anxiety on my part. Furthermore, I ended up doing all the work to organize paternity tests, teleconferences for mediation, as well as post-mediation negotiations (the plaintiff did not follow the agreed upon mediation agreement and decided to start changing things without my approval), and even had to proofread/reword documents. I say this because, when asked if the Parenting Agreement (which had no less than 15 errors) was up to snuff, Mr. Brogdon answered to the affirmative, which only furthered my distrust in him as a competent attorney.

    The case was eventually settled the day prior to the actual trial date which was a relief, but it didn't need to drag on that long. The plaintiff in my case actually repeatedly attacked me for stalling and dragging my feet when it was Mr. Brogdon's actions (or inactions rather) that were causing any and all holdups. It was already a nightmare situation to start, but Mr. Brogdon ensured that it would not get better, only more aggravating.

    So, in short, here is what to expect from Mr. Brogdon if you decide to hire him:

    1) You will end up doing all the work by yourself.
    2) He will not actually review anything on your behalf. You must double check his work.
    3) He will never return a phone call and his response time on MyCase will be abysmal.
    4) He will never respect you, your opinion, or anything you have to say. To him, you are a nuisance. But, he has no problems collecting his fee a day after the invoice is sent out.

    Do not spend a single cent on his legal advice or for him to represent you. That is, of course, if you aren't a masochist. If you are, then he is the exact lawyer you want in your corner.

    Good luck and godspeed regardless of your decision.

  • child support case/ Dan Brogdon

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vince & Donna

    I Would like to highly recommend Dan to be an attorney that would meet a clients needs. He is down to earth , thorough, honest and above all up front in all that he does and is one of the rare lawyers that can be trusted to follow through in any aspect of your case. If you have Dan you will have a good outcome that you can be sure because he is well respected and knows his stuff. He did a wonderful job for my husband and I and saw that the case was distributed fairly and worked well and evenly with his opposing counsels atty Elizabeth Warrick. Dan does and outstanding job and as far as we could tell so did Warrick. He is a sure choice if you need a good attorney.

  • Helpful and Efficient

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I'm using the level pay plan Dan offers. It lets me afford his services and still get good representation. Having a fixed payment means I won't run out of money just because my ex-spouse can afford to run up the bill. Dan does a good job.

  • Efficient and Easy to Work With

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Brogdon was easy to work with. Having access to my full file online was very helpful in quickly responding to all the tricks the other lawyer tried to pull. Dan was on top of my case and got me divorced quickly and fairly.

  • Solid Advice and Strong Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gina

    Dan gave me advice I could rely on. He told me what to expect and didn't sugar coat anything just to get hired. He showed compassion and caring for me and my kids. The level pay plan made his services affordable even in a difficult situation.

  • Dan Brogdon isn't concerned about his clients. He doesn't earn income by representing them. He charges them for churning paper.

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Dan Brogdon encouraged me to obtain dozens of witness' statements. The day before the trial, he said these statements were inadmissible because they were hearsay. Yet, he charged me hundreds of dollars for reading and handling them! In court, he didn't object when the opposition used their witness' statements yet refused to use our witness' statements.

    While Brogdon didn't bother to ask for crucial evidence during discovery, he's been relentless about charging me for needless tasks he claims to have performed.

    Brogdon refused to call any of the six witnesses who were available to testify in person on my behalf, two of whom were at the court house. Nor did he present the evidence he had asked one of them to provide.

    When my spouse walked out, he left me with all the bills, no income, no means of support and nowhere to go. Brogdon's failure to use evidence and call witnesses resulted in picture of an equitable partnership. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Brogdon's failure to address actual financial conditions resulted in a decision that appeared on paper to be an equitable division of property. In reality, my ex-husband lied about facts. The result was to leave me in a position of being $80,000.00 in debt to my former husband if I am able to re-open the business.

    After our initial meeting, it was clear Brogdon was unfamiliar with my case.

    Brogdon charged me hundreds of dollars for “trial preparation, reviewing documents, exhibits, and preparing a trial outline,” yet the day before the trial, he had no notes, outline, or trial strategy. He asked me to give him a history of my marriage up to that day. He didn’t take notes, make an outline or prepare me for questions likely to be asked.

    During the trial, Brogdon seemed preoccupied.

    I've paid Dan Brogdon about $1500. He is asking for $4080 more he claims he earned handling my case. This isn't money earned, it's money made churning paper.

    I do not recommend retaining Dan Brogdon as an attorney.