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Vanessa Lopez Aguilera

Vanessa Aguilera’s reviews

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  • Amazing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    Vanessa is an amazing attorney with an incredible staff. She advised me and helped me stay the course when I was ready to just give in and forget everything. She helped get more than I expected from the divorce but most of all she helped me get my daughter. Because of Vanessa and her team I will not be just a weekend dad.

    Hired attorney
  • Straight forward and thorough

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lindsey

    Vanessa was straight forward from the beginning of my case. I chose her because she represents so many Father's and I really wanted someone who would do what was best and fair for my son.

    My case was solely child support, but Vanessa and her staff made sure we were fully prepared for court. When the father did not submit accurate financial information, Vanessa and her staffed made it a point to gather relavent and correct information around his financials by directly contacting his employer.

    Vanessa prepared me for court by letting me know what to expect and what questions to be prepared to answer. Vanessa is a fantastic lawyer and an even more fantastic person. She supports the community in which she works and is extremely involved with her clients. If you need a family lawyer who will be honest and take your case seriously - Vanessa is your person.

  • Excellent Service and Dedication

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Emily

    Ms. Lopez and her staff took the time to fully understand my situation and my case. I always received personal and prompt attention to any concerns or pressing matters that I felt needed immediate attention. She was successful in getting me everything I needed to resolve my case. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her or use her services again in the future.

  • Professional service with a personal touch

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeffrey

    Working with Vanessa and her team is such a pleasant experience. The situations prompting the need for a family lawyer can be stressful and the last thing that one would need is for your lawyer to complicate that. Vanessa stays in contact through every aspect of the process and involves you at the key decision points. She is very candid while being kind. She was very punctual and kept all of the timelines that she promised; often over-delivering. Her staff is just as friendly, professional, and kind.

  • A++ Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hector

    I am a divoring father with 3 children, 2 of whom were classified as special need. My case was very complicated but Vanessa really understood what I wanted for my children and protected me during this entire process. Being a professional and working some nights and weekends did not help my case at all and it was recommended by a custody evaluator that my "parenting time" follow the Indiana Parenting Guidelines. Fortunately, Vanessa has much knowledge and experience in family law and medication and she was able to provide a great outcome, especially when the odds were not in my favor. Thanks to her, I now have fifty percent shared custody of my children and they will be living in close proximity to me. She was able to turn this loosing battle into a winning situation.

    I would highly recommed Vanessa Lopez to anyone who is divorcing, especially if you have kids. You will need legal representation and she will not only guide you but protect you the entire way. She was available and I could have direct access to her if needed. Her paralegal staff was great and were able to answer the majority of my questions. They kept me informed and I even recieved emails of improtant facts on nights and weekends. Vanessa has a large pool of resources and was not afraid to use these resources to aid my case when expert opinions were needed. If I ever have another legal situation, Vanessa will be the first lawyer that I contact. You won't find a better lawyer!

  • Life saver

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Donald

    I came to Vanessa behind the eight ball with a horrible one-sided custody agreement with alot of lawyer loopholes preventing me any changes.
    I live in another state which made it even harder so not just any lawyer could have handle it and I'm 100% positive that any other lawyer would have been a mistake after the outcome I received which was more than I ever imagined and way beyond guidelines for being out of state or even if I lived in Indiana for that matter .

    I did extensive research for months on Indiana lawyers before I decided upon Vanessa, I felt that shes not like most lawyers, she wants whats best for everyone involved and doing the right thing for the child as well as her client. She doesn't see or treat you like just another pay check, she treats every client like an individual taking personal interest in the case going far beyond "normal" lawyer duties and on her personal time as well (which is almost unheard of with most lawyers).
    I chose Vanessa because shes genuine and caring where she understands what family is and how important it is for a child to have both parents in their lives, she fights for you as if it were her own family (it's kind of amazing).

    I wasn't the easiest client by any means because of the severe difficulty of my case along with me causing extra headaches which made the case even harder but Vanessa always had patience with me and was very professional when most would have walk away. She took the time to speak with me in a way that was comforting and calming (like a family member or close friend) during hard times throughout my case which in-turn gave me a positive outlook and helped me to stay on my path. If it weren't for her making that extra effort with those conversations outside of the routine case conversations, I would've never made it to the end, she honestly was a true life saver.

    Her billing is like no other lawyer that I've ever seen, shes beyond fair, she doesn't over charge for alot of time that most would take advantage of. She only charges for the time that shes working on your case and there were times it seemed less than what it should've been. Every statement was very clear and easy to understand with everything itemized, there were times where my account was in the negative and her effort in the case never wavered (my other lawyers in the past would hold until payment).

    She was extremely knowledgeable of custody/family laws which she knew offhand and there were times that she pointed things out to opposing counsel which they were unaware of saving a lot of time and money. She also seemed very educated and highly intelligent when we would speak about my case and everything else outside of my case in general. She always did her research being very prepared and organized for anything that came at here, she's quick-witted and quick on her toes with no hesitation if opposing counsel tried to catch her off guard.

    My experience with Vanessa was above remarkable, added to what I just stated above she truly gave me my life and family back. I'm very happy that when she asked me to trust her with my case I said yes. I cherish every moment with my son and have become a better man with Vanessa to thank for alot of that.

    I have great respect for Vanessa and her staff.

  • Great Family Attorney who's Confident and Trustworthy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    This review is regarding my experience using Vanessa Lopez for a family law case I had where I was trying to get more visitation with my child. Since we were not able to get an agreement settled upon, the matter winded up going to court. I was very happy with the outcome of court, and without Ms. Lopez I do not believe we would have had nearly as positive as results. Her preparations were great. I almost felt like there was too much evidence/exhibits introduced during the case, but that just showed how much prep work she had done before hand to get items together to show the facts of the case.

    The case had really hit a bump in the road (not due to Ms. Lopez at all) and we were worried that we would actually not get any of our requests that we had made. However, once we were in court it was great to see Ms. Lopez in action. She was very confident and knowledgeable about the case. Ms. Lopez was direct with her questioning, quick on her toes, and when opposing counsel’s witness answered a certain response inconsistently she was quick to point that out

    As far as billing goes…I have used other attorney’s before and really felt like I had no clue what my retainer was going towards. However, Vanessa was great about sending out itemized bills and letting us know exactly where the money was being spent. Additionally, when court started coming up sooner, she even went out of her way to give us a little warning that while preparing for court that we would probably notice more charges in the near future and that was in preparation for the court case. That was nice to not be surprised by a larger than expected bill when asked for payment. Additionally, with regards to bills, I did not think the billings of this attorney were asking too much at all, and appeared to basically be on par for the course of events.

    Her quick-thinking and attention to detail was the reason the cased turned out the way it did. Getting us the results she did, we believed it was money well spent and would definitely recommend her to others.

  • legal advise

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    I came to Ms. Lopez very upset over a pass employer who was lying about me . Ms. Lopez took her time to reasure me that I could have a case against this employer. I felt very comfortable speaking with Ms. Lopez and her staff.

  • I do NOT recommend

    1.0 star

    Posted by kristijrn

    At first, Vanessa seemed like a very nice and caring attorney, but I must be honest in my criticisms of her. 1.) I hired her for Family Law matters. She is a general practice attorney and, in my opinion, she does. NOT have adequate knowledge in this area 2.) She is very disorganized. I would send her important documents or tell her vital matters that she would almost immediately forget. I would then have to PAY for her time while explaining things to her which I had already provided and reviewed. 3.) I did alot of research on my own case and would ask her about taking certain actions. She would tell me that it could "not be done." Later, I found out that not only were many of my ideas viable, but if Vanessa had done what I had asked, there would have been much less damage done. 4.) She focuses alot on getting paid. At one point, I had already paid thousands of dollars and she had done almost nothing. She claimed she wanted another $2000 in 3 days time, or she would drop my case ON the court date. 5.) I am a female. I later found out that Vanessa advertises as a "father's rights attorney." 6.) I ended up losing every aspect of my case while a client of Vanessa's. Several months later, I hired a new, very good attorney who reviewed what Vanessa had and had not done. The new attorney agreed that Vanessa had been very negligent with my case. I ended up spending thousands more to reverse all the damage that was done, but I finally prevailed with the aid of a new lawyer.