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Alexander Alvarez

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  • Alexander Alvarez Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ed Gugliotta

    Mr. Alvarez not only is a great professional, but it also has excellent skills as a mediator, which to my knowledge, sometimes is better than an expensive litigation. He's also a sensitive individual.

    Hired attorney
  • An Attorney with Heart, Gall and Grace!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Miami Custom Pools and Spas

    Alex has represented us like no other could. In frivolous cases and in serious accusations, he trusted his instincts and fought for justice and moral. Alex listens and just understands. He is fearless in trial and decorated with a multitude of prior experience that happens to come along with a winning record. Alex is a win-win choice hands down and one that will represent both myself, my partner and my company as long as we all shall last! Knowing our company's legal matters are in his hands makes us feel confident and secure.

  • Who is Alex Alvarez and should you put your legal issue in his hands?????????

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Frank

    As someone with 63 years of life experiences and having had the opportunity to sit as a juror on many jury trials during my 40 year career in Banking and Real Estate, I have been exposed to many lawyers; some bad, some good: but only a select few whom I would ever rate as "excellent" in any catagory. Alex is certainly at the top of that list.

    I have found that most lawyers cannot deal with or handle someone with a personality like me: ....Someone who expects and demands perfection on a daily basis (especially if I am paying for it). Alex has many great assets, but his two greatest assets are in the way he prepares and how he handles pressure under fire in a setting that he does not totally control (a courtroom). His unique skills rise to the top when he is hit with the unexpected. Most lawyers "wilt " when put under "unexpected" pressure.

    Shortly after meeting Alex, he invited me to sit in on a trial he was conducting and I had the opportunity to witness, first hand, his skills and abilities. It was in this setting that I saw how he always keeps his "cool" and his responses are always thoughful, quick, appropriate and "on point". He can do this because of the way he prepares for a case and because of his passion and commitment for his client. This "work ethic" and unique skill allows him to quickly regain control of the situation and does so without "blinking" and without showing any signs of concern. He then has the opponent of the defensive once again. He does this with a professional, confident, self assured demeanor and skill that is pleasing to both Judge and Juror.

    This professional skill, along with his 6' 6" stature, is an imposing weapon in courtroom or negotiation setting. He comes across as knowledgeable and truthful with the facts and in total command of the legal issues of the case. Very impressive.......

    Therefore, it is with much gratitude, pleasure and honor that I have been given an opportunity to share my admiration and respect for Alex; not only as a great lawyer, but as a cherished friend as well. I would highly reccommend his services to you.