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Edward X. Clinton

Edward Clinton’s reviews

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  • Bad communication

    1.0 star

    Posted by Robyn

    I contacted this firm to take over our case. He said he needed to review our case and would get back to me. This was two weeks ago. I sent him 2 emails with no response and called him again. He again said he is reviewing it and would get back to me. That was a week ago. He just emailed me TODAY telling me he does not want the case. Well thanks a lot for the notice!!! I had to have my new counsel file an appearance by TOMORROW! Glad I didn't put all my eggs in his basket. If this is any indication how he handles his cases......beware!

    Consulted attorney
    Edward X. Clinton’s response: “This review was written not by a client, but by a person who did not retain me or my law firm. The reviewer complains that we rejected her case. The review does not give sufficient information to determine the identity of the person who posted it. In general, we decline many cases for many reasons, among them; (1) the prospective client refuses to sign our engagement letter or to tender us a retainer or deposit; (2) we become concerned that the prospective client is acting inappropriately or is asking us to do something that would be inappropriate; (3) the prospective client has failed to provide us with information in response to our reasonable requests, such as the contract at issue or the invoices at issue. Without basic information we cannot enter into an attorney-client relationship. Again, my best guess is that this particular prospective client was declined for failing to provide us with important information such as the contract at issue or failing to sign our engagement letter. One thing is certain - we do not represent anyone who fails to sign our engagement letter or who fails to give us important and necessary information. We have strict policies that prevent us from representing anyone who does not cooperate with us or who fails to sign the engagement letter. Without an engagement letter, neither the protective client nor the lawyer can be certain of the ground rules of the relationship and the prospective client does not know how much he or she will pay for the services. To proceed without an engagement letter is unfair to the lawyer and unfair to the client. In sum, we welcome this review as it confirms that we followed our procedures and adhered to the Rules of Professional Conduct.”
  • Defense of technology ownsership in Chicago District Federal Court and Oakbrook, IL Civil Court.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ronald

    Ed Clinton and his Father gave me excellent legal representation in both the venues noted. This was a long and drawn out long distance legal battle for technology that I had developed for Refinery Process and related Environmental Waste Water Recovery applications. He provided excellent legal and emotional council throughout this process. We won the Federal case by dismissal with prejuidice against an attorney from a much larger Chicago law firm. The Civil Court case followed supported by the findings from the Federal Court judge. I believe I may be the only defendant to ever be hugged by a Federal Judge as the result of Ed Clintons preparations for the court room. He did all of this on a budget that did not break the bank.

  • Outstanding lawyer who cares about his clients.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Curtis Bennett Ross

    I have known Edward X. Clinton for many years as a friend, colleague and client. His legal knowledge and ability are outstanding. His training includes a degree from Harvard Law School. time as a clerk for a Federal Court judge and years as an attorney at some of the finest law firms in the country. He really cares about his clients and what is best for them. His has a wide background in litigation, appeals and corporate law. His work for me was excellent, timely and very reasonable in cost.

  • Terrible representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Hiring this lawyer was the worst mistake I ever made. He was retained to represent me in a post-decree child support hearing. He never got the discovery he needed and the judge realized he was unprepared for the hearing so it got continued. However, the judge was mad and also cut the child support to less than half on an "emergency" basis. Only problem is that Ed withdrew a couple of weeks before the continued hearing date and left me without a lawyer, with a huge cut in the child support, and no money or time to hire anyone else. Worst part? He then came after me for thousand of dollars in attorney fees. I really don't think he knows what he is doing, but I was duped by the high brow degrees.

    Edward X. Clinton’s response: “This review was posted anonymously and I cannot be sure of the identity of the person who posted it. I suspect that this is a former family law client of my firm. While I cannot comment on this specific matter, I would note that I must sometimes withdraw from a case when the client does not cooperate with me or when the client takes actions that are disruptive or self-destructive. I only withdraw from a case after multiple attempts to get the client to comply with reasonable requests for cooperation and/or payment.”