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Huiyue Qiu

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  • Best immigration lawyer| | Deeply cares for clients

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Zoey

    In my eyes, Oliver is the best immigration lawyer. I was an international student and just graduated and worked. Working with Oliver was also the first time I have hired a lawyer and this experience has become so impressive.

    I've felt really desperate when I ran into a trouble of my F-1 status being closed unexpectedly and I became "out-of-status". It was a mistake made by the company I used to work for. I was about to work in a new company but suddenly I lost the working eligibility and even had to exit US and go back to my home country for ever. I called several lawyers in the first place and they didn't take my questions seriously and didn't listen to me either and they insisted me to pay them before they could analyze my case. I was really desperate until one of my friends recommended Oliver to me and that friend has been helped out by Oliver too. I called Oliver and he listened to me really carefully and gave me some reasonable suggestions right away, which made me feel he really cared for me and wanted to help me.

    Then I decided to hire him and he did a very good job representing me. For example, he talked to my old company and his words were powerful that the old company admitted that it was their mistake and they would like to compensate me. He was knowledgeable in terms of related immigration laws and the conversation between my old company and him really proved his competency. Also he cared for my situations and wanted to get me the result I need and want most. I therefore trusted him from the deep of my heart since I saw his ability, hardworking attitude and knowledge. In the end I've got the compensation from the old company and with the help of Oliver, now I work in my new company with a valid working status. It was the best result I could have. I really appreciated Oliver and would like to recommend him to anyone in trouble related to immigration laws like me. I owed Oliver a lot more thanks and I really wanted him to be known to many more people who need his help.

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  • A Profound legal mind, with a bleeding Conscience and an incredible passion for Details.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maxie

    My life was severely sad, uneventful and a constant shadow of fear of the police and immigration authorities. I met Oliver Qiu in 2010, 10 years after my life in the United States of America had been running circles, due to my sad immigration situation. I was given a 3 year hiatus by my employer Superior court of New Jersey, Newark; to go and fix my protracted immigration case. I met Mr. Qiu by referral. After a rehash of my nightmarish life, he said to me, "Maxie I am sorry, based on the facts of your case, I cannot help. Accepting voluntary departure is like a death sentence. Though you have moved on to raise a beautiful family, that is not enough to change your status. You can only pray and hope that the United States congress will have a change of heart and grant people like you, in the shadows the right to stay in America and pursue your dreams" His soothing advice didn't do much for me. I was deflated and tired. Before Oliver Qiu, I had gone through 10 previous attorneys and of course spent $30,000 plus in legal fees, trying to adjust my situation. You can only imagine my utter disappointment, when I rose to leave his office.

    Mr. Qiu, without prompting said to me, "Maxie, you are from Nigeria, why are you listed as having entered the United States, without inspection? I shot back telling him that I came into New York from Paris with a doctored passport. (All these years some attorney had listed me as coming into America without inspection.) Mr. Qiu then said, if I can produce any document showing that I was inspected when I entered this country, that he will take my case and pursue a "Green card" for me. I take pride in saying that I am a vey meticulous person and two days later I produced a photocopy of my I-94 document. It turns out that was the magic bullet that turned my case around.

    A month later an immigration Judge in Newark, New Jersey vacated all previous decisions regarding my case. He gave the immigration authorities 30 days to file a different case against me or leave me alone. I held my breath hoping they will leave me alone, but they went ahead and filed another motion to deport based on my fraudulent entry into the United States. They did not care that I have two sons, married to an American professional and that I was a Probation Officer in the Criminal Division of Superior Court of New Jersey; and denied my appeal twice. My case was finally resolved in December 2013, also due to another "magic bullet" document, I produced. Now I have my permanent Green card.

    To say that Oliver Qiu is a bleeding heart, a profoundly Brilliant, patient and committed Attorney, with an incredible passion for Details is to say the least. Oliver Qiu restored my faith in America. A country whose birth was predicated on ideas. America for me is the actualization of logic and reason. I have cultivated a sincere friendship with Oliver Qiu. He is so self effacing. He reminds me that the first condition of happiness, is that life should be full of purpose, aiming at something outside self. No matter where fate and fortune leads me, Oliver Qiu is forever tied to my history. He is my eternal friend. For me and many others, the name Oliver Qiu is a metaphor for legal scholarship and Justice. I recommend him to all who genuinely seek justice.

  • Highly Competent | Deeply Cares for Clients | Resourceful & Creative Thinker

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tina

    With Oliver's help, the outcome that my family and I achieved with our case was nothing short of a miracle. On top of his knowledge of immigration law, dedication and resourcefulness, he is also extremely humble and has a deep and genuine concern for his clients. Throughout the process, Oliver made himself very accessible to us, patiently listening to our concerns and answering all our questions. With him on our side, we felt empowered and hopeful that despite all the challenges, we had a real chance of having a favorable outcome for our case. I know from experience that Oliver's clients are in good hands. We were very impressed with the level of service we received, and we highly recommend him.

  • very knowledgable of immigration laws

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heng

    I was subject to departation due to a criminal conviction. I wanted to appeal the criminal case but was afraid that the ICE will keep me in custody and force me to depart. Almost all the immigration lawyers I consulted told me that I would not have a chance to stay outside and my hope was little...until I met Mr. Qiu. He is very knowledgabel of the immigration laws and listened to my and my family's concerns. In my case, timing was extremely important and he tried really hard to act proactively in order to stop the ICE from transferring me to the deportation center. Without Mr. Qiu's help, I won't be able to stay outside and have a chance to fight against the criminal conviction. A lawyer with a sincere heart and professional compentences is rare and I highly recommend Mr. Qiu. I am looking forward to working with him again after my appeal has a result.